The hills have eyes


A family on there way to Califonia decide to take a longer route through the desert to take in the scenery. Shit happens, and they end up been attacked by a bunch of radioactive miners.

Following the revival of horror, gore feast doomsayer movies comes this slight, but unmemorable box office success. Featuring an array of scenarios and bad acting, captured by scores of 1970’s horror; animal debauchery, human flaming crucifixion, human torture, rape, kidnap and freaks. The hills have eyes brings forth a slightly modern production if not a lackluster plot. The film contains all the usual themes from films i dont remember the name to, such as: useless girl scene; man looks for pet in the worst possible time and moment; anytime monster/freak jump out and attack suspense music sequence - which is mostly a total let down; a strange but helpful old man and a gas station 200 miles from Norway; loser geek turns superhuman macho man; freaks going too far this time around, despite apparent evidence of decades of success against greater opponents; someone wasting all the bullets scheme/scene; mutilation; suicide; not reading the obvious signs until the sign has fell over, hit you on the head and whistled the coca-cola theme.

Overall effect would be a 2/5. It made my girlfriend cry, a baby gets kidknapped and the sexy girl Charley likes in Lost (the one with the baby) is in it. Gang raped by two mutated human miners gone insane, angry and annoyed that they didnt sell there homes and land before the US decided it should be a test site for its new baby, the A-bomb.

What it missed was a witch in a cellar somewhere, and zombies.

What is the purpose of these films?

To make money, presumably. As is the goal of all films.

I can tell that you’re an American :laughing:

They now, as ever - in the underground b-movie scene - have always had an audience. It’s called: “Cult”, the word is associated with alot of money.

And, well, its worth paying to watching. Rather that, then a seminar on the theory of the 11th dimension. A bunch of over-fanatic scientists just before the realization that there data-based evidence couldnt be discovered even with a particle accelerator as long as the galaxy. Fuck, i hate my girlfriend, but personally i like these films. Today, on this planet, theres nothing better than the sight of self destruction. Bring back public hanging!

Lolz where you come from they don’t make movies to make money?

I can’t recall any movies that I heard about or saw that featured a “gang rape” scene while living in Europe. That seems to be part of some “sideshow freak” mentality that’s part of American culture.

In fact most Euro flicks are about people and relationships, so they’re an exploration of life, at least in France, Germany, Poland, and the UK.

one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen was French. It was called High Tension and it was as gory and perverse as any American movie out there. There is room down here. Come off your European high horse.

One of the most “Eughwww” films I’ve seen is “The Audition” - A Japanese horror. I saw Eraserhead when I was far too young, and that disturbed the hell out of me.

The Hills Have Eyes was just pretty fucking depressing to watch. Esp. the rape scene. It was like watching a fat old man taking a shit. I know it happens, didn’t want to see it thankyou. There is good B-movie crap, and there is just crap B-movie crap - this was the latter.

Fuck you very much HollyWood.

touche’ and ditto.