The Political Origins Of Frau Angela Merkel.

What’s interesting about the origins of Angela Merkel is her tie to the east German Stasi and FREIE DEUTSCHE JUGEND (FDJ).

Within the FDJ it is said she was very successful as the secretary of propaganda under her local chapter from where she grew up.

Her first political appointment in office under the Democratic Awakening Party was by Wolfgang Snur who was forced to resign in 1990 after it being known he was an informer for the Stasi along with being a security advisor for them.

With all of this being said it is no wonder why she is a useful tool for the European Union or why she is the treasonous leader of Germany letting it being invaded by thousands of foreign invaders.

More on the FDJ below:

More information on the Stasi:

Also interesting that she was born in 1954 in Hamburg, West Germany, and moved with her parents to the GDR, still in the fifties. At that time, only communists and spies did that.

Very interesting point in that they didn’t just let anyone over those crossing points.