The God particle exists

The God particle must exist because all patterns of cosmology,penomenolpgy/consciousness and empirical common sense lead toward that conclusion.

Historical cosmology has destined reality as a sequence of turtles each on top of one another. The slow phenomenological reduction of ideas into phenomena presents the devolution of the spirit/consciousness.

But what of the relation between that consciousness and its source and its intention goal?

The inescapable conclusion is that the goal and its source must, have a unifying force, in order to avoid nihilizing itself.

Therefore a particle must exist, which is both: the superconscious and the absolute void,inert. This particle must posses a quality which not only has absolute superconsciousness, but even go beyond and above that in the realm of the infinite conscioussness, while having properties of absolute non existence. Such a particle must be conceived, to hold together the natural edifice of the world, for otherwise, life would collapse without a base, a foundation, a glue which holds it together. Further, developmental goal would not have been possible in the first place ,there would not be consequently a force to posit a source for a cosmic realisation for the self.

Without such a perpetual self directed force the gravity of life would overcome the fledgling attempts to overcome it, and a a successive force of collapse would relevant any hope of overcoming it fruitless.

It is the God particle, which puts pressure on such an inert state, to make possible the advanced idea of the existential leap, which defying reason, it implants monumental and groundless hope into a conscious reductive pessimism, whose only mirror is the abyss, which only stares back into a negative reflection.

This particle is not conscious in the sense consciousness is attributed to man. It is infinitely removed from a phenomena object, where concepts of time and space are not needed to define its object, or goal

The possibility of ever finding it is in vain, because the binding force of it overcomes any technology developed.

The thought occurs, that if man could become god, he would necessarily develop an ultimate doomsday weapon to unblock the binding force of even an infinite particle, so as st satiate his thirst for knowledge, thereby vindicating his superiority over others.

Man fell, and Faust had to find the reason why. He dif not cool the devil, only himself, Faust is merely an aggrandizement of man , due to the self prescribed drama to elevate the power of evil, to diminish the power and hold of his source.

But look at him now, froathing in fear of what he has created, the drama appears futile, empty and lacking a goal, except a return to the jungle minus the noble savave.

Addendum: Hawkins thinks likewise, but currently the Boson is thought to be only one energy particles among many, and even if the current Boson has already unleashed a doomsday, the time left is still spectacularly long. But ideas remain, which are concerning about the razor sharp instability between opposing
forces ,and the stabilizing effects that dark matter can effect.

So the poo piping of researchers of the coined phrase God particle, may be the result of total rearch bias, with a minimum faith in a philosophical endeavor.