the past as what is always so as 'singular number'

(Note: Persons that don’t respect discussion or the need to use words as a means to collectively approach the subject matter itself, and the care of words, are kindly requested not to answer: especially, e.g., “Meno”)

Title: The past as what is always so as ‘singular number’ as mode of existence as what supports the spontaneous life of the human being as what is conscience evolution of the world totality as extended powerlessness to think from being.

What is the evidence, status, and use for the view that the past is a compound that sits behind, just as a thing in the post-Galilean thinking (Science of Nature, as a priori knowing of the whole of existence in principle, as geometric solid) of the whole universe sits beside one in the plenum of space?

What is the power of this idea of the compound substance or unum per se of “past”? How far does it correspond to the belief in determination of beings out of the sequence of the irrevocable plenum of quantifiable energies or diffusions of mass?