The Play of Satyr

I had a dream in which he made an appearance I feel compelled to share since Ive been tempted into saying shit about him by lesser people I associate with him that I would not have on my own account. In the dream I saw him only for a moment, he was hidden just behind a curtain until I reached over to see. He was a bald, quite short but sturdy man, Jovial, satyrically absorbed in a play he was performing with his friends. They were laughing, a very mild cruelty. He was happy with his role. The next moment they were running forward, engrossed in the process.

In fully understand now that he simply needs some interesting people to make fun of.

Now I will never change, when someone disgraces my heritage I will loathe that person and when someone chooses to make it easy on himself before my philosophy I will look down on him, but instead of waving an axe I will throw some rotten tomatoes or ignore it in the future, if I happen to catch a glimpse of something like that going on.

I wont buy tickets - they werent even selling any. It was part of a larger, and very strange festival with some profoundly disturbing showings, the ugliest of which was a horrifically sickly version of the Anne Frank House. Which, in real life, is a far greater offense to the house of David than any gentile could produce.

Hail Dionysos!

Dare I ask what that is or could possibly be?

He is just expressing pride in his new found racism and bigotry (nothing left to try to feel good about).

My dad is from a Russian Israelite line. My mom from North Sea Teutons. I am very proud of my heritage. In general that pride is a trait of both lines. Some people this makes a bit pissy but they should learn from it and find pride in what they are, maybe establish proud lines of their own! It is very possible even if you are from more modest backgrounds. My ancestors too started humble. It all begins with Honor, to have a code and stick with it.

You can read all about it at leasure here. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=189208

St Complains,
Loving ones father is not something you should have such nasty feelings about. Not every dad pulls the sort of stuff on his children that “God” pulled on hIS boy. And there really isnt a good reason to revere that sort of abuse of ones loved ones, even though Erik seems to think it’s a good idea.

Hope you are doing well, despite the loss of my friendship. You truly have only yourself to blame for that. To err is human, to forgive is masculine, to forget is feminine, to learn is divine.

Make your own path now. It is dark now and will still get colder but the Sun has already turned in its course. If you plant the right seeds when the thaw comes, your next harvest will yield some fruit, and not be so completely barren as what I now see in your words. Dont believe everything the Bible says, not all meager times last 7 years.

To all,

Gelukkige Zonnewende.