The meaning of life.

The meaning of life is to have a good time of it. All other things are side quests.

For example, finding out if God is real, or, finding out the universe, are side quests. They are only helpful if it gives us a sense of purpose, and to also map ways in order to guide our reincarnation to better lives.

I discovered this in an epiphany. This is the ultimate truth. The highest truth. There is literally no other truth higher than this. This is all there is.

You may be young, child, and not see it now. But some day you will look back and see that I was right all along.

Then you equate the “good time” with what is traditionally called God. However, the Good time is a rather vague notion. What is the standard, your feeling in the moment that you had a “good time”, or, only when deliberated over after five years? What if one has a “good time”, but, in retrospect, feels that one has wasted one’s life? From where is the judgement to be made? Or, is it a feeling?

You can if you so choose give meaning to your own life but is entirely subjective and entirely meaningless in the grand scheme of things

Yours is the most common view of our age. Personal “subjective” existentialism coupled with a belief in “hard science” or “objectivity” = “facts” and “values”.

I honestly thought that everyone already knew this.

On the other hand, he has a point, because many people like to go about blathering about how there is the truth and “your opinion”. I think, particularly, of a certain rather clever, but, nonetheless annoying and foolish, political commentator. Also, the Catholics blindly claim to be in possession of the perfect way to live, or, at least, some reflected or degraded image of it.

Meaning is not feeling. Meaning has no relation with thought too.

I developed a theory a long time ago when I was 18 back in 2012 on what I think the meaning of life is, and I said this:

What does it mean to ultimately control existence? This is the meaning of life in my perspective. The meaning of life, the quest of Albert Einstein for the Creative Force of God and the Holy Grail Vortex of Walter Russell lights the immortal journey of Divine Destiny, the White Hole of Creation and Light and the Black Hole of Darkness and Destruction, the voice of hyperspace, controlling the cosmos and chaos of water, frost, fire, and lighting, channeling the electric fluids of the Ether, forging and annihilating material substances in eternally whirling cycles, unleashing the unlimited energies of stellar alchemical sorcery, ripping the fabric of space and time, opening wormhole warps to all possible planes of existence within the quantum realm of the infinite multiverse, harmoniously orchestrating synthesized superstring symphonies, humbly opening the eyes of knowledge, awakening the mind to all conscious perspectives of the multidimensional relativistic reality, hacking the Universal Supercomputer of Nassim Haramein, destroying old laws and programming new laws into the Existential Game, solving the secret codes of Leonardo da Vinci and the prophetic revelations of Isaac Newton, magically manifesting dreams, tapping focused willpower, shape shifting the physical world of infinite evolutionary transformations, taming the Storm Dragon of Hell, flying free, becoming one with the inscrutable source of Baruch Spinoza and from which springs the Perfect All of Gottfried Leibniz, sailing the oceans of Nirvana, sprouting the bubbles of Genesis, seeking the Higher Balance of Heaven, above and beyond the loftiest levels of the Tree of Life, the crowning ascension besides the Creator of Nikola Tesla, Cosmic Master Melchizedek, the Ultimate Architect of the Universe, the Arch Mage of the Arcanum, the Archon of the Eon, the Wizard of Wisdom.

Now to add my current thoughts onto that, Willpower was always my focus. I only thought to become stronger. I didn’t add any flair or uniqueness, exotic traits or creativity to that. I’m a super-mind that seeks to control life. And I’ve extended that window far into the imagination too. I don’t really have much of a heart, like love or compassion, sympathy or empathy. Everything for me is just some kind of riddle to solve. But the cosmic awareness of such grand and epic matters catapults me into a new beyond, where my ecstasy for being immersed into all of the natural forces makes me unbeatable.