The present, as a moment in space

The present, as a moment in space

in the beginning was a philosopher of infinite proportions, his/her problem concerned how to define reality, or at least its as if something like what that represents occurred. Firstly it found that it is impossible to make a universe in the singular, because it is infinite and an infinity would elapse before and after such a thing, and that’s without even getting into the myriad of other first cause paradoxes. So the infinite philosopher instead [being infinite n all that] built an infinite chain of universes, without beginning nor end. When we observe the existent universe, we see it is finite in duration and that must mean in size too. Without getting into calculus, there will be a minimum and maximum size of each link in the chain, from singularity to whatever the max is. The problem now is in the impossibility of infinite variance, and the only way existence can get around the comparatively vast differences in forces, is in the weightedness; any given force [sphere] or whathaveyou no matter how extreme, will always exist within a containing sphere – which will be bigger and overwhelming. This will always force a balance of cosmic forces, and we know that when forces balance it is as if they cease to be even though they are still there.

This is where it all gets interesting…

if you aim your spaceships AI/camera at any given star, it will be observing old light from a spatial location long vacated by said star. If you keep moving towards said sun and always with a focus directly on the light from it, your vehicle will move off at a tangent with respect to the stars current location. The old light we see as the stars in the night sky, does not exist in its old location. If you could quantum skip from one spatial location ‘x’, to location ‘y’, you would not find the old light at any location along its line, as ultimately for that to be true your spaceship would end up at a light source, and yet those stars are not there. Ergo Einstein’s ‘all-time’ does not actually exist, all those moments in time and other universes only exist when the eye of the moment is focussed upon them! That focus or centralisation of infinite observation, is of the whole – the enclosing sphere of all reality, which is one, and so its observing is one – a ‘focussing’ or condensation of what part of the infinite chain it shines its spotlight upon. This will be a region in space from an observers position, where the old light is drawn [where as stated that old light does not continue], and with respect to the new light. We could say that for every location and for every phase of quantum refresh, there will be a region in space ~ naturally as well as time. The old universe as it existed a moment [a focussing] ago, no longer exists as an existent thing. All moments past and future do ‘exist’ in the sense of being part of the infinite chain, but they aren’t existent [have physical existence]. Everything outside of the focus in and of time – ‘the present’ [its arrow we could say], are something akin to particles in superposition if we went an extra step in metaposition.

To exist – to be present.

Existent or even extant in time – the present.

Being there – the present.


Light isn’t observed, it is sensed, then inferred.

No, Einstein, not Bell, was correct.

Time for a rexamination of Liebniz Monadology.

surely to sense is an act of observing, you have to at least focus upon something such to feel it. sense at root is observation imho.