The Fox with No Legs

As told to me by a friend:

…it’s from a sufi source, but gonna tell it to you in my own words. it goes like this:

A quester for the truth was walking through the forest, when he spotted a fox that had no legs. How can this fox survive, he wondered, when he no longer has the means to hunt? And just then he saw a bear, that had killed a deer and was eating his fill from it. When the bear finished, it wandered off, and the fox dragged itself over and ate too, from the meat that was left behind.

The man decided to stay and ponder what he had just seen - and the very next day, the small miracle repeated itself: Divine Providence gave the fox another meal by means of the bear. “Oh great Maker,” exclaimed the man, “you are truly merciful! The fox lays his trust in Your great hand and through his faith he eats each day! So shall I surrender myself into Your great kindness and caring!” And so he sat down by a tree and prayed and laid his trust in the Infinite.

me: does the bear eat him?
(she ignores me)

And there he sat, and sat, and sat. For three days, there he sat praying. And nothing came. “Oh great Maker! How have I offended Thee! The man cried out to the heavens. Show me how I must improve myself in order to be worthy of your great gifts!” And he closed his eyes with shame and bowed his head to the ground. And then…

A pinecone fell from a tree and struck the man on the head, and a voice spoke in his mind, saying:
“Open your eyes, you misguided fool, and see the arms and legs that you’ve been given. Stop imitating the disabled fox. Instead get up, and go into the world, and IMITATE THE BEAR.”


A nice little story. It is always the dilemma isn’t it? So often the message is missed because we focus on the message and miss the meaning… Dazzled by baubles, we often miss the jewels beneath our feet.

Tentative, the Bible works in the same manner, such as in the parable of the Prodigal Son or the implication of the mustard seed which can be viewed at this url:

Hi bolt,

Yes, the bible contains much wisdom, and the message is often in the form of metaphorical stories. But we must be very careful to not upset those who read the biblical words as actual reality. Literalism is rampant these days, in all religions and most philosophies. The majority of people try to fit their lives to the symbols instead of finding understanding in those symbols and fitting them to their lives…

i liked the story, though i would have simply eaten the helpless fox, there is a good moral to be learned here…

Howdy Tent,
I agree some stories in the Bible are metaphorical and allegorical connotations. Then again, there are some I take literally…i.e. the story of the Great flood, Job and a few others. For my part, if some people want to take the bulk of the Bible literally. that is fine with me. As long as those folks don’t over zealous with those beliefs and don’t do a lot of figer shaking. For I believe we need not get angry for God, He can take care of Himself. All Christians are charged to do is tell of God to people who are willing to the Gospel (including the pastor deacons and elders of the Church) or turn and walk away.

The story still doesn’t take away the fact the FOX cant immitate the bear, who cares about the man with his superior onlooker position and his choices, if he had any in the first place.

The fox still has to exist whether you pity it or not. Forget your pity and you charity, humans are the most ungrateful wretches on the planet.

The most amazing thing i find about republicans is they dont mind if trillions are spent on war, or worse trillions on space exploration, but if any money goes to feed and shelter another human they are outraged. Just admit it, your daily burdens get to you and you want everyone suffer equally.

This post is not directed toward anyone, just a reaction. All of them, the bear, the man, and the fox still die. Hail hail that enlightened pine cone.

Lol! Quite :smiley: