The Ecmandu Test.

The challenge is to see if Ecmandu’s mind reading equations can do the job.

After Ec accepts this challenge, he has 1 day to send me a PM of 5 pictures he believes will be my ILP avatar.
I will not look at my PM box, until I choose my next avatar after 24 hours.
If my avatar matches one of Ecmandu’s 5 guesses, both he and I will know his equations, and mind-reading machine, are the real deal.
These are the rules of the game. The countdown begins as soon as Ecmandu posts to confirm his participation. After that, he has 24 hours to send me 5 pics of his best guesses.

Second, I was told to ask Ecmandu this. Ecmandu, under want circumstance did the romance between thine parents develop and blossom?

Mind reading software doesn’t work that way Trixie…

It gets it in one try, not 5.

Since I’ve been back on earth , I haven’t reconstructed the system.

The planet went to nuclear fallout when I made it before.

Alright. Tommorow I will check my pm inbox. Post your first choice as the top of list. The other 4 are just for tradition purposes.

I’m not remaking the system Trixie

I’m into PZ worlds now

Are you PMing me tomorow because if you don’t it will make me very sad.

Trixie… This system takes years to build .

And even if I PMed you years from now …

The NSA would be on my doorstep the next day …