The Gender of God?

The Gender of God? why is that considered an important speculation?

I dont believe in an anthropomorphic god. but engage this as a thought expreiment, what gender is god? Male!. well god and or godess?

Arguments often focus on biological creation, i.e. how can a male give birth to life? But then this doesn’t fly as well.

An interesting creation myth a high school history teacher told me about was an Egyptian one, where in the beginning the first god masturbated into the vast nothingness to grow into the universe as we know it today. Of course I never looked this put independently so I can’t confirm the factual merits of the statement just that he made the statement. anyways i think you get the idea of what the myth is spose to repersent.

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Its unimportant. Due to the nature of a divine being who is all present and all powerful such a being would be above gender.

I agree, i just wanted to hear arguments people would put forward to ‘genderise god’…

Well I can pick a side if you want me to.
I’ll say God is a woman. :slight_smile:

ok, what’s the argument for that proposition then?

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If we assume that God exists or has a consciousness or is an individual then it is a short leap and a hop to give him a sexual identity.

Oops…did I say “him”? :astonished:

YOU can’t handle Cubic Time, Cubic Life or Cubic Truth - for inside of Time Cube equates the most magnificent Symmetry of opposites existing within the universe - for every corner has an equal opposite corner, every 2 corners has an equal opposite 2 corners, every tri-corner has an equal opposite tri-corner and every 4 corners has an equal opposite 4 corners. No human or god can utter such powerful ineffable opposite Cubic Truth. God is singularity. Evil singularity dooms Opposite Creation.

Special thanks too Gene Ray and his Valuable Scriptures.

You guys are trying looking at God’s mommy daddy button?

That’s just sick.

Monty, for what it’s worth, I’ve always thought God was thought of as male for archetypical reasons. In the Yin and Yang of the universe, males are thought of as expressions of the active-full principle, and females as types of the passive-empty principle. If God creates the universe from nothing, he is an active principle with no discernable passive principle. Which may be why there is no goddess in the primary western tradition.

supposing and opining

umm , no im not , words do not have genders or flesh for that matter.

Let’s review the RESOURCES everybody.
Now when everyone is well understanding of the following articles above ,
we can agree and disagree from there.

First, in many languages words do have genders.
(but that’s not what you meant)

Second, we speak words of ideas from things which do have gender.
(and this gender is sometimes expressed by the word)

Also, can we ask questions about the cubism doctrine you present?
Or will you just leave us hanging, like you did me on The Truth thread
where you recommended to read some sites?
(but perhaps you didn’t take my questions as serious?)

These pages you recommended seem to be mixed up with modern science…
I don’t see what their doctrine has to do with cubism essentially.

[Finally, what do you call an infinite-sided polygon?]

yes , God is out of the question from those languages , yet he reamins in them.

vice versa.


what “Truth thread” ?
Maybe i left you hanging because i already answered.

says you.

Nature is Cubic , Sceince gives it the long term knowledge for the students (in other words cycles larger or smaller than 4) , and we have TimeCube the final scientific result that any prooffesor or teacher can agree too.

1.infinitity is an irrational concept.
2.what polygon are you speaking about? this a religous question?

Gender is primarily a sociological concept. Secondarily, gender is also a linguistic construct (in other langunages) that is to reflect the nature of objects with regards to the sociological concept. Sex is a biological construct.
Sex is what gives us “male” or “female.” Sexually, God must be neuter, unless God has an everlasting physical body. In gender, though, there is more than three options (masculine, feminine, neuter), so it’d be wrong to limit us to those three. Determining gender will largely be dependent on the social construct we are working from. So, i’d say that’s an inconclusive path without specifying a society. For the sake of argument, i’ll assume an English construct, in which then God is irrerfutably masculine because of (1) the way masculinity is ascribed to “powerful” objects that are singular* and (2) the way English conceive God as a “powerful” object.

  • For instance, an infantryman (singlular) is masculine, but the army (group) is feminine.

A god is male and a godess is female. R u st00pid?

I question this initial assumption- it’s not important at all. I always refer to God with masculine pronouns simply because I want to distance myself from the sorts of people who find it fashionable to do otherwise. If there was no Wicca, no New Age, and so on, I would refer to God as She once in a while, I’m sure- or at the very least, I wouldn’t see any reason for others not to do so.

R you done insulting.
of course but your statment only prooves itself right by faith (ignorance of TimeCube).

my real name wrote:

Well, couldnt the nothingness be the passive-empty principle, the female counter-part?