The light of Gi. From the book Onyx Serpentis

The Light of Gi
An intuitive synopsis of perceived existance
Kelsey C. Knudsen

There is no beginning nor an end to our reality. There is only one brief cycle, imprinting as information in the form of energy thus spawning an infinite set of doppelganger cycles. This process has always been and will always be, What is observed is an illusory projection upon a formless void. These reflections of cycles reside in this scape or state, which metastasize of necessity to "hold" these cycles wherein through a process i call THE FOLD, conciseness manifests matter, natural order, energy and space time. The stages of the fold are as follows: EMANATION, ENTANGLEMENT, RECESSION, THE BLACK COLLAPSE and RETURN TO THE VECTOR NEST. The elements which engage in this procedure i call; THE LIGHT OR "GI" (PRONOUNCED JEE) AND KRELUM, these elements are two halves of the same whole source of information. This information source i call THE LIGHT POINT, the light point is the totality of all possible information or circumstances, it is the purest form of thought and consciousness. The light point is a formless energy and has no surface or volume nor is it a single point in space. The light point and the procedure of the fold are NOT physical mechanisms taking place. When gi (consciousness) is involved in the state of entanglement it is interwoven with and becomes krelum, reflecting unto it a primary idea of constructed space, time, law and matter, this idea and its repercussions are the product of random probability, with an incomprehensible order interlaced within it. During emanation, thought was born boundless and constructed synthetic area for which to reside, this area and the state of gi entangled in its own imaginary matter is the form of krelum. Rather than physical procedures, the fold of the light point is the closest possible symbolic representation of the mechanics of ceaseless natural law and force. Gi in the state of krelum is "lost" consciousness. Yielding to its own creation. Being influenced by the state of krelum, krelum acts as a filter of universal truth, The form of krelum Gi takes in entanglement makes gis ability to fathom the reality of the fold an impossibility, (while bound to krelum and its law) therefore can only be described in loose symbolism as a physical process with structure and dimension. Yet the simple truth is that the light point and the fold are eternal cycles, the stages of which act outside of the restrictions of space-time. As i will explain further the stages of the fold are observed by gi to span over distance and time, yet in the light point each phase of the process happens simultaneously with the other phases. In an instant of incredible (unobservable) brevity, thought exploded and expanded into the infinite, simultaneously manifesting area and matter, (in what would be described as the simplest unit of connective matter or quantum strings) This is the stage of emanation. Emanation "begins" (but is in actuality repeating as a clone of the original cycle) when thought becomes coherent of itself, this may be hard to conceptualize but think of gi as being metaphysical thought, without the need for a vehicle, seeing without light or eyes, and thinking without a mind (remember that, this cycle exists outside of the restrictions of reality and that existence alone allows it to create its own artificial space.) The fold truly begins from the vector nest, this is the stage of the light point "before" its conception, that is on the micro scale, it is compacted infinitely into a single nothing, wherein all information and data are in a state of rest, from which there is a surplus of "light" (light being the condensed information of the totality of everything) and as previously mentioned becomes aware, this awareness forms thought, and this thought creates a vehicle for itself as well as a vehicle for its vehicle. Imagine the light in the vector nest through the process of the fold becomes so dense it collapses, from this collapse emerge awareness, which in turn provides area for the observant light to observe, this area is krelum, and it mimics the form of the light so as the light observes the reflection of itself in the krelum, which acts as a mirror void, reflecting an infinite artificial scape of repeating thought. If the light of gi is the seed of creation, then krelum is its core and husk, adhering to form due to the information received from the pure thought of light, and projecting what is seemingly endless space sprinkled with matter. This effect creates a macrocosm, wherein all situations of mass and space are determined from the flow of probability of conceptualized atomic particles, each one fitting together in the chaos of happenstance to form objects and events, when the reality of this it seems is only the illusory projection of order that manifest due to necessity, the early thought of the light determined what the simplest possible form and order would entail, and in the brief instant of emanation all of these factors fell together to what is perceived as chaos, but is really only determinate order dictated by necessity. this order was instantaneous and though the moment of conception was incredibly finite, the cycle of this order and its influence on reality was imprinted into the entangled state of krelum, which forms molds or DIVOT'S which repeat that form upon interaction with gi. the information is direct from the light at the vector nest and through the evolution of conditioning so that krelum takes form not just upon interaction with gi but from the whole of order established for it. Lets say you see a picture for the first time, you are able to perceive it because the information that leads to its projection as physical reality upon and in the krelum is direct from the source of all thought and data, Krelum is composed of latent form, so that it mimics a symbolic representation of the idea of some thing or some object, based on the order which is also latent in it from emanation. To propose the process again we will start from the light point, as mentioned before it is formless and has no surface or volume, it has no shape and is inconceivably small. It contains no inner or outer area, it is the totality of "area" condensed into nothing with nothing around it. this action is the process of the fold and is the light point expanding into density, that is its projections of the universe seem to expand outward as space into infinity, but the light point is expanding into a different category of dimension and is continually expanding into the density of itself while regenerating new projections of physical reality. the process of the fold is a macrocosm within a microcosm, and the microcosm in physical life parallel to this is called FLECTION, it is the act of gi recycling layers of moments, continually experiencing and generating its own environment. From the vector state to realization or emanation, the light is transformed into krelum wherein it reflects its idea of what it perceives itself to be and where is sees itself to be located. The divot's of the krelum are formed from conditioning, that is the solidification of inherit order, shaped the krelum just such so on observance from gi it falls into a scene of space and objects. Yet observation isn't its propellant for fixed form, again the divots form and continue to exist from data received to it through observant thought from the all encompassing