The Human Body - Repesented in the Brain



The human body, if it were proportioned physically as it is represented in the brain.


Is this why philosophy, in the past, has thought to be a written science?

The image represents how much of its respective cortex innervates certain body parts. The science of Cortical homunculus.

My thesis for this thread: Philosopy and the expression of philosophy is directly proportional and reflective of mans Cortical homunculus.[/size]


Your thesis would seem to indicate that, proportionally, most philosophy is about people’s hands, followed by philosophy about people’s chins and lips? or did I miss something?

First, this doesn’t make any sense. Philosophy (and its expression) are proportional to what part of the homunculus?

Second, the homunculus in the brain represents the amount of cortex devoted to tactile sensations coming from different parts of the body. What has this to do with philosophy?


Philosophy IS THE BODY!

We need to LIVE our philosophies.

We need to test our philosophy in the real world.

Hands, chins, and lips; writing and speaking.[/size]


You can make sense out of anything, can’t you Bill? :smiley:

I think he means that the tongue (speaking) and the hands (toolmaking, writing, etc) are the tools of philosophy. That’s kind of obvious but it’s probably true.


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