The noble task of erradicating white-"supremacy" from Europe

A white-“supremacist” is typically an ugly inbred cunt who feels threatened by more vital genepools, and as a defense seeks out the culture of his local superiors and makes all sorts of botched claims to it, until that culture becomes actually infected with the "white-"degenerate maggots “values”.

Nazi Germany was just one example of the sickeningly pathetic nature of the white “supremacist” - the current load of them is going to bring down Europe as Islams vanguard.

See “white Sharia” proposals - clear proof of the absolute absence of selfvaluing in these ultracuckish reservoirs of waste.

Well have to see to it that these movements die off before we can restore the west.
Well use euroislam and white “supremacy” against each other as two sides of the same coin: the wish to die.

It will not be unknown to philosophers,but let me state it again:
Any movement that calls itself out on its own race based supremacy is merely a form of begging god for forgiveness for losing all that power.

Black Lives Matter and White Supracy are both prayer circles normally for women beyond menopause.

Now the causasian and negroid genepools are so vast that they have produced feebleness at the fringes incapable of pride. I.e. incapable of Being. What they resort to is cultural memes like “white power” or “black power”.

It is clear that no one who has power would want to proliferate himself in this way. One with power is never afraid of other types. He sees in them means to expand the scope of life.

The hailing of ones skin color as a means to value oneself is beyond last resort, it is futile and signals the end.

“Race” after all is a crude, inadequate, far too broad indicator. Each race contains superior and inferior types. Thus, race-supremacists are per definition agents of decadence.

For the preservation and restoration of noble types: may death visit all racial superiorists sooner rather than later.

I hereby open the curtains to the new theater of war.

Some whites reject white supremacy as the idea that whites currently are supreme. For if we were, we would not be able to produce such traitors, cowards, and manchildren as Fixed Cross. Moreover, we could not be subverted so easily by such people and non-whites such as Jews. There is truth to this and it’s a fair complaint.

My understanding of white supremacy is the striving towards supremacy, towards becoming supreme. This striving is born out of self-love, which can also be called self-valuing if you will.

It also necessitates destroying those who want to undermine white efforts to become supreme, cucked traitors like Fixed Cross for example. All because of self-valuing, baby.

To cucks like him, race is only about skin color. This is the level of intellect we’re dealing with here.

‘threatened by vital gene pools’ more like “threatened” by disgusting shit, not wanting it smeared all over me.

(((vital gene pools))) According to (((Fixed Cross))) aka Jakob the Jew:

Muh White Supremacy.

What is actually insulting to any self-respecting man is that supremacy is something bad, something negative.
At least, if it’s based on his race and ethnicity. In other words, his ancestry.

Again, Fixxy is the merchant of cuckoldry.
Isn’t cuckoldry neat?
Really nice…

White Supremacy is just one side of the coin of attack against Whites.

The other side is that Whites aren’t real, that they don’t exist.

Talk about hating something.
It’s either evil or it doesn’t exist (hence why I tell those people that they don’t exist, lol).


Indeed, thats exactly what it is. It is a victim-group, a fucking minority.
Do you know why there is no “Jewish Supremacy” tribe?
Because to a Jew, “Jew” already means “superior”. Thats how aristocratic and tribal caucasians used to think. Then some hilldwelling inbreeders started associating with their skincolor and worse, associating their skincolor with their backward tribes and ruined it for all subgroups of caucasia that might want to identify with their color on top of other qualities.

I am white and I like being white and blue eyed. But part of it is the attraction it has to other races. I love how a black or a Brazilian woman will regard me as an exotic animal she desires. I am a firm believer in racemixing as a means to further vitality. I am glad Im not a full Jew. It seems very constrained. Im also glad Im part Jew. It is dynamite, this combination.

All races should be proud. But if that pride comes as a comparison to another race, thats actually closer to shame.

My personal supremacism concerns humans that have been embraced by my God, Odin. And of course, philosophers. I know both types to be superior by my standards to all the rest of humanity.

