The meaning of this word 'obsient'

Now I just need to figure out what “watch something in a pastoral way” means. :confused:

Imagine you are in a train, looking out, as you pass by farms and fields, with waving grass, slow moving mammals, perhaps a lone farmer sowing in the distance. Then transfer your way of looking to whatever it is you are actually looking at. Like a paper filled table top.

Pastoral also means : “(in the Christian Church) concerning or appropriate to the giving of spiritual guidance”. Since he made the post in the Religion and Spirituality forum, maybe that’s what he means.

His post is too brief.

Yes you’re right about the meaning of pastoral.

To add to the o.p. I’d like to say most men seem to like the word ‘obsient’, it really does carry in their ego.

why can’t I find this word?

It’s new- not yet in the dictionary.

Ah, good, fine then.

…where did you come across the word Karpel? and how/from what, did the actual ontological makeup of the word arise.

It wasn’t me, it was Sanguinus who coined it. I then responded to Phyllo as if it was obvious to me what it meant, both to have fun, but also to triangulate towards what was going on.

I meant to reply to Sanguinus, but… having only just woken up not so long ago, I forgot and mentioned you in reply instead. #-o Some are not good upon awakening/not morning people.

The recent royal wedding provided my inspiration, consider for example the proper prime observance of proximate authorities in relation to the event, should it not constitute proof they themselves are obsient?