The Ongoing Myth Of Human Morality And Ethics.

There is a certain artistic quality to those photographs, more than can be contained even in the greatest paintings.

Human evil has its beauty, but even so, it still must be destroyed, even though destroying it is almost a tragedy in of itself. Though I believe it should at least be preserved in videogames, and as well as dodgeball and martial arts types of things.

They devil may not be real, but daemons most certainly are. Religion, as with many things, is a dilution (delusion.)

The Eve story paints a powerful metaphor of how childhood innocence can be corrupted, and how the corruption can actually save one from death, at the same time, metaphorically, it is a type of death. It is how the path to Truth itself can be decieving, but yet the most honest and beautiful deceiver of all.

Jesus’s teachings are also a misinterpretation as well, completely childishly interpreted, when the man was actually a deep thinker of the Buddhist variety and arguably more advanced than Buddha himself.

[b]For those of us paying attention and keeping track of score through the debate here.

Moral Nihilists And Skeptics: 1 point.

Moral Philosophers And Theoreticians: 0 points.

Looks like we’re doing a pretty excellent job at debunking human morality and ethics here.[/b]

Saying some cops in some cities are shitty people doesn’t debunk morality.

If you are interested in debunking human morality, which I find is useful in debating people and generally making them feel uncomfortable about themselves, the topic of meat-eating is what I use to illustrate the lack of human morality.

Reason I want to make them uncomfortable about themselves is because I hate them and i want to make them feel misery.

I disagree, what better way of pointing out error, hypocrisy, and contradiction of human morality or ethics then by showing behaviors exhibited by those that are in charge of protecting along with serving their communities as liaisons of the state.

Yes, I plan on revisiting that contingent at a later time in the thread. One thing at a time.

Reason being, the good cop/bad cop trope is an old one, people know there are a such thing as a bad cops, but the reasoning is “not in my town”. “The cops in New York may be bad, but my cops are fine.”
And you can’t really argue with it either, because it’s more or less true. For instance, in my town, cops don’t go around murdering homeless people.
The meat-eating thing applies to the whole of humanity, so there’s nothing they can say to instantiate it from the whole of human essence.

You’re clinging and scratching onto the surface yet you won’t dig in more to see what lies underneath society or what really makes it tick.

Tell me more.

Keep watching this thread and learn. :slight_smile:

[b]Human morality and ethics looks like 896 million people living in poverty and absolute penury around the world on any given year suffering in utter silence. Truly a hallmark of a moral, ethical, and rationally enlightened species.

[Number more than likely higher than official global recording.][/b] … athematics

Meh. I would say those people still have a higher quality of life than I do.

However, I think I can say that I have a higher quality of life than some africans.

Perception is reality for human beings and those that control perception mold reality into their own image or likeness.

Get enough people in terms of a majority to believe in something no matter how ridiculous, absurd, fictitious, pretentious, horrific, or imaginative it may be it essentially becomes defacto reality. Perception always is a numbers game.

Human morality and ethics is very much needed in manufacturing consent for authority on the populous it controls or enslaves.

We see this everyday around us in terms of manufactured morality and ethics concerning government propaganda for the purposes of perception management. For authority to exist it must manage public perception and the metanarrative of all beliefs or values.

This can only be achieved by having a monopoly over moral or ethical beliefs in authorship.

Human morality and ethics exists only because of this authorship process of perception management where both exist nowhere else for beyond human affairs the universe has management of these perceptions nor an interest in them.

Man that hotel with the swimming pools on the balconies looks pretty nice. Where is that? It would be awesome to drink champagne with some hos and look over at those starving people and laugh. Do you know the name of the hotel? I wanna book that shit.

How does this deal with the subject at hand?

Because he is giving us a demonstration of the myth of human morality and ethics, duh. Morality as a function only to acquire more money and hos.