The physical, undeniable proof of my theory (finally!)

A chain of events, as opposed to a random event, can be run backwards from the end to give the beginning, and can be run from the beginning to give the end.

Life is a chain of events because:

  1. your parents met
  2. had sex
  3. sperm travelled up the fallopian tube or was injected into the ovum to create a fertalised human egg consisting of some of your mother’s genetic material and some of your father’s.
  4. the fertilised embryo develops into a featous
  5. after about 9 months of growth events occur to cause the birthing process
  6. then you were born
  7. then you had your first birthday, second birthday etc
  8. then your childhood etc
  9. then you will die.

That is the chain of events responsible for your life. It is part of a main chain of events called history of which the universe is a major part.
That main chain of events created you, your parents, their parents and so on, and ultimately it created the universe.
Your life is a chain of events, the meaning of your life, therefore, is to carry out those events which were determined by where, when and to whom you were born.

If you say that the meaning of life is something else other than to carry out a chain of events, or you deny that the chain of events exists, then you must accept that your existence has nothing to do with sex, or fertilisation of human eggs in any way, and is therefore totally random.

To say so is to deny that you were ever a baby and also to say that you are immortal/never existed and never will exist.

So ladies and gentlemen unless you are prepared to claim that you were never born, never conceived, never changed in any way, your existance is random and nothing to do with your parents, then you must agree that my theory on the meaning of life is correct.

Matthew Milne’s meaning of life

  1. The universe exists as a chain of events through time called history.
  2. The universe entirely consists of objects (including energy) the meaning of which is to carry out the chain of events.
  3. As part of this, life is a chain of events
  4. Therefore the meaning of life is to carry out the chain of events specific to each life.

This theory also unexpectedly answered the paradox of the apple.
An apple falls from a tree. Is the purpose of the apple to be eaten or is it to turn into another tree, or something else?
The answer is: All three, because all three are the same in that they are a chain of events.
The meaning of life i.e. the purpose of the apple is to carry out a chain of events. Whatever happens to it, you can always be guaranteed that the apple will be an everchanging part of the universal chain of events.

What more is there to say. The 9 steps continue for all life (with varients for different species) and the process is similar for all inanimate objects Therefore the meaning of all objects, both animate and inanimate, is to carry out the chain of events. Whatever the events are, they are still carried out as a chain of events. And that is why our universe is different to the one we started out with. Through time a chain of events has occurred altering the universe. We know this because we can trace this chain of events back through time, to the beginning of the universe.

So in conclusion:
The universe is a chain of events of which all objects are a part. The meaning of those objects is therefore to carry out those events.
Life is a part of this so the meaning of life is to carry out a chain of events, whatever that chain of events may be.

How old are you?


18 actually

listen maytey, i’m now blissfully placid.
i have successfully proven, unless embryology is wrong, that life is nothing more and nothing less than a chain of events and is an integrated part of the universe. Once you’ve done your bit, you die. Your cells continue as seperate elements until they too die.

Either accept it or live in denial, but there’s no escaping it.
the existance of an afterlife is debateable but since it doesn’t apply to the physical universe it’s of no interest to me.

Even if there was a god and it did create us, that’s still a chain of events.
Just accept it, i worked out a blanket theory that applies to everything.

If there’s anything i missed please list it here, other than that, read and move on.

This is surely - if true - a (negative) comment on the educational system you’ve emerged from.

As for your ‘theory’, perhaps youo can explain what happens when the ‘laws’ of physics - especially that of relativity - do not explain characteristics exhibited by/in black holes. Time becomes negotiable.

In any case, your ‘theory’ tells us nothing. You have made nothing resembling an original, provocative point. You have merely issued a confused, uninspired reflection which read more like a young guy recognising problems of observation and uncertaity in the universe around him and taking upon himself the grand task of explaining them (away). Better for you to go to a bookshop… so that you don’t lose sight of your perfectly respectable stimulus to comprehend…or you will quickly find that you get laughed at rather a lot.

laws of physics depend on everything about the universe being known.
Since we don’t know what happens inside black holes we can’t be certain what laws the apply. The current laws of physics in our universe are changing as more becomes known of the universe.

