The Great Musician Frank Zappa and His Philosophy.

[size=144]Was the great musician Frank Zappa also a great philosopher?[/size]

[list][list][list][size=144]“Was he what he were?”[/size][/list:u][/list:u][/list:u]
The question of whether Frank Zappa was also a great philosopher, is not as serious meant as it seems.

Is, for example, the title of Zappa’s first LP - “Fraek Out” - already a philosophical statement or just similar to some statements here on “ILP”?

Contains, for example, the title of Zappa’s second LP - “Absolutely Free” - an ontology of the will, thus a metaphysical and thus a philosophical statement?

Is, for example, the title of Zappa’s third LP - “We’re Only in It for the Money” - a philosophical statement or just similar to some statements here on “ILP”?

What do you think?

Zappa also said for example: „You are what you is“. That is lingustically false but peotically allowed. My question: Is it also philosophically false?

[list]“You are what you is” - Frank Zappa, 1981.[/list:u]

My advice: Please do not take this thread too seriously.

Mediocre musician, mediocre philosopher. What’s with that rat’s nest he calls a mane?

“It is what it are.” :wink:


“You are what you is” - Frank Zappa, 1981.


The greatest composer of the twentieth century, Arminius, and an excellent musician. Very intelligent, but scientifically minded… not big on philosophy. Atheist and practical conservative. Father of four. His music could not be classified; there was [insert musical genres] and then there was Frank Vincent Zappa.

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Ruth Underwood, master of the mallets.

If a giant puts a wall next to the ant, does the giant not find it amusing when the ant changes it’s direction? Even more amusing when the ant puts the wall there on it’s own “volition.”

All I see is an ape pounding on bamboo shoots.

Frank’s gonna tell you the way it is, you lonely little girl.

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It’s no wonder his songs are only 1 minute long. Most of them are so boring. I couldn’t even watch discoboy to the end, it was so tedious.

I know Frank Zappa’s music very well and I saw Frank Zappa in Germany several times - a long time ago.

In addition: December 21 - the birthday of both Frank Zappa and Arminius. :smiley:

To me Frank Zappa was the second greatest, because Carl Orff (1895-1982) was the greatest composer of the twentieth century. See also here.

[list][list][list][list][list][list][list]- “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff, 1937 -[/list:u][/list:u][/list:u][/list:u][/list:u][/list:u][/list:u]

Bust of Carl Orff in München,
Ruhmeshalle (= hall of fame).

An information about the Zappanale:

Bust of Frank Zappa in Bad Doberan.


Oh, wait. Will my name be on your ignore list, Zoot Allures, because I said that Frank Zappa was merely the second greatest composer of the twentieth century?

Zappa is a garbage composer. Its the equivalent of a clown on autotune, sitting at a campfire making improv music to computer generated rythms. Even a nigger could do better.

We’ll let that go because considering you probably struggle even to play Mary Had A Little Lamb on the piano, your musical incompetence is excused, for now.

Meanwhile, get to know the guy before you judge him. You’re under the impression that he is a idiot because of the samples of music that I have given you. There is a comedic element to his overall style… something purposely designed as a form of social criticism during the periods in which the songs were written, but he is also a very serious composer.

You have no idea who you are talking about here. The Beatles? Elvis Presley? The Rolling Stones? Child’s play, Trixie.

Stick around, I’ll show you.

You insult my intelligience, peon.

I am aware of his pathetic attempts at humor in his music, which is the only way the masses find his music palatable, because it cannot be taken seriously. Because it is unorthodox, and cannot be taken seriously, it achieves avant-garde status, because the moderns like any piece of art, including paint on a wall by a chimpanzee, simply because it is unorthodox, and something unusual, similar to the 12 tone fad.

“Civility please, gentlemen.”

Great and Wise Trixie, relax - please, relax - and listen to “Zoot Allures”:

[list]- “Zoot Allures” by Frank Zappa, 1976 -[/list:u]

But here comes my question again: What about Frank Zappa’s philosophy?

Wait, don’t listen to it! Listen to the studio version first, it’s always cleaner.

About his philosophy: I’ve read his biography and the quotes that are found on the internet. There are bits and pieces of religious criticism and political commentary, but nothing really straight forwardly philosophical. He was interested in science more than anything (his biography was dedicated to Stephen Hawking, in fact). Of course you can glean philosophical meaning from some of his song lyrics once in a while, but nothing officially philosophical.

Yes, I know, but unfortunately I can’t open it - like the most of Zappa’s music, especially his studio versions, as I already told you once in another thread. The reasons are the copyrights.

There are two Zappa songs I like the most: “Apostrophe” (1974) and “The Purple Lagoon” (1977).

I am also interested in science more than anything. But the older I have become the more my critique of science has increased.

Did he never say anything about the most famous philosophers?

I know that he was religiously and politically incorrect. So he was quite correct. :slight_smile:

Why should I be civil when he rapes my ears with this shtick he calls music? It’s so…boring.

I think the guy in the photo in the original post needs a haircut, don’t you think? How is it possible for a man who not only accepts but glorifies taking photos in a messy physical state be capable of composing good music? Alright, there are exceptions, but don’t you think this is his general attitude towards life? to be sloppy? to disobey laws, to be against any sort of discipline? Isn’t that what all rock ‘n’ roll, and later on, punk music is all about? To be an ugly leper celebrating ugliness?

How can you compare Carl Orff to Frank Zappa?