The problem

Take a religion:

Judaism, Mormonism, Christianity, Scientology, native, the jones cult, Islam, Buddhism, daoism, Confucianism, Shakespeare, the great philosophers, Sikhism, the list goes on and on…

We have one simple irreducible truth: sexual stratification of number of partners causes agitation and anger turned inward and outward on the stratified sex, especially when no tradition of “peace” has espoused it.

That’s it.

Is this an argument against monogamy?

When the human race finally becomes extinct then this so called irreducible truth will no longer exist either
Not sure why belief systems are relevant as surely the problem would be a social rather than a religious one

“Gamy” means “marriage”… real truth?

We are what we are, this is what it is.

Marriage is an abstraction away from that.

This truth exists for every species in an infinite number of worlds

Not true because hermaphrodites can reproduce without a partner and also
single cell non self replicating bacteria is the ancestor of all life upon Earth

Ok, so you’re stating that everything besides bacteria evolving to sea horses is anti-reason… what’s your comment?

I literally have no idea what that means so I cannot understand why disproving your favorite theory is anti reason
Especially when you make an entirely unsupportable claim that there are species on an infinite number of worlds
How very anthropomorphic to think they must think exactly as you do