The Fall, the Downward Spiral Continues...

“Pride comes before a fall”. We’ve certainly had our share of pride. You don’t hear about excitement for the United States and the future anymore. That was decades ago. It has been replaced by analysis of its decline, the end of an empire, predictions of doom and gloom. Countries like China stimulate discussion of growth and it’s rise of power, postulations about it overtaking as the premiere superpower in decades to come.


Of course, this is normal, its likely the United States has peaked. Just as Rome “sank into debauchery and dissipation as a result of great wealth and luxury”, we too see the effects of this. Crassness is certainly linked to debauchery in essence, however that is just the tip of the iceberg of a population filled with sloppy thinking slobs who forsake discipline and intellect in favor of hedonistic pleasures. Nearly 70% of adults are obese in the United States - certainly not simply because of genetics. Thug culture is glamorized, science scorned, all institutions that uphold the sanctity of discipline, intellectualism, knowledge, health and human services and technological advancement are all no longer trusted.

Corporations feeding propaganda to people who promote fake science, people that don’t even partake in actual science are righting “scientific articles” that in effect only reinforce the money making machines of oil companies. The dimwitted lap it up, defying all past common sense and past instances. Billionaires feeding lies to the people, to make more billions. This is what happens when the rich become too rich, the rich aren’t upholders of justice, truth, and light, and America has had its share of corporate and individual greed, ever growing, ever becoming more powerful to control and manipulate naive minds who care nothing more than getting a good buzz and talking about how "some nigger is comin for our guns so we better go get em before they ain’t available no more. "

The end is in sight, the decline of wisdom and virtue replaced by narcissism, crassness, slobbery. A major chunk of the nations values were built on a fraud of belief / religion. This crumbling of the religious structure is itself not detrimental to a disciplined, thinking, wise people, however the era of discipline has come and gone. What values to replace it? How will they know where to look? The culture has become corrosive, eroding into a competition to find out just how outrageous, grotesque and low we can go.

While we race to the bottom, there will be those of us who fight it tooth and nail, but a minority that seems to becoming even more of a minority cannot save a state such as this.

Managed Decline is the assumption that because all powerful regimes fall into decay, it is better to help them progress into decay while protecting others (“progressive”) - ensuring the greater tree doesn’t fall onto other trees.

The problem that I see is that there has never been a nation like the USA so how can we assume the same principle and mediation applies? An assumption is an assumption - no forethought required or considered - just proceed in faith as though nothing is different.

So the Marxists, for sake of global domination, progress with Managed Decline, ensuring that the USA declines regardless of any obstacle - progress to global communism.

“Marxists”. You’re on propagandized crack.