White Supremacy is a pathetic, Odin-less world yearning for Odin. But Odin is not as easily won as Allfather as simply being whiteskinned.

The nazis raped the Futhark, excluded Dagaz, condemned their kin and legacy to eternal night.

Somehow I doubt that it was hilldwelling inbreeds that “ruined it”… how about that 2000 year old victim cult, Christianity? Also does the left, by maintaining that the Nazis are the epitome of evil, actually limit the potential of man to become more evil?

Do you consider those truth hating holocaust denial laws to be a good thing?

There is no “Jewish Supremacy” Jew because they are not being labeled as Jewish Supremacist on a mass media scale by their competition in an attempt to destroy their identity within the norm of slave-morality.

Now some Jews have a problem with those brown hordes they gleefully participated in fostering and importing in the Western environments because they don’t see them as Jews but as White.

“Oy vey, not all Whites are evil White Supremacists. Only those White hillbillies are. Billy has been oppressing you in this society from their hillbilly homes up those hills.”

Sorry Mixxy, you are not brown enough. I recommend using a sunbed and making sure any offspring you might produce has a darker skin tone than yourself.

Muh White Supremists…Wahhhh Wahhhh…

You are White Supremists… Wahhh Wahhh…
It’s stupid to be White Supremists… Wahhh Wahhh…
Don’t be White Supremists… Wahhh Wahhh…

You are Christian Fundamentalists… Wahhh Wahhh…
It’s stupid to be Christian Fundamentalists… Wahhh Wahhh…
Don’t be Christian Fundamentalists… Wahhh Wahhh…

You are Magabudu Babawudu… Wahhh Wahhh…
It’s stupid to be Magabudu Babawudu… Wahhh Wahhh…
Don’t be Magabudu Babawudu… Wahhh Wahhh…

Odin, G-d, God, Allah,… you are a conduit to all of them, depending on the circumstances and the people you preach to.

You are this and you believe that… Wahhh Wahhh…
It’s stupid to be this and believe that… Wahhh Wahhh…
Don’t be this and believe that… Wahhh Wahhh…
No, you are this now and you believe that… Wahhh Wahhh…

Hysteria, how unexpected.

I rest my case.


Psychology-yada-yada, no arguments and keeping it snappy.
Last time it was the closet homosexual angle.
Do you also do the small penis routine or is that one below you?
Well, not below but too obvious to work here, in your estimation.

To put in more straight forward, that which you didn’t get from my last post -
Your Odin, YOUR Odin is just as hollow as YOUR G-d, or as YOUR Allah, the thing which makes them hollow is you.

Hey, I know that you actually already know this but what can I say, I wanted to make this post a bit longer.
Though also not too long because of the ADHD and all.

Its prepostrous in itself that any cognating person could be expected to even identify with such incontinence as these “supremacies” that “matter” so much - but to see Ysdopn let go her throat muscles and blurt out her waahs and meuhs and know she means it as an expression of her supremacy is just remarkable.

It’s very difficult to imagine such entities are even human.

Oh, hoho, calptrap I say my dear, claptrap.

Are you pretending to be an arrogant blow hard who got the Oxford dictionary series stuck up his ###?
Is this going to be a whole rollercoaster showcase of insanity and next you gonna try and hump my leg (metaphorically)?

Gotta say, while reading through Wyld’s signature,
I came to the conclusion that he picks up just random stuff which sounds cool.
Then I read Fixxy’s signature and then it all made sense.
Same method, just a bit more vague, a bit more mystery, a bit more maturity - But it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Two hollows, soon to go mad.

Whether its been intentionally directed or just natures way of ranking and disposing, whats become certain over the past decade is that the lower regions of western humanoid sentience will be engaged in vanity parades and terrorisms to assert to the public their convictions of mass-self-worth. Theyve been filtered out of the equation of increasing power by adopting a notion of self worth that relies on negating the self worth of their precise mirror image. Funny in a cruel way. I hope their demise wont be too protracted. It should be over in a century or so.

V-v-v-v-alue-Ont-t-t-t-t-ology ™

I agree, narcissism is going to increase.