The Ongoing Myth Of Human Morality And Ethics.

I can change the psychological or philosophical but not the physical

Detachment? Why?

Ah, so there are some things out of your control that you cannot change.

Detachment is to me what anarchy is to you : the most desired state of being
Mine is not conditional on the overthrow of civilisation so is easier to achieve

Sounds like a moral valuation to me this withdrawal of yours. I on the other hand prefer immersion into the world.

Through immersion rather than detachment one learns a great deal of many things.

Overcoming fears and anxieties through confrontation, this is the root of immersion.

You want to immerse yourself into the world yet ironically at the same time eagerly anticipate its total collapse

Through detachment one learns many things like being more logical and less emotional

After overcoming fears and anxieties through confrontation one may become detached

The collapse is yet another feature of confrontation I was speaking about earlier.

There is no logic without emotion. They coincide.

In confrontation there is no time for detachment.

The collapse might never actually happen or it might but just not in your lifetime

More logic and less emotion works absolutely fine for me

Why go seek confrontation when you can avoid it instead

most man’s made laws are bunk (designed for absolute control) and so is the morality and ethics of most beings on this planet. Go steal a steak at walmart because you are hungry and you will be charged with a felony and have a hard time to find a job… get into the business of “flipping houses” inflating the housing bubble, and everybody admires you. :mrgreen:

Pretty much.

“The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual a crime.” - Max Stirner.

Human morality and ethics looks a lot like a hundred million people homeless worldwide per year. Truly a hallmark of a moral, ethical, and rationally enlightened species.

Notes: A global study hasn’t been done in eleven years where the rates have more than likely increased exponentially since then. … tatistics/

Human morality and ethics looks a lot like a forty five- fifty million abortions worldwide per year. Truly a hallmark of a moral, ethical, and rationally enlightened species. Nothing says morality like aborting the future in terms of 125,000 abortions per day around the world.

Human morality and ethics looks a lot like 21,000 dead children every day. Truly a hallmark of a moral, ethical, and rationally enlightened species. … -the-world

What logic do you need though? You aren’t gonna do anything with your life, so logic is a tool you’ll never need, a wheelbarrow sitting in a garage for a farm that you’ll never make.

That’s a lie, obviously you can control a physical computer to type things on it.

most laws are root cause of violence… then of course pavlov does the rest. A serial killer will get death sentence, but bombing 3 million in the middle east is considered legal killing, most of which are just victims of oil interest highly traded on wall street. Sure if we ever addressed this, world crash overnight. So most shut their mouths: what losing my job to save the world ???

125K abortion daily worldwide, turned into a business of fetus body parts (well documented on the net) If this was shown on the MSM, women would start thinking thrice before taking any risks of getting pregnant.

Fix the culture of death and man will become what he truly is and begin to transcend his instincts.

A man fully conscious and aware of the issue will find violence abhorrent and aberrant, will never follow orders to go kill nor condone killing

centuries that masses have avoided self-responsibility… now the most drastic and dire lessons ever await them/us around the corner.