The Psychology of the Other..

Content to follow soon…

The Shadow knows.

I am going to take this as the content of your thesis.
The psychology of the other is content to follow soon. Who a person is (or really is) is on its way but never here already. There’s a kind of promise in the eyes, posture, tone of voice, about what is coming. This is a person’s psychology. A person as a kind of ‘saying what they will do and be for you’. But it is always on its way, not here now.

A test, perhaps?

To see what the other can do to populate this thread with content, for you to then attribute to yourself as inspiring. Generously, perhaps there is intentional adoption of marketing techniques of suspense at work here, or laziness and procrastination? What does this say about me as the other to you, or vice versa? A list of cognitive biases could have easily started this thread and simultaneously explained the responses we’ve seen so far, including my own.

I like KT’s comment - very Heraclitan, like stepping into the same river of identity twice.
A comment on man’s “becoming” over his “being”.
Identity as subject to the “problem of induction”…

It takes any psychology of “the other” within the psychology of its opposite: “the self”, negating or at least challenging the premise of a thread that hasn’t yet even started.

Naivete is bliss.

“Hell is other people.”–Sartre

“there is no hell. there is only france” - F. Zappa

No ulterior intent… I was on my way out, and so the OP was postponed until my return.

I don’t sell ideas Sil, I manage the process of them becoming a reality, but I have contributed to the odd concept here and there… when needed, to give a campaign more… direction.

Good posts all round. =D>

No need for an OP now, though… :confusion-questionmarks:

I’m part-French Prom… thanks. :eusa-snooty:

When I go visit the place, and tell them that I’m part they, I instantly and forever become a friend and confidante unto their cussings of their dislike of Brits, and free wine or shots and food, for me. :slight_smile:

And here is the tremendous pull of the power of identity politics, that the current administration is playing on it’s citizens.
Fortunate the few , who can go through it unscathed.
To claim naivete, in times of woe, is a form of expressing neutrality.
Neutrality is at dead center at these times, it’s cold to either survive or die trying.

god gives power to will to survive to those, who believe in that power, to internalize the extemporised and reversely.

…is very often not really their psychology but that of our own.

And yet it always is to some extent. At first it appears as if their and our psychology may be exclusive, but then there is always some effect of one to the other, however slight.

It makes one wonder which is more determinative, the unnoticed and denied, or the consciously accepted.

In the latter, it usually turns on social , filial , and group shared values, easily becoming rote and automatic.

Absolutely… and as we mature, we become adept and capable of knowing the psychology of the other.

…but I think the Other has to be open enough, to enough of an extent that allows for the process to occur, to let the Other in and be privy to their They. :slight_smile:

True! However there are certain blockages that can’t possibly be traversed.

Such are , and I am confessing to the hilt, of presumptions, whereby others affiliate with. Its like a chain, a chain which can not be broken. Chains which have become this side of a nihilistic ravine. But as of late, letting go, doing the unprecedented, hitting borders back and forth.

Like a perpetual motion machine, a globe swinging back and forth between two sting magnetic fields, it will eventually run down. But the field is so strong in comparison to the volume of the globe, that the length if the indescribable curvature the arc is, for all practical purposes is straight.

But it runs down hyperbolically with the passage of time.

It can go through the straight and the narrow apparently forever.

Taking an existential jumps from the compelled nihilism, that appears so, is the most weary phenomenon.

There was the case of BF Skinner who dared only minutely change hair color from grey to degrees of, unnoticeable, for that how it was for him.

For someone unknown, it may be extraordinarily more of a problem, for esoteric reasons.
That is why I agree on this with Mowk, but with him it is, more I feel is merely a slight inconvenience. Whereas, for some, me, such a jump could be a fatal mistake.

Do not try to wrap Your mind around that, it entails well concocted measures of intoxication, to even try acknowledging this.

As a lot of time was spent taking about determination as against autonomy and freedom, affordability is one factor that was not well analyzed.

In particular , freedom against responsibility. Where the latter plays a secretly bound grey area that plays a key role in the transaction between the self and other minds, the jump can never ever be black and white or red and blue with white in-between.

It is an equation so remotely direct, that it is almost consistent with a super natural journey. On top of that, security and discretion … are of the utmost importance.

So jumping becomes a gradual unfolding into the superreal world that is generated between the real and the simulated.

That jumps from presumptions are relatively difficult for those avoiding them, for set games, that need to deal with the other can become excruciating, but absolutely necessary.

That is why the cut up world of the superlative and the ultra modern, have worked as trial-simulated jumps. But as time wears out simulation , the real become a exposed to reckon with.

But for a few, this patchwork of reassembly, is the most that can be achieved.

That is why I can’t simply go along with the expiration of nihilism, for cutting the 'something from the nothing’s would be too drastic.

The magic, if that is behind it , would leave a world totally cut from any sense of imagination.

Especially when the experience of politics begins to verge with the politics of experience!
Then watch out! All bets are off!

I’d like to cut MagsJ some slack.

She didn’t even present her hypothesis and people are all jumping in with their thoughts. Seems to totally drown out MagsJ’s original thoughts. So MangsJ, what do you have to say regarding the psychology of the other? Imagine the slate is still clean and you have been granted a respite to gather your thoughts regardless of the distractions.

I am curious of the hypothesis.

I remain curious of the hypothesis. But, my, you are busy, I’ll wait.

The moment has passed… I’ll have to think on that one… :-k

Kind of you to have noticed… my hands are now untied, and I will get back, v soon. The essence of the op was along the lines of… knowing others insightfully, so as to know them as you know yourself… others (my eldest sister especially) do not like this, and so react very angrily instead of being cool about it… don’t you dare analyse me! she shouted, but I can’t help myself and just turn it off. :neutral_face:

Funny how those with a high sense of aesthetic are all on the same psychological page, in regard to their physical state of being i.e. come Winter… it’s not about fattening up, but about relying on the healthy stores that we built up over the abundance of Summer, to get us through those cold unabundant months of scarcity, and fat accumulation is then kept to a minimum… so entering into Spring lean as opposed to fattened-calf.

Take all the time required or don’t get to it at all. If the moment was lost in time well then. Press out wrinkles when the iron is hot, when it’s cool, fold laundry or a zillion other projects. A hot iron has it’s purpose.