The Netanyahu regime drowns its own hostages

The Netanyahu regime has been flooding Hamas’s tunnels with sea-water.

Hamas has around 130 israeli hostages.
Most of them are kept by themself, and well-shackled, and accompanied by armed
Hamas guards, and they are spread-out all-over Hamas’s positions.
The vast majority of them are spread-out throughout Hamas’s tunnels.

When Netanyahu and his generals fill the tunnels with sea-water, they flood both the
hostages and their armed Hamas guards. Suffocation, by salt-water or otherwise,
is the most agonizing death that the human brain can produce.
The Hamas men have guns, and can therefore put a bullet through their own thalamus
or dorsal anterior cingulate (the agony center) before the salt-water gets them.

But what about the hostages? Are their Hamas guards charitable enough to blow
their brains out? -Maybe SOME of them are, but for the most part, I doubt it.
And are those hostages able to pick-up the fallen guns of their newly-dead guards,
and use them upon themselves? -Probably in some cases they can, but not if they
are shackled to an anchored object, and the dead guards did not fall right next to them.

Thus, Benjamin Netanyahu and his underlings are torturing the israeli hostages to death.
Apparently they are doing this because they are pissed-off at all of the hostages’
family-members who are demanding that the Netanyahu regime try to save them.