The Ongoing Myth Of Human Morality And Ethics. … 468d9cefa9

But note why the US climate research organizations like to report on Chinese pollutions. :wink:

I don’t get why scientists are too damn lazy to invent ozone machines to convert nuclear waste into ozone and pump it into the air. Jimmy Neutron could do it, Steve Urkel could do it, Twilight Sparkle could do it, Doc Brown could do it, Henry Deacon could do it, Dexter McPherson could do it, pretty much all fictional TV characters could do it, so why can’t scientists do it? That means they are litterally dumber than madeup TV characters.

Instead of Henry Deacon, we get fucking Neil De Grass Fucking Tyson.

Scientists need to enable “try hard” mode, and switch on the proverbial aimbot. … unnoticed/ … onths.html

The irony of the source concerning this staged photo. :laughing:

propaganda is a dangerous game when society gets too smart to fall for it.

Like anything eventually an immunity is built.

[b]Human apathy and social inequality are interesting subjects.

Are we to suppose a species of moral or ethical agency can allow social apathy and inequality to exist?

And yet human apathy and social inequality exists everywhere very much widespread causing us to question the existence of moral or ethical agency of human beings altogether.[/b]

Joker, you seem like a reasonable dude, so I will tell you a secret - it’s all a fucking game to them.

People don’t actually care about news stories, they pretend to act sad. Perhaps they are trolling themselves. Maybe they do consciously believe they are sad. But their subconscious isn’t. I mean why the hell do they buy tickets to see violent movies, yet act like violence bothers them? They are crazy. I mean, why the hell is it so damn easy to tell a joke after a sad news story and have them laughing and in a good mood one minute after?

It’s all one big role playing game of secret masochists/sadists, and the only honest people are the ones who are openly masochist. Everyone else is in the closet, liars and pretenders, and even they don’t know it.

Like, they call me a psychopath, yet I don’t eat meat. These pots call the kettle black, they’d crucify Jesus if they got paid a million bucks.

I cannot change the world only myself and so this is what I try to do

But you don’t seem like you change though. And aren’t you a part of the world, I thought you didn’t believe in the whole seperation bit. So if there’s no seperation, why can you not change the world? It would be the world changing itself.

I am not here to change the world as I am as detached from it as I can be and plan on being so right up till the day
I die. But I like being one of the loneliest human beings on the planet for I have never been so free in all of my life

I thought you were one of those enlightened dudes who was one with everything.
If you are one with everything, How the hell are you detached from the world?

Just because you are a hermit that lives in the woods doesnt make you detached from the planet. You need to man up, Flutterguy.

I am not a Buddhist although I do strive to be as detached from the world as possible
And I am certainly closer to being at one with everything than I have ever truly been
Last year I made my peace with death so am as much at peace with myself as can be

Who said peace with death was good? It’s good for dying patients, not people who still have life in them.

Does help if one can make peace with death when one is still alive

You change yourself at will? Is that so? Tell me, can you defeat death?