the modern world and hierarchies

In reinvestigating the “Enlightenment”, I noticed that one of
the things that was under attack in the “Enlightenment”
was this concept of Hierarchies… there is a ladder going from
god on down to the pope, to the nobles, to the church, and finally,
reaching all the way down to the peasants… think of our modern day
chain of command in business or in the military…from the CEO down
to the average worker… with many levels of the hierarchy… from
head of the regional office to the division heads to store managers to
ass. managers to supervisors to us lowly workers… it exists in the exact
same way during the middle ages… from god on down…

but think about it… do we think of life in an hierarchical manner?
we have business and the military holding to the old fashion method
of hierarchies, but do we hold to god and kings and nobles in the same
hierarchical manner? NO, no we don’t…

in fact, I would say that one of the major differences in the modern age
as oppose to the beliefs before say, 1900, was in this belief in a hierarchy…
think about it… the monarchy belief that the king was closer to god, still held
as late as the first world war… and nobles are closer to god then us mere
plain folk…

and we know that conservative love the middle ages, mostly because it is
all about hierarchies…a top down society… and they still crave that top down
society… look at how they love IQ45… and other wannabe dictators…
they praise Putin all the time and love the newly established
theocracy in Afghanistan…the creation of sharia law in America
is their fondest wish and desire… to subjugate women and minorities
under some sort of white supremacy sharia law is their wet dream…

the modern world however isn’t a top down world and that is why conservatives
hate the modern world… it isn’t an hierarchy, a top down world with
god as its top and us mere mortals as the bottom… but why would
anyone want to exist within a top down world where 99% of everyone
would be on the bottom? That is easy enough, the conservative holds
themselves as being part of the top part of the hierarchy…
it is a foolish notion that when Sharia law comes to America,
that the conservatives will be the ruling class and make the rules…

one is reminded of that old saying, be careful of what you wish for, you might get it…

I as a liberal hold to the saying that exists in the declaration of Independence:

“that all men (people) are created equal”

and that is not only legally, but morally…

and that is opposite of what the conservative believes in…
they hold to and love hierarchies…thus I am a “Modern” man…
for in our modern times, we don’t hold to hierarchies… and that
is part of the issues that exists in our modern times… we are
so trained in the people being part of hierarchies, that we
are lost and confused when told people are not part of
any type of hierarchy…how are we to organize people if
we can’t use hierarchies to “label” where people fit into?

thus part of the problem… how do we organize people into
categories if we can’t use the old value/method of hierarchies?

we are in the process of discovering another way, another method of
understanding how people fit into the world…that is part of the modern world…
we no longer understand how or where we fit into the world… we are “lost”
because we no longer use hierarchies to judge people…

the conservative lacks any imagination to think in any other way then in
the use of hierarchies to judge people… but we can judge/value people
based on other values besides the use of hierarchies…and that is what
the liberals bring to the table… we don’t judge/value people based on
hierarchical methods like homosexuality or race or creed or color…

so how does the liberal judge others? by their commitment to values
like justice or freedom…do you advance the cause of justice in our society?
or do you deny or prevent justice in our society? that is part of the values upon we
judge people on…

we value a non hierarchical society… and that is why conservatives
attack liberals…


Who is “we”?