The History of Education

This a thread dedicated to analyzing the history of education in different time periods for different peoples, including the modern era.

A few questions to start with in order to stimulate the thread:

Which education models were superior and why?

What were the differences?

How was education tailored to different age groups (roughly 0-12, 12-18,and 18+) and genders?

What are the benefits and costs of modern Western education?

Should education be accessible to all, as the modern age preaches?

What is the nature of modern Western education?

Is modern Western education ethical - is it harmful or beneficial to developing children and/or other age groups?

What is the ideal education system?

Please accept my apologies, for I am not knowledgeable of the subject, but I have not found a thread dedicated to the matter and thought it may be interesting to open a thread.

Thank you.

Western education is not about truth or wisdom or virtue.
It’s preparing you for work. That’s basically all it is.

Ok. Why do you think that is so, how did you come to that conclusion?