The Global Gulag and Shitshow of american/world politics

If you’re not dead or broke by 65 then you’re in prison.

People complain about the federal reserve robbing america, yet won’t even rob a bank to save their own ass.
People are soft. Weak. Cowards. They would sooner commit suicide than make any effort to improve the world.

They tell me to vote. In America, you get two options. Vote for greedy republican whites and jews who want to make the world into their own personal oil field and prison planet of the plantation. Or you can vote for democrats, socialist, national socialist Nazi democrats who want to ban your guns. The first thing Hitler did is ban the guns of the mentally ill. Democrats are literal, actual Nazis. They are obsessed with the working class just like typical socialists. They are equivalent to Nazis since they value the Collective over the Individual. However they are Inverted Nazis because Hitler cared about genes, Democrats make it a point not to care about genes. But they have the same degree of obsession of not caring about genes as Hitler had caring about genes.

So yeah humans create a global prison planet. Pump you full of fake news. Then shove religion down your throat. After they pollute everything and put preservatives in your food that was made at a factory at mcdonalds. Its a complete shitshow. And people are getting softer and more pathetic every minute.

When I saw that bus go over the bridge in China, I laughed. But everyone else was so sad about it. They are delusional. Do they not know that 160,000 people die a day on Planet Earth? So if you are going to be sad about that you might as well be sad 24/7 about the other dead people you don’t even know either. I try to see the funny side. I try to see the positive. But there’s not much positive to go around. Most people are shit.

Me, I’m not a monster. I’m not saying I wanted the people on that bus to die. But if they died at least not have them die in vain. At least they brought a moment of happiness to me, for even a minute. Whats the point of their death if you’re just gonna be sad about it? At least they brought quality entertainment to television, even if it was only for a minute. A moment relief from this weak, pansy generation of soft spineless over sensitive people. A moment where, for one brief minute, we were free from the sheltering of the nanny state, dictating their weak, pathetic, hypocritcal spineless morality on us all.

I play this song. This is how I feel about politics. And I am the person singing this song. And its a song about standing up to the government, when they try to ban your guns. Still I vote Democrat, even though they are evil. I have no other choice. The republicans want to turn the planet into a global gulag.

you are just another young kid who is part of the problem, (and doesn’t know it)
instead of being part of solution.


And you are just a senile old man with nothing nice to say.

Joker? Is that you?

No one is banning guns. Republicans have been saying that democrats are going to take away the guns my entire life. Every gun shop in town and every old guy at every gun show always says the democrats are going to take the guns. I’ve been hearing this since I was about 5. So for almost 35 years they’ve been saying that. But there are more guns available now than there ever have been, and none have been taken away. So the democrats aren’t doing that. Clinton and Obama had 16 years between them. They didn’t take any guns.

Now, what has happened is that the republican gun shop owners charge more for guns when democrats are in office, and they lie to you about how everything is going to get banned so that they can take more of your money. But you still get the gun, and the democrats don’t stop you…it’s just that the republican takes more of your money.

You can make a gun out of a couple pieces of pipe, a nail, a rubber band and a coupling that you can pick up at any hardware store for less than the cost of a happy meal. If you just have to shoot somebody, and somehow or another the government has actually managed to collect all the guns in America and melt them down, you can just make one in a few minutes. It’s not ideal, but you can shoot someone with it.

Voting in America right now is like this. If you’re poor, vote democrat. Unless you think that trickle down economics is going to work for you. Then just don’t vote at all. If you have a lot of money, or if you hate black people or believe there’s a white genocide happening, or if you think that we should close ourselves from the rest of the world, pick fights in the international community and reject those who come to us for help then vote republican…actually…just don’t vote at all.

Think about it man. Unemployment is at an all time low or something. So if we want the economy to grow we need more people to be productive, and we’re running out of people. We should let some people in who need refuge and allow them to contribute to our GDP.

Like 1 mexican guy kills someone and they got commercials all over tv about it and they say he shouldn’t be here. By that logic, we should throw all the americans out because americans kill more americans than mexicans do…right?

And thank Jesus for that.

Yes but you are a grown man. You got a lot of years behind you. Things aren’t the same as they used to be. We are breeding weaklings and pussies who are afraid of everything. Plus there’s more mass murders nowadays too. So now they have an easier time of brainwashing people.

Not yet but they are trying to.

It’s a small price to pay for freedom. Freedom isn’t free, and its better to pay with cash than with blood.

As much as I love the idea of the honest criminal or robin hood, the reason I want to support gun rights isn’t so random criminals can make crappy guns. It’s mainly to keep guns (as in, high quality, long range assault rifles, not crappy short range garbage made in a garage) in the hands of citizens to prevent the government from getting too tyrannical and doing stuff like putting chips in our bodies or stuff like that. However each generation gets more and more retarded and cowardly so I begin to wonder, 50 years from now if the government actually tries to chip us, will the new generations be so weak minded and pathetic they would not only not try to resist, but actually try to argue its a good thing?

Trump, and the people who support him, aren’t really big on logic.

That being said, people who believe in multiculturalism really are delusional. America has the highest amount of prison population and social angst compared to other nations. It also has a horrible education system. It really is a “melting pot” and exactly the same as being hurled into an actual melting pot. Americans are stripped of identity and forced into overwhelming sameness. Americans have nothing to be proud of, it is one of the most emasculating nations where everything is illegal, and prostitution and sex has been banned by religious squares and angry dick-hating feminists.

