The Newest Third World Country...The USA

This has probably already been covered, this USA decline, but folks barely take notice so I must hammer on it. Times are changing for the worse in the USA but most US citizens refuse to acknowledge the greater reality, the one beyond their bubble of safety, particularly that reality here in the states is as bad as it is. What will it take for US people to wake up?

Are the following 10 signs that the USA is heading towards becoming a 3rd world country true?

On the site, will the Unites States become a third world country by 2020? 60% voted that it would in fact become third world but the site only shows that 5 people have voted so far, but the reasons why it would become 3rd world are valid ones. … easy-steps

What the articles and comments noted are not all of the reasons the status of the US is in decline. There are many articles noting many additional reasons about the current decline of the USA into 3rd world status, but most of the US population refuse to read those articles, understand what is happening right under their noses to their fellow citizens, their economy, their government and do something about it, no, that’s for the authorities to handle, not them. They stick their sheeple heads back in the sand.

you have stated the symptoms, but not the cause…
your analysis is incomplete…


If you need them, I have more quotes.

so I get some lazy, ignorant babbling about some nonsense Jewish thing…
that is not analysis, that is just being ignorant and stupid…
dig deeper and try some real analysis or understanding of the world
instead of lazy ass shit some 10 year old can think of…



Those aren’t my words, Peter. You read what the Jews wrote and called it ignorant babbling. I know you want my words Peter, but I’m going to stick with quotes and interviews…the reality you cannot accept.

A regression to that kind of level is impossible, the worst which can happen is a pull back to the era pf.pire capitalism say 1900, a threshold of development ,below which an agrarian civilization is implausible. That’s because even if 1% of the population controls 99%, the resources would not dissolve, only the distribution part of production and consumption of value may change.

But never say never.

And never forget how mightful irrationality can be.

Oh, no, I will not, thanks for that. Better then the so called rationality by which all so called credible information is validated.

But also, don’t forget this:

In this thread, I’m discussing reality, although where do you find reality online? No good evidence that can be trusted.

That’s a good topic of a thread. :slight_smile:

What’s difficult is finding supporting evidence that couldn’t possibly be tampered with. I know that sounds paranoid but with all the fake news and fake science floating around, I’m skeptical about much of what I read if I haven’t been a party to it myself.

Wendy wrote:


It is clear (if not to you, at least to other countries) that the influence and power of the U S of A is escalating rapidly and I believe it is highly likely that America will rule the world, it is already the centre of influence and it’s power will determine all major global events.

Explain how you know the power and influence is escalating rapidly? What do you mean untrue when the conditions described in the list of 10 are currently happening, that the USA is being hollowed out to be only a military power overseeing the Jews/Zionist global, communist agenda? The great leveling is happening again worldwide.

The fact is, that all world nations now look to the United States for protection and support and it’s extensive ability to influence on a global scale suggests that the world now has a single power, (the U S of A) at the highest point of the international system. I gather you are referring to a New World Order, which I do not dispute is coming, but this has nothing to do with the Jews/Zionist’s agenda? I see Joker has been discussing this with you :slight_smile:

How is it not one in the same thing?

“It is not the same thing” because the Jews will not be the driving force. So, I ask you, what is this Jewish/Zionist “agenda” you write about?

Please explain further.

In a nutshell…

Jews will have not only the property of the whole world in their hands, but the people in that communist hellhole too…I mean that global “Brave New World.” (Aldous Huxley)

Wendy wrote:

and from the same source From the Temple to the Talmud by Harrell Rhome

“Again the voluminous contents of the Talmud are deceptive, diverse and obscure, requiring close examination…The essentially atheistic Zionist founder and leaders use all of this to their advantage with unfortunate Jews who buy into the phoney Pharisaic fairy tale that they are a specially and divinely chosen folk”.

The Jew Age is going to come back? Nah… they had their chance and blew it.