Sufficed to say. Whatever happens in a black hole will still be a chain of events, perhaps not in time, or maybee only up to the point where time ends, but either way. Objects still have to enter the black hole and be torn apart. That is a chain of events!

Anything that happens in the universe is a chain of events.
Say anything at all that you think the meaning of life is, and i will reduce it to a chain of events.

you know i’m right because you’re not an idiot. When you look at your watch and see the second hand moving around or the digital counter counting up you know that is a chain of events. You know that on a watch it is impossible to jump from 1 to 50 without any numbers in between. so you know this would be random, and you know that this can’t be the case, so you know that your watch, when workings follows my universal law.

I shouldn’t be fighting people but it is too obvious.

If you don’t believe me, you prove that it isn’t.
i dare you!

My point is, you can’t.
Because you know that when you set your alarm at night, the clock will count untill it hits the time you set in the morning, and the alarm will ring. That is a chain of events.
Setting up your breakfast, reading a book, walking, thinking, having a child, breathing etc it’s all a chain of events.

If it wasn’t, would there be air crash investigation?
no, because the job of the investigator is to discover the chain of events responsible for the crash.

Are you denying that 9/11 had nothing to do with planes, and that the tragic loss of those people, and the collapsing of the trade centre towers was just some random events, No link between any of them?
Tell me that that day didn’t start and end, tell me that the clear up operation began before the first plane hit, tell me anything to let me know that you understand the implications of saying that i am not correct in my analysis of the universe.
On 9/11 those people died due to a tragic chain of events.
If i am wrong then none of them died.
The universe works on cause and effect, chained together to give history.

Human beings do things, these things are called events and they are chained together in a way that the previous event will cause the future event.
Life is a chain of events, if you don’t understand that then please tell me why.
Your personal beliefs are stopping you from understanding the nature of the universe and understanding your place in it.
I have no time for people with personal beliefs when they know and understand and accept the evidence against them, but still choose to ignore it and continue with their randomisation beliefs.
Please move on from this thread and let other people come to me with constructive views.

This chain of events is accepted and so therefore, must my theory be also.

I repeat:

In any case, your ‘theory’ tells us nothing. You have made nothing resembling an original, provocative point. You have merely issued a confused, uninspired reflection which read more like a young guy recognising problems of observation and uncertaity in the universe around him and taking upon himself the grand task of explaining them (away). Better for you to go to a bookshop… so that you don’t lose sight of your perfectly respectable stimulus to comprehend…or you will quickly find that you get laughed at rather a lot.

sorry matt,

but I think I could argue that since I cannot recollect my birth I could argue that my existence is totally random and that my parents have been lying to me this whole time… bastards.


listen all of you.
All i’m trying to do is get you to clear the mist a little.
It really is obvious, whether i’m telling anything new or not what i am doing is reaffirming the point that life is a chain of events.

Saying that the universe is random is proving that you have no logic, and a philosopher without logic is like a king who has no crown.

past, present and future. They are part of the chain.

Your theory has no new ideas. You are basically pointing out that a red apple is red. You are talking cause and effect which is an idea as old as mankind. Yes, life is a chain of events, so what?

Are you saying that the meaning of my life is to carry out a chain of events? That is inconsequential, no matter how I live my life and no matter what actions I perform, I will still be causing events. Your ‘theory’ has absolutely no impact on how I would live my life.

Hi Mat

If you say that the meaning of life is something else other than to carry out a chain of events, or you deny that the chain of events exists, then you must accept that your existence has nothing to do with sex, or fertilisation of human eggs in any way, and is therefore totally random.

I would agree to a point but would suggest you consider life as a cycle rather than a chain. Buddhism suggests what you are speaking of as the “wheel of samsara.” in which everything continues to suffer.

Here is another idea you might find useful and not as well known. Let me introduce the mysterious creature called the “Ouroboros.” It is symbolic of the universe eating itself and in this way serving as the perfect perpetual motion machine.