The multiculturalism is easily explained when you think of America not as a country, but as a business. It is in the interest of any trade that all cultures recieve equality and treated as equals in business. No so much in social life. When a nation has 10 different languages and alien cultures that are expected to tolerate each other, things get pretty muddy and chaotic fast, not to mention having to wait twice as long when making phone calls in customer service while each language is repeated.

As for Muslims, that is where the liberal/SJW hypocrasy begins. The Marxist equality dogma says everyone is equal and to tolerate everything…yet we see what happens in Russia when Putin adopts the same Marxist attitude (Marxism started in Russia after all, it is a Russian thing.) Putin let part of Russia import and endless amount of Muslims, and look what happens in those parts of Russia. Sharia law where the Muslims kill any homosexual they please and what’s next, any of the unbelievers. So LGBTs and SJWs have a kind of problem. The Marxist dogma says to be a cuck. Yet, to be a cuck is to allow everything, and accept everything, even things that will punish you for being a cuck. And that’s where Christianity comes in. It pushes LGBTs towards the idea of self-sacrifice and turning the other cheek, rather being in favor of foreigners who hate them and who want to destroy them, after all Jesus says he who does not hate his own brother, is unworthy of God.

Isn’t Trumps idea proving logical by stunning job growth?

Obviously it’s pretty damn illogical to not vote for him.if you’re poor.

But democratic education has a criminalised teaching logic… for that special reason! :smiley: it’s racist. Logic is racist. Because it’ll make you vote for Trump.

Yes Trump has more jobs. But he hasn’t increased the minimum wage of those jobs. We all know what Trump is. One of the guys of the banks who wants to promote the federal reserve, police state global gulag where the American dollar will become eventually worthless and the poor will all live in shanty towns with their imaginary “freedums” and virtual reality as their only form of release.

Shanty town doesn’t seem too bad.

Have you seen Ready Player One? Its no wonder they choose virtual reality over that literal dump they have to live in.

This says it all:


Liberals say everyone should get free health care. Yet Obama care was not free. All the people I know had to pay 300 dollars a month. And these people were rock bottom below the poverty level. Im not fan of Republicans, and all politicians are corrupt. They are all schemers. In the Batman movie Joker claims they have pathetic plans. Yet if their plans are so pathetic why do politicians always get their way.

How much was it before obamacare?

I don’t read books man. I get all my info from non-mainstream media.

Obama was a compromising centrist. He had a chance to be another FDR, but he didn’t have the balls to fight for what he believed in (like Bernie would have), so he implemented a half-assed socialistic Frankenstein.

Centrists are the worst. I’d rather a hard-righter crash the system and then usher in a progressive to pick up the pieces like FDR did, but a centrist will acclimate us to mediocrity (boil the frog slowly) with compromises that solve nothing.

How hard is it to say “We are going to tax the piss outta you rich people!” Everyone is scared to say it, but I’d run on it.

As much as I hate Trump, I’d vote Trump over Hillary or Biden (centrists) in order to crash the system and get the people riled up enough to demand real change and not compromises that just keep us pacified with table-scraps.

“People complain about the federal reserve robbing america, yet won’t even rob a bank to save their own ass.”

Hahaha excellent. Exactly.

Like so called 2nd Amendmenders complain about the government taking their machine guns instead of just shooting any government agent that tries to take them.

What the hell do they think the right to own guns is for? Did they not read the Constitution? What is the 2nd Amendment explicitly for? To protect from the government.

The only ones using machine guns or bumpstocked assault rifles are losers who mow down unarmed people and then kill themselves.

Heavily armed cowards on the one hand and childcastrating pacifists on the other, that’s America.

I know one of the heavily armed cowards. He’s a really big guy who shouldn’t be scared of much. I’m sure he has representative of every gun ever manufactured and several copies to boot and I say “What are you scared of to be so armed?” The only answer I can get, apart from thinking he can fight off the military coming for his guns, is some drug-crazed maniac might accost him. “And you’re scared that sitting on them will not be sufficient?” If 300 lbs of ass isn’t enough, I can’t see a few extra grams of lead changing much.

Conservatives think with their “lizard brain” … ne.0052970

[i]Democrats showed significantly greater activity in the left insula, while Republicans showed significantly greater activity in the right amygdala.

These results suggest that liberals and conservatives engage different cognitive processes when they think about risk, and they support recent evidence that conservatives show greater sensitivity to threatening stimuli.[/i]

The brain activity in these two regions alone could predict whether a person is a Democrat or a Republican with 82.9% accuracy.

The Amygdala is in the limbic system, which is the lizard brain, the oldest part of the brain in terms of evolution and is responsible for “fight or flight” and instinct.

The Insula is in the cerebral cortex, which is the thinking part of the brain and much higher evolved, although we don’t yet understand what specific role the insula plays.

The point is that when presented with risk, the democrat engages in deliberate thought while the republican acts like an animal… and this is 82.9% accurate.

Corroborating study here:

Anecdotally, I’ve noticed that both humans and animals that growup in stressful environments (sickness, poverty) tend to act more animalistic/instinctual/mechanistic as adults as opposed to being contemplative, thoughtful, and somewhat humanish.

When an organism develops in stress, it realizes the duty to either die in order to feed the genetically superior survivors with its own carcass (or at least stop competing for food) or to hurry and reproduce in hope that some genetic variation will overcome the stress. Cognition, apparently, doesn’t confer any advantage as evidenced by its manifestation only where abundance and prosperity reside, while the opposite seems to occur in stress and scarcity.

Abundance = development of cerebral cortex mass
Scarcity = development of amygdala mass

That’s my theory anyway.

What else can explain why poor people support the system that keeps them poor if poverty hasn’t damaged their brains?