The Great Musician Frank Zappa and His Philosophy.

Genius black people…now that’s not something you see every day…Tell me more…what are their names, their biographies, I need to add this to my research…skin colour is irrelevant to the issue…Indians have the same skin color as africans…they are not blacks…

Take a walk sou the door and meet some.

Lol…have you ever been to a black neighborhood?

I see blacks all the time…my question to you is who are these particular persons of interest…tell me more about them, if they even exist…Silence is doing you no favors…

Whaddaya do? You join The Mothers and you end up working for Zappa, and he makes you be a creep! You coulda played the blues with John Mayall or far-out exciting jazz with Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Look, no one’ll ever take you seriously after this. How can they take you seriously? In this business… you either gotta play the blues or sing with a high voice.

Hello? Is this room service?


“So far ladies and gentlemen the response from this particular community has not been especially gratifying, perhaps you’re a little bit too intellectual here.”



Well then Fido got up off the floor an’ he rolled over
An’ he looked me straight in the eye
An’ you know what he said?
Once upon a time
Somebody say to me
(This is a dog talkin’ now)
What is your Conceptual Continuity?
Well, I told him right then
(Fido said)
It should be easy to see
The crux of the biscuit
Is the Apostrophe(')

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“So far ladies and gentlemen the response from this particular community has not been especially gratifying. Perhaps you’re a bit too intellectual here.” FZ

nice, i found an interview with Ruth Underwood that includes more than what I saw elsewhere, if that makes any sense. Okay what I saw was this same clip only shorter… and I thought that that was it… so it’s a nice surprise for a fan uhda band.

The Girl In The Magnesium Dress

Happy Birthday! (slightly belated)

Ha! I knew it. A conspiracy between law makers and criminal lawyers. Pass a bunch of stupid laws which people are likely to break, then make a business out of their prosecution and defense.

Hunting camels in Arizona is prohibited.

Who knew?

How many camels did Moses bring out of Egypt?

how the fuck do i know?

It’s easy.


how the fuck do you know?