the great replacement theory as it fails

now we know that the radical right wing holds to
insane thoughts… one of those prominent thoughts today
is the “Great replacement theory” in which white
people are being replaced by minorities and blacks from
other countries and in doing so, the “White culture”
will be killed off… UR has brought this up more than once…

now I was thinking about it… and made an interesting connection
with abortion… abortions are meant to keep minorities, people
of color, blacks in poverty… but think about it… if we force minorities
to have babies, people of color to have babies, blacks to have babies,
isn’t that part of the Great replacement theory… that part of the way
that blacks and minorities overcome whites is by their birthrate…
if we force minorities and blacks to have children aren’t we
increasing the number of minorities and blacks in this country?

Thus, bringing about the Great replacement of whites…
To force minorities to have birth will bring about the very
thing that frightens the conservative, that they will be replaced
by a growing and soon to be majority of blacks and minorities…

and by the very hand of the conservatives in ending Roe V Wade…
they bring about their own destruction via their biggest fear,
the “Great replacement theory”…

I may be leaning toward accepting a total ban on abortion because
it will bring about the end of conservatives within two generations…


People making such arguments are offering a self fulfilling racism.
Since WW2 the trend away from eugenics and racist thinking have been quite marked. But sadly the 21stC has seen a marked rise in racism, and the responses to it do little to discourage racist thinking, rather they further encourage it.
“Cultural Appropriation” is one such response and so too are elements of BLM & CRT. Another one, seemingly invented by the right wing press is “Cultural Marxism”.

Right wing media are dragging the people into ever decreasing circle of self loathing, and division.

Sculptor the cuckold wants Arabian Moslems to groom his British daughters…oh wait, he’s sterile, AND retarded.


Where’s the National Outrage? Where’s the National News Coverage? Where’s Justice???

[youtube][/youtube] … rder-rape/

UR: UH OH, Kropotkin figured out the “Great replacement theory”
is full of shit, what do I do? ummmm, I know, I’ll throw
out two completely random video’s and hope that no one
noticed how right Kropotkin is about “Great replacement theory”,
hence we have two completely random video’s that have nothing
to do with the topic at hand…


The Great Replacement Theory GRT, is only scary if you are a racist.
I suppose numerically it is “true”, that the average colour of people is likely to be a bit darker in 100 years.
The irony is white Americans worried about their “homeland”, as if they were autochthonous to the American continent LOL

There is one huge thing that seem to have been forgotten this century that the colour of a persons skin should be not be anymore meaningful than the colour of their eyes.
Humans are more characterised by the content of their culture and not their genes, and genes cannot carry naturality or culture. So what the F are they really worried about? It’s just pathetic xenophobia of the most base and idiotic kind.

In 100 years Americans are going to be darker, but they are still going to be Americans. They are not likely to be more Islamic, actually they are more likely to be more secular.

What is there to worry about?

They worry about the elites molding the general populace into what serves their, and only their, ends. They worry about them aggressively promoting bad ideas.

That’s one of the ideas they are promoting. They are saying “The color of a person’s skin says nothing about that person”. But is that really true? I think it’s obviously false. I am sure there’s a strong correlation between how someone looks and how they behave. On the other hand, that’s not to say that knowing how someone looks is enough to make good decisions. Surely, if I’m looking for someone to do some task, I may let their physical appearance speak to me but I will not stop there.

The current society seems to be actively promoting – and seems to have been doing so for at least 50 years – not merely that a man’s skin color says nothing about who they are but that black skin is correlated with certain things that are also claimed to be highly desirable. They will say it’s all in the name of social justice, merely trying to inform people of the black man’s qualities that were hithertho unknown to the white man, but I think what’s really happening is they are trying to aggressively motivate people (specifically women) to mix with black people; or at least, to adopt destructive values.

Totally false.

The people are being imported for the purpose of creating a very poor, dependent, dumbed down, authoritarian socialist America (a remodel of USSR - to become a remodel of China). The only people who bring up the race issue are those same truly racist socialist authoritarians grasping for power through race manipulation - trying to get all the blacks to hate all of the whites (it can’t get much more obvious).

You are such a fucking racist!!! =D> =D> =D>
You have exactly confirmed my statement.

You and your whole country is racist. If Americans would relax and be American, and not “Irish”, or “Italian” or some other bogus origin story and embrace themselves as individuals rather then wearing the ball and chain of “identity”, then people would be a lot happier and there would be no need for CRT and BLM, because their very existence is a measure of just how fucking racist your whole country is.

Your entire statement is a paranoiacs charter.

You think that is false because you have willingly bought into the racist rant, you fucking moron.
The only thing that is going to satisfy you is a race war. I bet you can’t wait to kill some of those “N*ggers.”

There are other theories and ideas floating out there not necessarily floated, which propose a socio matrix, that even if dumbing down certain racist members may occur as an immediate effect, the long desired hope is just the opposite , that with time, people of all color will be positively effected.

