The general power of the concept of Degeneration

Like eugenics (a generally popular policy of which Oliver Wendell Holmes was a great support in several applauded decisions), the concept and acts aimed at slamming down its hideous onsurge, of degeneration, was not unheard of, but everywhere, when Hitler took to it. So far as I know, Max Nordau, who was a cosmopolitanism Jew (and who became a Zionist when already in middle age, long having considered himself assimilated in something like the manner of Marx), gave the most clear statement of it, in his book which I have read, not to say studied with some attention. I only point this out, as part of a general gloss on the too-poorly treated thesis concerning the overcoming of society, as that which followed the overcoming of nature. This theory has a special importance and links to a proper grasp of the dispute between Nietzsche and Wagner over the Gesamtskunstwerk, which does not mean, as it is these days supposed to mean, a agglutination and sticking or clinging together of many arts, but rather a communal work, like that debated in the Council of Trent (namely the music of Palestrina in its capacity to lead the believer to the Catholic spirit despite that it made the plain song inaudible amidst the freak contrapuntal tingle).

Don’t cry out to castrate outstanding paths in human history!

Outcry is always over orchestration of… not always about the of what.

The ancient methods of concepts and rituals has not been translating well since the Middle Ages, and hence the current state of questioning all things questionably-infringing upon the I and They… a state once reserved for only those in high society, but now available to all in any good society.