But the question remains as to why the universe does it? Also, can “meaning” be present without consciousness? Is the meaning of life determined by describing universal cycles? What do these cycles mean? I am trying to suggest that these cycles are an aspect of meaning rather than meaning itself.

I would agree that if you really want to know the future, you can by really knowing today. But who is that objectively observant?

So now ‘chain-of-events’ has become magical and can entertain 25 different meanings. Actually you theory is wrong because I can reduce chain-of-events to BLAU, in which case chain-of-events cannot be metaphysical the way you want it to be.

And yes there is a serious point here.

BLAU is the magical explanation for everything in the world. BLAU created you and me and the universe too (even though we are misusing ‘universe’ in this sentence). Life is BLAU because life is BLAU. Enough said.

BLAU is a noise I make whilst pointing with my finger.

Isn’t that what is meant when we say ‘life is a chain of events’?

Let’s all beg the question together! Come on everybody!

You cannot call a thing a chain of events. Basically what you want to say is that it is a chain of things linked causally, but the kind of ultimate explanatory power you want to have here cannot manifest, as your theory is too superficial. You only need a chain when you have already assumed that things are disparate enough to require one. You have reified ‘event’ into some fundamental essence of reality.

So what then of light - is it an event which can be precisely delimited? It resists the kind of geometric spatialisation you would need to give it. Space-time bends and so this was why time was raised in an earlier post. ‘Event’ is a way of delimiting a continuous process. It is arbitrary. In order to have causation, you typically need external objects to work upon one another. Otherwise you cannot have an ‘event’.

And this is all describing objective space.

A chain cannot create the universe - it does not even account for it as it is. And even in your conception, a chain is spanned over time, in which case we already presuppose a universe afterall.

The chains would be so multiplicious that they would blend, in which case it is more accurate to say there is no chain at all. Imagine mesh without definition. It is continuous. Chain is a higher level abstraction.

How convenient that there are only two options! Now I have to believe you! Arguments like this do not help you.

Tell me, what is ‘meaning’?
Stop confusing it with purpose.

For that matter, what is a ‘chain of events’?

You are fumbling around in the dark.

This is the wrong attitude. You should ask yourself ‘why I am so clever’? Hopefully you are modest enough for what follows.

Judging from the post though, I doubt it. Perhaps you should look in the mirror the next time you think of writing stuff like;


Milne, you have to do more then raise the questions…

Your optimism is not easy to translate to others with logic.

Lets just say we are all walking a path and you are standing in front of people and speaking with confidence. Regaurdless of what your saying and regaurdless of if your actaully obstructing their path… you are giving them somebody in you in whom they can vent their frustration for whatever reason.

If you find a way to make your case without standing in front of people(metaphorically)… then you will find it easier to channel people in whatever particular direction you like. For example… You could put your point in a story or art or music or a game who’s depth would due justice to your theory much more then any logic could. A creation of this type on your part could probably make your case very well.

Of course I dont know you so mabey you already are doing this.

Again, the wrong direction.

if you want it to eqaul anything else you’ve got to put in additional processes to alter the chain of events.

Say i was wrong and the universe was therefore random. Lets say you tried to re-write history so that the romans ruled the world. Without understanding that you can’t just make things magically appear, when you try to implement your plan everything will go wrong because you didn’t understand the chain of events leading up to the chain of events you tried to alter.

numerically speaking a god would make 1+1=68 without puting anything inbetween with the result that 1+1 would revert back to 2 when oput into action. the event in between 1 and 2,is +1. +1 is the chain of events responsible for 1 becoming 2.
If you don’t understand that…

Call the men in the white coats in…

the men in white coats have already been in and diagnosed me with clinical depression and bi-polar disorder (a.k.a. manic depression). otherwise i am certifiably sane.

you hang on to free will. If you can’t see it i understand. someone sent me a nice post explaining about the length of time it took them to accept determinism so i understand you. You will see it at work in the universe then perhaps you will come back here.
kind regards

Err…I don’t recall ruling out ‘determinism’ which, far from a simple term, is a complex, multi-faceted one with many different and difficult strands, broadly separatable under ‘hard determinism’ and ‘soft determinism’. You have done nothing to get me thinking on this issue and your delusions speak for themselves if you think what you have written adds anything to esoteric philosophical debates on the subject.

