The left side the left out side and what's right?


not a clue as to what this thread is about…


Numerological significance as a relation abstraction to semantic correlation (11111 topics) before EC gets on!

Ecmandu, you’re up!! :sunglasses:

Not so easy, for the sake of those who go by numerology, and it’s corolleries, for kids loving jesus, for jungian sympathizers, for kids lost in battle, and i mean 18 year Olds wit h unspoken tales to tell, for frustrated writers and dreamers for Jesu who so loved the kids, for the crucified one N, for all others conventionally alienated. With Buddha alone under a tree contemplating all this with only a smile on his face.

K: even after reading the “explanation” I still have no clue outside the “fact” that
Ecmandu will somehow clear this up…and nothing he says ever clears up anything…

I can’t even find a “smilies” that makes sense in this context…


Sorry for that, and I have no explanation nor excuse for that.