The Eden path

The Eden path

So previously I thought the story was childish and ridiculous, but that was due to my rather literal translation. Perhaps it is more simpler than that; the pair [adam/eve] are naked in the garden, which suggests to me that being human and naked, and natural, are all fine [given that ‘eden’ is a private space between you, your partner]. It is only when you take a bite and do something based in illusion, that the secret is revealed. The simple truth is that any kind of illusion will take you further into ‘it’ whatever that may be, and the longer you stay in its embrace the greater the pull. This manifests as ‘drive’ and something that you don’t have if you are acting naturally.

There is nothing to be gained from sexual revolution and it was all done in the 60’s anyhow, the only thing which can take you to Eden is making love naturally with no pretensions nor illusions in the minds eye. You only need that, love, and gnosis [of how to get to the place [kettle-fire-don’t let it boil over and spill!]].

Its simple, you follow the path or a drive will ensnare you. e.g. how Islamic pedo’s want to find a scapegoat + have that drive to the nth degree [because their culture tells them its fine]. that’s >why< a man gets in a vehicle and >drives< into innocent pedestrians. There are many such things which can ensnare you, gambling drinking, drugs, societal issues.

Those who rule us should be asked if they think that the divine infinite doesn’t share every iteration of all things, and if they think the real physical God knows of their corruption and injustice. Mostly I am concerned with nations which attack their own citizens, and I only know for sure about mine. When you consider that all it needs is an attitude change, I don’t know why anyone would risk their souls for such deception. Who do they think they are kidding.

For all things you will get the respective thoughts in your mind, and the questions will happen. When they do, just listen to the world and the wind, they will tell you everything.

Ps, is there a simpler metaphor, as I don’t think there is.