The pain of love, mind control, and fear

Everyone wrests from the fear of the loss of love, yet gaining power is the ultimate aim of love. The truest love will wrench control, when and if it becomes expedient, after the honeymoon is over. Whether it be the way mom used to raise the kids, or, whether, it is the kind of car to be purchased which looks like the one the Smith’s have parked next door, or be it per chance far, far heavier control issues, or even The Control Issue -that of who gains the uppermost hand, and who builds the tower-pyramid of power, which determines who is on top, or who is on bottom.

These fear, love, power, pain issues are interconnected and need to be disassembled in times of the greatest possible familiar-relationship trauma-panic to the whole structure.

Once a possible loss is felt to be possible, for it’s a matter of feelings rather then thoughts, then, the control issue becomes overwhelmingly dominant and all the feelings come to play a large part in trying to figure out the different roles each member of the social organization should adopt: the victim, the nice guy, the rationalizer, the fearless but stupid one, the fearless wise, and the show goes on, making it obvious where he real love is, who is the one who can share, etc.

Apology: I hope young lovers will forgive a man, who has gone through the pain of youth, and has become somewhat jaded and cynical

But it’s sobering and real and it takes a lot of sweat and tears to sustain a semblance of the original.

The trick is… to never do anything that will taint the relationship in the future, but heart/emotion over head/reason that the many operate under prohibits this non-tainting… and so the baggage starts to load on.

Quite a trick, indeed, Magsj

The trick has to be more so convincing as to pass the
baggage, (emotional, physical,) of the trusting
partner, otherwise the whole effort will collapse.

This trick ,if it is, usually has to be rationalized away
by the partner doing it, as done for his or her
betterment, but rarely can a totally unscrupulous partner be found who can do this without retaining some guilt.

This adds to the baggage, but at times the only way two people can continue living together, resulting in a kind of built up , shared , mutually constructed life of
dreams and delusions.

The he trick becomes almost full proof, when the partners begin to realize that they are just producing
male beliefs with sleight of hand, without which their
foilie a deux could concievably destroy their relationship. They would rather keep it going than
risk that.

The trick is… not to let it happen, not lie about it. If one cares about the relationship, one should be vigilant over it

True, but after some time the Trurh will come out, and at that point it may become hardly possible to avoid letting it happen. Honesty as time goes, overrides the dishonesty, and to believe otherwise is maybe playing a fools game.

For an analysis of character of even a despicable man, he will be raised, just by the observable trait of being honest. Perhaps honesty at whatever cost, is the most sought after and commendable trait which may be acquired, regardless of what may happen to the relationship.

When love is threatened by the fear of mind control, how many people when faced with this test, if it is such, shirk away and disassociate them, rather the face them?

History has not been kind in that statistic, and it
would be a pity if history could not teach the lesson.
I was going to bring power into the equation, but omitted it, because the greatest power of them all is Love, or, so they say.

Let’s hope the future can bear witness to IT.