The Muses of Modern Democracy

Education, Free Press, Civil Liberties, Civic Engagement, Rule of Law, Political Representation, Ethical Leadership, and Social Justice.

While the concept of the Muses originally comes from Greek mythology and is associated with inspiration in various arts and sciences, you can metaphorically refer to certain elements as the “Muses of Democracy.” In the context of democracy, these could be considered as the sources of inspiration and guidance for the principles and functioning of a democratic society.

The importance of the metaphorical Muses of Democracy

Education’s role is to inspire an informed and engaged citizenry. A well-educated populace is essential for understanding democratic principles, participating in civic life, and making informed decisions. However, if education teaches people what to think instead of how to think, education might hinder its designated role. Judging from my experience, this is an area that needs to be looked at.

A Free and independent Press should inspire transparency, accountability, and an informed public. It is crucial in keeping citizens informed, holding leaders accountable, and fostering a healthy democracy. However, our Press seems to be bought by political stakeholders and confuses the public—in some cases, it downright lies to them.

Civil Liberties are about inspiring the protection of individual rights and freedoms. Respect for civil liberties, such as freedom of speech, assembly, and privacy, is foundational to a democratic society, providing the space for diverse voices and opinions. These liberties are being infringed upon in multiple ways and not protected indiscriminately, but at times, criminalised by politicians and media whose funders do not agree with them.

Civic Engagement should encourage active participation in democratic processes. Citizens engaging in voting, community activities, and public discourse are essential for the vitality of democracy, ensuring representation and responsiveness.

The Rule of Law has the task of ensuring the fair and just application of laws. A strong rule of law ensures that democratic principles are upheld, preventing abuses of power, and providing a framework for resolving conflicts.

Political Representation should enable inclusivity and representation of diverse voices. A democratic system should reflect the diversity of its population, ensuring that all citizens have a say in decision-making through elected representatives.

Ethical Leadership is a principle that requires political leaders to serve with integrity and a commitment to public service. Ethical leadership is crucial for maintaining public trust and confidence in democratic institutions.

Social Justice should guarantee equality and fairness for all citizens. A democratic society should strive for social justice, ensuring everyone has equal opportunities and is treated with dignity and respect.

These metaphorical Muses collectively contribute to the inspiration and sustenance of a healthy democracy, guiding its development and ensuring the well-being of its citizens. Where do you see them undermined?

The fact that US elections can be determined by funding proves the power of marketing - science of lies - and how brainwashed American are.
AIPAC’s power is founded on America’s gullibility and susceptibility to propaganda…another way of saying the power of words on their psychology.

Hollywood = art of lies.
Marketing = science of lies.
Politics = power of lies.
US Media = disseminator of lies.

The art of the sales pitch, manipulating the target using semiotics.
You can sell anything to dimwits, if you know their underlying needs/desires.

Cultivating vices ensures the presence of a psychological trigger words/symbols can manipulate.
Americans are maintained in a perpetual state of adolescence and complacency if they can satisfy their needs/desires.
“Manufacturing Consent” through the exploitation of vices
Manufacturing Wants, through the association of needs/desires with specific brands, represented by certain words/symbols.
Commercials, movies, tv shows, music, media repeating these associations until they’ve become ingrained in the psyche - indoctrination.
Mention a certain word, flash a certain image, a symbol, and they will react in predictable ways.

The terms ‘modern’ and ‘postmodern’ always imply Americanism: American model.
To modernize the world one must Americanize it, force it to adopt the American system… which is not truly Democratic.
“Progress” is code for a movement towards purified Americanism, that is Americanism negating the ‘baggage’ of the past, including nature as the mum of all past nurturing; a movement towards the emergence of the 'Last man"…an individual with no determining past.

Even the denial of free-will is associated with this Last man, as it implies that this progress is inevitable - fated by some cosmic agency, or cosmic forces, no man Divine sanctioning replaced by hard determinism.
The movement of progress is always towards a telos, an end…a better world, an earthly Utopia, replacing a supernatural Paradise - which remains in the eternal future.
Eternally unattainable - therefore eternally perfect, i.e., unblemished.

So, besides wearing your placard “The End is Nigh!” what constructive ideas could you propose to save humanity?