The lunacy of love

If you want to understand the lunacy of love just go to a random store walk around and listen to the music.

All modern music is about this - feminized males who sing like girls, talking about and worshiping girls. Most of these girls, based on the song lyrics, are total hypersensitive narcissists who treat them (the males) like crap. The song usually revolves around some minor “mistake” the male did (mistake as in, a moment of being masculine), that the all-powerful female is unwilling to forgive.

Other songs, are simply about females who are unwilling or uninterested to give love to the male of the song, and matter how the male tries his best to prove that he is not like the other males in order to gain the woman’s affection, she never assists him at all.

If you want to simply understand how dysfunctional love is in America and the world, simply listen to the radio. It is such a sorry state with endless agon and struggle, nothing but broken relationships, failed, ruined and broken dreams, males that show off their femininity to attract women, and all-powerful unreasoning females, who are neither impressed about the male’s femininity or masculinity at all.

They call love falling and falling referring to attachment and exposing your heart to be mutilated and abused by the woman. The males in this song goal is to (feminize/fall from from masculinity) themselves in the woman’s love, and usually this woman has tendencies of being heartless and uncaring, so it makes no logical sense to invest their heart’s fate into them in the first place.

This is further complicated by the fact that 99 percent of the females in society behave as uncaring and unforgiving as the women featured in the songs, really forcing the hand of the male population as a sort of desperation struggle with no alternative (other than homosexuality, their worst nightmare, or celibacy, their other worst nightmare) to go to.

Further complicated by the fact that prostitution (their only other outlet) is illegalized and also stigmatized by society.

So the male options are more or less thus:
-A male starts out as female, starts to become male, doesn’t like the future it sees, so returns back to female (transsexual maletofemale)
-A male starts out as female, starts to become male, learns and sees feminine behavoirs in males promoted and rewarded by females, so it feminizes (the average modern pop-singer)
-A male starts out as female, starts to become male, then it goes into the swimming pool and sees a bunch of half-naked females, but it isn’t programmed to flirt with any so it just turns its energies inward to masterbation. Lives a life of masterbation and imaginary attraction to females since it subconsciously views all females as off-limits. (This is known as a man-child or basement dweller.) Its psychology is very imaginary and fantasy based and usually these types end up being some kind of artist with little connection to reality.
-A male starts out as female, starts to become male, but somewhere along the line, eventually discards it’s social programming and realizes it has power to interact with females. It itself has no regard for rules or authority, but it has a curious problem - even without rules or authority, it cannot possibly have sex with all of the females on the beach, and due to social programming imposed on the females, it is difficult to even guarantee that it will even seduce just one. So it avoids social activities becoming a hermit. The hermit is different from a man-child because it is more adult-like and has a connection to reality.
-A male starts out as a female, starts to become male, realizes all of it’s male impulses are illegal, so it becomes a soldier both to avoid the stress of the off-limits American women, as well as satisfy it’s male combat instincts.
-A male starts out as female, starts to become male, realizes what the world is, and starts to chase after money, because when the person you’re after has all the power in the dating game, and the person you’re after has no inherent interest in you, what else is their to do other than throw money at it wildly in an act of bribery and desperation.

  • A male starts out as female, then continuously fluxes between male and female in order to maximize its understanding and power, daemon or mage, hermaphrodite
  • A male starts out as female, but never actually develops male instincts, becomes a nun or monk or something equivalent with no male or female instincts, agender.

I part ways with Genius forums because Poison for the Heart in many ways seems like a cult doctrine…The world has “poison the heart” already we don’t need a double dose. I see love for the idiocy it is but partially that is because of the world.

On love and lunacy - Luna = Night/Rest

Here’s an ugly fat woman demanding to be treated as a princess.


Ugly because she is ugly on the inside because Consciousness placed herself into a random female body enabling excessive entitlement no exposure to internal male life experiences which stunted her intellectual development to the point where she doesn’t recognize the objectification of her husbands and expects her emasculated husbands to put up and deal with her draining/scarring/wrenching antics with very little reward in return.

Here’s a pretty girl asking for a touch.


Video 2 - A girl in a hoodie who looks like the Joker, who objectifies and judges men based on some kind of internalized gladiatorial contest psychology.

Furthermore, in reference to the video “Dear Future Husband”, there are two flaws I failed to mention. The background setting implies a luxurious mansion, yet the woman says she works a 9-5, further augmenting the social facade and disconnect in the belief that the average 9-5 male will be able to afford such a house for this woman - he can’t.
Second thing is, she implies that she will put out every night if he treats her right, but the reality is men don’t get sex simply for putting up with a woman’s bullshit, again concocting and implying a false social narrative that men get sex every night by simply being good, and working hard - they don’t.

This is a cuck song. Pretty good. Too bad you can’t understand a word.


Darn. Maybe there is a translation somewhere.

You can’t translate a rap song.

A song about an effete man.


I don’t see him as effete, just a a man with a feminized autotune effect to his voice,

And a man who is afraid of the weight of the entire State on his hand, afraid of paying fees and being locked in a cage, for no man may strike or discipline a female (hyena),

An effete man would be a feminist or one who worships the female stench, what this man did is expose the cruelty and psychosis of the modern female (hyena).

Gwen Stefani is a pretty girl, she may be a bit too skinny, but pretty she is. The problem, however, is that she’s annoyingly hyper-masculine. Just look at her dance moves.


At the beginning, and at times, I couldn’t tell what gender her dance moves were, at times it seemed like her style was an alien from outer space.

How does a woman become hyper-masculine?

I think it is a matter of cultural definitions being swayed to one side and thus distorting our perception of reality.

What you call hyper-masculine is simply a woman who is not intune with her feminine energies (chaos) energies.
It is the default state of a woman to be reserved. Masculine type dancing is reserved. Males are distinctly identified by their inherent resistance to transform into feminine energies (chaos) energies, and their inherent resistance to expose themselves (such as why all male clothing is the opposite of sexual.)

I think it has to do with being a single mom.

But something caused the desire in her to be a single mom, it is a woman with no need or attraction for a male so what was the cause behind it.

No, I think that when women are left on their own, either without a father, or without a husband, they try too hard to be strong and independent, then they become hyper-masculine.

I view it differently. I view as they are neutral and nobody ever activated their feminity (chaos energies).

Why would anyone have to activate their femininity? That should be their default state.

I understand where you are coming from, fetuses start out as females and children do not fully masculinize until puberty. I am as confused as you are, but this is the vibe I am getting, that reservation, similar to masculine non-dancing and masculine cloaking mechanisms, are the defaultstate.

Women have poor self-control, so when you give them freedom, the way we give them nowadays, they mess themselves up.