I am, however, sorry to hear about your depression.

ok, what about this then

where was the singularity that created the universe, before it exploded?

At the moment everyone thinks of the universe as leonardo da vinci, standing painting on an easel, using what’s in his mind to create a portrait of the universe.
And what is leonardo standing in? Nothingness?
When most people say nothingness, they really mean empty space outside our universe. Nothingness is white space, a 3 dimensional sphere surrounding our universe. It isn’t nothingness, it’s empty space.
In other words leonardo is standing in his workshop creating the painting. Using the paints made from objects in his universe to create the painting in our universe. This makes it much easier to comprehend determinism as not quite the complete picture.
determinism involves just leonardo and some magically summoned tools.
Where as what is more likely the case, leonardo is painting something in a room, inspired by something outside himself, perhaps something in the workshop or indeed something outside the building, itself created by events outwith itself and so on indefinately.

I work on the principal that it is impossible for something to come from nothing. The picture is a series of brush strokes, each one planned by leonardo’s brain, based on processes in his imagination, caused by data from his senses, caused by particles in his universe, caused by events in his universe, caused by events outwith his universe, caused by events outwith that universe and so on. This series of events i.e.chain of cause and effect i.e. a chain of events extends infinately in both directions.
Each new dimension has its own clock. With the begining event and end event being the same event in time and space thus creating an infinite loop.

I’ll ask you this question, is the universe leonardo standing in nothingness painting the picture of the universe, or is it a leonardo standing painting a picture of the universe inside the painting of another leonardo standing painting inside the picture of another leonardo etc, etc, etc?

Just one more question if i may. If the matter from our universe didn’t magically appear one day, then where did it come from?
the most plausable explanation, to me, is that events involvong objects in one universe provided the necessary energy to create the objects in our universe.

Determinism isn’t enough, that’s why i had to expand it a little.
I realise that to provoke thought i’m going to have to try a lot harder than this but do you get where i’m coming from?

On the depression front, thankyou for your sympathy but i can live with it because i know that a lot of great people had these sort of mental problems. I’m hoping that with a lot of work, i can achieve the same greatness, as i have the same sort of mind that some of them had.

You can tell that my imagination is quite active, with music and other such things. That’s why i’m going to try and take on the big questions. There’s nothing like the impossible to challenge one’s imagination. I don’t remember who said that but i like it anyway.

at the moment there are hundreds of thoughts in there. I haven’t begun to sift through them all yet, that’s why my papers and conversations are haphazard at best, little snippets from different theories inserted all over the place, but at least i’m not out getting drunk every night and vandalising everything like the majority of my peers.

Is this all just a REALLLY roundabout way to say ‘Sh*t Happens’, or is it just me?

Yes and no
sht happens is a way of saying you don’t know exactly why something happened to you, but you know that it did.
That sh
t is really in your own opinion at a human level, but at a universal level it was necessary for the future you’ll experience.

There are 2 levels of philosophy, a human level and a universal level.
most present philosophies work at a human level only.

For things like deciding what you’re going to eat for one meal, human philosophy applies.
However on a larger scale like the creation of the universe, evolution, global conflict etc, where decisions are influenced by events in the world, philosophies involving only free will objects don’t work.
For an example murder. In order to shoot someone you need a gun. However it’s not enough to simply lay your hands on one, the gun has to be created and follow a path from the factory to your hands. That chain involves other people and so the outcome of your actions are a combination of their ‘free will’ and yours thus meaning that the event was determined by events in the universe, not just the your individual decisions. Though this doesn’t help accountability, it does help you to see that yes sh*t happens, but it depends entirely from which angle or level you view the universe.

What do you mean when you say that certain events are ‘determined’ by certain other events?