The modern women's narcissism,

In my investigation into modern culture, i have come to the conclusion that the source of female narcissism is rooted in a combination of factors and relies heavily on the arrangement of the factors which ultimately determines the depth of the condition. I think the biggest factor and perhaps the first factor to start with, as a foundation, is the birth of a lower quality human which is directly tied to previous patriarchy systems which gives men of any quality access to reproduction, being a mere member of such a society automatically qualifies for such benefit.

Today we are dealing with the aftermath of this outcome. The next factor is the destruction of the patriarchy where women are freely allowed to exercise sexual social power and control, which automatically triggers a natural preference and standard within them which is required in order to access reproduction, so the selection becomes raw in its performance.

The next factor is slightly more complicated to understand. The above factor automatically creates a competitive desperation within men as a byproduct of this social change. Where the majority of its inhabitants are lower - average men among lower - average women, i would i also say there are more above average - higher women present which resides in men’s view exclusively, especially with the increased female population.

Now the majority of men do not stand a change with the higher women, as these women’s biological realization is in full function due to environmental freedom, so naturally they are instinctively in a state of rejection of these men and go on to seek higher men, often usually failing due to the lack of supply…

Now this leaves an abundance of lower - average women available, where the men accumulate in droves to potentially interact with them. It is this very circumstance that creates the narcissism and supremacy complexes in the modern women, who are , unbeknownst to them, are recipients of. The unbeknownst is pure result of previous systems, this results manifests as delusion. Such mental conditions arise due to excessive desperation in men due their own lack of quality and lack of supply of higher women. However, the desperation is not perceived as such by lower -average women, but regarded as a given, a natural evidence of her apparent quality.

Interestingly enough, one may think that the same narcissism would be shared among the higher quality women too, but it isn’t. I would say this is because the mind and body is in biological tune or harmony creating a authentic functional existence, where as the mind of lower-average women and the environmental circumstance is in contradiction with her essence producing this particular disorder.

Here is a male waking up to this modern circumstance…but not quite


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Solid arguments given what we know and comprehend about the “puzzle”.

Maybe it’s simply time for a shift in paradigm … from Yang(male) energy domination to Yin(female) energy domination.

The participants during the ‘transition’ … Liminal Space … would naturally experience significant frustration(s).

It depends on the environment. Some women pop babies out and live off welfare. Their partner’s status or skills is irrelevant. I can see more techies having families now because they also have the higherst paying jobs and more options for income, they can actually afford to have a family, pay off mortgage and even put their kids through college. Every other middle working class family would be struggling to survive, and that’s an added stress on family.

It used to be that women could get a bachelors degree in housemaking (managing a household) and back then, most companies offered pensions for working man and also his stay at home wife (she got some of his pension). But I guess we got too many people who lived longer, and it was no longer profitable enough for companies to offer pensions. So, women went to work too, and family structure was unbalanced. There was no shame placed on women being a housewife and managing the household. Then, it became shameful and degrading for some reason; and there you go, we re here where we are.

I think the reasoning behind restructuring is financial at heart. I’m not an accountant or economist or anything like that, but I’d guess it’s more profitable for companies to put both men and women to work, rather than keep the family structure. You probably create more jobs that way too, so instead of knowing how to fix the plumbing or do house repairs, or financial planning/taxes, or tailoring, etc., yourself, you just hire a specialist who does it for you for a price. People are losing essential skills that are now being picked up and monetized by professionals. Pretty soon, we re going to have a ‘specialist-for-hire’ for everything under the sun.

Most of the problems lower caste or class men face with women is by systems that are lead by the minority upper wealthy echelons of other men

These elite portions of men intentionally disbar lower strata of men from reproducing or interacting with women. In nature animal documentaries it is known as having a dominating sexual monopoly to females.

In nature of a variety of animal mammals the male heads (leaders) will manipulate the social environment where only them alone have sexual or reproductive access to females discarding the access of other males lower in the social hierarchical rank. This is the real reason behind feminism, contraceptives, and disenfranchised males. Women aren’t really behind it so much as they are following what has been layed out for them from the social hierarchical top to which the upper monopolizing echelons of other men are fully aware of.

So, to all lower caste and class of men when you see images like this don’t hate the women that are only following their natural instincts nature has embroiled upon them, instead hate the male bastards that are thriving in it with the very systems they have designed. Otherwise your hatred or anger towards women is largely misplaced missing the bigger picture of what is actually going on.