information of pure light in the vector nest. The act of gi influencing and becoming krelum, and krelum reflecting projections received from the original light is the state of entanglement. In which gi believes its world to be real, thus adhering more strongly to krelum. Gi is really just the light entangled with krelum. An individual conscious mind will perceive to to be a segregated unit moving independently from space and other objects and matter, a single organism also believes itself to be involved in the current moment of present time. The truth beyond these perceptions is that all different gi's are merely "appendages" and a part of the singular whole of the light point. Time, being a constructed boundary of necessity emits onto gi and allotting linear phases of moments, gi perceives each moment as a present and real actuality, in it and moving along with it, with memories as divots in its own mind and conceptions of the future. The reality is that gi itself being a part of the light point is also beyond time and space, its agreement of the present moment is an illusion created by the influence of entanglement with krelum. Krelum only solidifies or takes form when observed, this observation does not dictate or control what form krelum will take, observation is the conduit on which the pure light in the vector nest orders the krelum based on the data of the locality of all space and matter. Again this data was determined upon emanation, wherein original thought projected the universe and natural order coalesced from the probable interactions of all facets of the substance it made for itself to observe. From entanglement comes recession, recession is the re-evolution of thought to its original state in the vector nest, as thought evolves it unravels itself from krelum, becoming more and more aware of its true reason and purpose. Once thought has progressed to the point of ultimate understanding it continues to the next stage of the fold called the black collapse. The black collapse is the complete disjoining of the light from its own krelum, all possible information or energy is compacted in the vector nest, so much so that it expands into complete density and cannot hold its own self, so the process of emanation is repeated. The perceivable universe mimics the cycle and its stages create time, space and matter. From emanation the universe "began" coalesced into atomic particles, because the "energy" of emanation forced space and matter to manifest and separate, the simplest form of division surmounted to atoms. These projected atoms are unsymmetrical and through the probability of interactions with eachother in space formed elements and molecules that in turn transferred divots of habit unto the krelum, The krelum then falls into form upon observation based on these pre-conceived orders of atomic arrangements. Through the projection of time these simple structure form more complex systems and lead to planets, stars, and the entire artificial universe, the collections of atoms together warp the shape of the particles to collect into symmetry all of which are only invisible krelum copying projected data. Each moment of solidified krelum denotes the layout for future moments, in the vector nest all data on any possible combinations of events is condensed, only during observation from gi does krelum collapse into a certain instant, creating new order for future moments and shedding layers of possible other moments that exist in the infinite vector nest but don’t achieve the level of observant reality because of gi’s ability to consume information, gi can only fathom one string of moments made by krelum taking from. Thus, the outcome of any given situation is determined by the culmination of probable outcomes which act in natural order due to the information infused into the krelum. The infinite possibility of all occasions is stored in the light point as data on every event possibility. Upon observation from gi, the krelum solidifies into linear time. In the flection of each tiny moment, one outcome is determined and hence unfolds into layers of new moments due to the contraction of krelum from the information received, thus solidifing observant reality and commanding new order, while birthing infinite possible "non-real" situations and mulitverses. Krelum is only the opposite of light and has no definition, only latent form. Both krelum and light are halves of the same whole; the light point. Gi is a segregated version of the light moving seemingly independently as entities in motion observing matter in space. In actuality the collaboration of light, krelum and the fold are engaged as one in the same uniform holomovement of the single and only reality of the light point. As a conclusive suffix for this synopsis, consider that these descriptions can only conjure thought in symbolic form upon the observer (reader.) Thus only amount to a hopefully congruent theory. (my hope is that it is only taken as a close description to the natural and unfathomable laws and forces that have always been in existance) The perfection of absolute truth resides beyond conception and space time in the vector nest. While gi is entangled "as" krelum it can only project loose metaphorical images as a mimicry of the information transmission "in" the light point. Gi can transgress beyond krelum through the stages of the whomb (pre-birth), dreams and death. As well as other acts of drug consumption, meditation and contemplation, yet in such phases sybolism as solidified objects in space is still the only reference in all images. It seems that the highest possible state of gi is death, wherein gi is still somewhat entangled but is closest to is return to the vector nest. The vector nest stage of the light point is NOT perceivable it is the singular point of both conception and destruction, an infinite archive of information which process of thought is beyond mechanical and requires no time nor influence, constantly occuring and forever isolating itself in fragmentation. Only through the evolution of illusory time and the continuation of gi impusively seeking the vector nest will prompt natural order and with recession to the black collapse from which a minuscule instant of emanation may reveal ultimate truth and revelation. Yet such a finite moment limits all perception of this, light can only react with a basic impulse to segregate, producing the boundaries of space, time, matter in the observable or measurable form of atoms which become entangled as krelum producing energy and causing these projected particles to either attract or repel each other. This sets in motion recession of all of these non-actual and non-local properties. (which are only information cycles composing a density point.) These properties upon recession as a causality of entanglement, introduce mass or repel it, forming the projection of solid objects which warp krelum and form gravity. The energy of recession bonds with matter to create stars which also warp krelum and upon their expulsion form black holes which encompass all matter at the completion of the fold, From the formation of gravity leads to solar systems, planets and lifeforms containing the concious light of gi. All of which continue forever in a seemingly solid projection of demension through gi, from the light point; a never ending cycle of data repeating all probable possibilities, with linear progress of instances observed.

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