The Philosophy of Words

An exploration of words.

What are words? What is the philosophy of words?

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As usual, whatever humans do [using words in this case], I reduce them to ‘survival’ and continuation of the human species within an interdependence with other living and all things.

If say [an example)] a large meteorite that is capable of destroying planet Earth into pieces is heading our way, the most critical elements is ‘words’ within language and effective communication. Without words as a means of communication, we are doomed.
)There are many other potentially galactical and global threats that can exterminate the human species totally.

Assuming we have that ability to deflect that meteor, this ability was built up due to our ability to use “words”. And it is words that is critical to ensure effective implements of the solution to deflect the meteorite or destroy it as a threat to the continuation of the human species on Earth.

The above principle represent what is fundamental in the ‘Philosophy of Words’ and the other sub-topic are ‘how to use words effective,’ what are the limitations, the various philosophical aspects, like signs, reference-referent, neuroscience of words, etc.

Words are strings of shamanic mimicry records, as far as I can tell.

Shamans are just children, really, so the logic is both simplistic and made to clash with the world.

Words are symbols that have some referent.

Een woord is een kutzaak. Maar een kut is een moordzaak. Klopt!
Protserige drammers. Bloemrijke ezels. Kul in Keulen. Hans was op de stoep een sjekkie aan het paffen toen Trien hem op de teen trapte. Of stapte? Het was Hans worst.