Could that theme be not more a positive goL of arriving at an equitable social justice that could erase the racially motivated hate groups from seeking to destroy, not build equanimity this only nation which still possesses high ideals that people of all color can at least eork through?

Positive and negative viewpoints to any issue have always been present in a system that presumes a democratic process, and maybe it’s a better fit to see the opposites as a human feature that can change given that right to choose alternates.
The voting debacle under the Trump administration is a stark reminder of the flashback to the struggles within constituencies that were so violent in the early days of the Civil rights movement.

It is obvious that the US patterns are closely watched globally, and what goes on in the ways the world order is trying to be defined , eminates from the US experience

The patterns are firmed and reformed in an internal-external interface, where there is strong effective interrelational processes going on in many areas of international exchange, corresponding to the US’s interstate and national leveraging of socially determined values.

A righteous goal transpired not by those who had opinions on color one way or a nother, but by those who believed in neutral vonstitutional idea of the wider understanding of including, irrespective of characteristics, intrinsic within the fold of all mankind.
Had this not been so, the darkest days of colonialism could never have been overcome.

Zookers - that is exactly what I was about to say to You.

The race baitor accusing of racism — :laughing:

“Always accuse your opponent of exactly what you are doing.” - Karl Marx.

They are SO easy to spot. :smiley:

Do you or do you not agree that black people have larger penises? That’s what’s being promoted everywhere. They are telling us that the color of your skin can tell us how large your penis is. They are promoting two opposing beliefs at the same time. And have you noticed how many BBC’s there are in porn and that most of them are paired with blondes? Are you going to tell me that this isn’t pure propaganda? Who watches porn? Males. Do you really believe that males in highly developed countries really want to watch that sort of porn? And this is merely one example. The entire entertainment industry is one giant propaganda machine.

Wow, what a presumption! Are you for real? You went from “He thinks that the color of one’s skin can tell us something about that person” (which is really no more than a banal truism) to “He definitely wants to kill those niggers”. What a leap, my god. Can’t you see how prejudiced you are? Can’t you see how guilty you are of your own accusations?

GRT is a very, very real global political issue.

Old World Civilizations (Russia, India, China, Europe, etc) have strict senses of tribalism and Ethnocentricism. They want to maintain their ethnic/racial compositions, or, ‘improve’ them if it’s possible. One way to Contaminate and Destroy Old World societies, is to flood them with immigrants, or most obviously, to outright invade them militarily.

The difference here is obvious. If a Military force invaded another country, destroyed, raped, occupied, etc. then far-lefties like Kropotkin and Sculptor wouldn’t dispute or argue it as a denial of “Great Replacement”, nor would it be a “Theory”. The very terminology, great replacement theory, pretends as-if population displacement, immigration, emigration, genocide, demographics, simply do not exist. It’s a convenient way for the far-left to destroy arguments and political positions in favor of Old World social dynamics and morality: protecting tribalism.

Marxists, Far-Leftists, Communists, Jews, George Soros and his war against the Soviet Union, “Color Revolutions”, all of these types strongly deny “Great Replacement Theory”, while they intentionally manipulate Demographics, Politics, and Global Immigration to their own benefit, and to the detriment of their enemies.

Want to prove me wrong? Then consider filtering in millions of Sub-Saharan African immigrants into Israel to “Enrich” their culture.

Go ahead, see what happens, saying such things…

I can see you have a special interest in black cock.
Although what you say might be true it does not mean when you decide to pick up a black guy in your local gay club that you are going to get a guy with a big cock. For sure he is going to have a bigger cock than YOU have (everyone has a bigger cock than you). But there are no guarantees. That white guy that wanted to take you home could well have a bigger cock than the black guy that you fancy.
You will have missed your chance to have your butt stretched, because you are a racist arsehole.

The fact is that skin colour cannot tell you have big your cock is, nor can it tell you how intelligent you are. I know several black women who are a thousand light years ahead of you in intelligence.

You make very pathetic insults, my good Sir.

Alright, so you do agree that races might differ in some ways. Black people, for example, might have larger penises than white people on average. You have no problem with that. You just don’t like it when people use such information to make decisions. You don’t like it when people base their decision on reality. You prefer for them to pretend that blacks and whites are not different at all. “See, not every black guy has a larger penis than every white guy. Some are quite small. So ignore the general rule and pretend there are no differences at all. That’s totally the right thing to do.”

Racism isn’t merely the idea that there are differences between races or that some races are better than other races. It’s also not the act of deciding based on race. Properly speaking, racism is the tendency to make decisions by relying too much on race e.g. by ignoring other types of information that are available. You concluded that I’m a racist merely because I said that the color of your skin does in fact say something about you. That’s a banal truism that even you agree with. But because it is me who said it, and because you’re prejudiced as fuck, you immediately came to the conclusion that I’d be happy to kill “n*ggers” (a word that you introduced yourself.) You didn’t merely say that I’d be hostile towards them – even though even that would be a ridiculous exaggeration – but that I’d actually be happy to kill them. And you’re now going to lecture me on racism? This British prejudiced-as-fuck xenophobe is going to give me a lecture on racism?