the race to the bottom

as I write, 12:23 pm on the west coast, 45 has yet to appear on TV to announce
the U.S is leaving the Paris climate accord…this has long term implications for
the human race but I shall leave that aspect aside for other concerns.

45 has been in a race with George Bush Jr. 43 for the title of worst president
in American History… Leaving the Paris accord pretty much leaves bush Jr.
as the second worst president in American history and 45 as the worst president
in American history…but why does this have that kind of impact and what does
this really mean?

to do this, we have to compare Bush Jr. with 45… both made
really stupid decisions… bush’s bad decisions especially in terms
of Iraq has had impact to this day… Isis is a direct consequence of
bush Jr…among others decisions…but what does Bush Jr. decisions
have in common with 45? both made decisions that benefited a small group of
people… Bush Jr. went into Iraq with the express goal of benefitting
certain people and certain companies… Haliburton and Blackwater for example…
the invasion was made for the express purpose of allowing corporations to
financially gain from the invasion and subsequent station of troops in Iraq and elsewhere…

this is why this was such a bad idea on so many levels… it didn’t benefit
the Iraqis as Iraq is pretty much a failed state now and it didn’t benefit
the Afghans as Afghanistan is also now a failed state…the invasion hasn’t
benefitted the American people has the three was cost America not billions
of dollars but Trillions of dollars and cost over 4000 America lives and
the war on terror has only weaken America in several different ways which
I have listed over the years…This short sighted and stupid decision
has only benefitted a small number of people and companies which
hasn’t benefitted America or its citizens…

and 45 leaving the Paris climate accord is also done for the same short
sighted and stupid reasons… it is for the benefit of the few and of
companies that have Bribed (and I use that word on purpose as citizens
united allows politicians to be bribed) 45 and others like 45…

withdrawing from the Paris accord is an economic decision designed to
benefit a few… just like the invasion of Iraq was an economic decision
designed to benefit a few…

Karl Marx once wrote that the substructure of society is the economic
and all decisions made are economic decisions and 45 stands right
with Marx in that assumption (as did Bush Jr. as do all who decide
from a economic standpoint) if you make decisions base on jobs
instead of the science, you are agreeing with Marx (and Adam Smith, BTW)
this is the failure of bush Jr. and the failure of 45…

think of making medical decisions based on economic grounds instead
medical grounds and we get modern United States medicine before
Obamacare…and this will return once Obamacare is revoked by the
house and senate…

this similarity in failure by Bush Jr. and 45 are similar because
because they are fashioned for the same reasons …
to benefit a small group of people or companies…

to reject the Paris accord based on ideology is an even dumber idea…
We have solid science that says global warming is the result of human actions
to reject that is to reject science… to say scientists have no idea of what they
are talking about and to reject based on one’s own understanding of
the nature of the universe… I reject science because my BELIEFS
disagree with science… I feel this is true regardless of the evidence
against me… if a doctor says you have cancer and you reject this advice
based on beliefs and act as if it is not true… I shall send flowers to your
funeral…there is no difference from rejecting a scientist that global warming
is false because I think so and rejecting a doctor diagnosis about cancer…

Now 45 has actually admitted that global warming is real by his actions
in regard to his golf courses in Scotland because he made walls in front
of his course from the sea with the express purpose of stopping the rising of the sea…
and companies like Exon has papers that show they have made actions based
on the fact they believe global warming is real but for economic reasons
they have rejected global warming… their actions says yes global warming is real
but their words reject global warming… to make more money…

this is the failure of 45 and the failure of Bush Jr…
to reject science in the name of profits for a few

and this failure just like Iraq and Afghanistan will haunt
America for decades and cost lives and money…

such short sided and disgraceful actions that have and will
continue to haunt America cannot be approved of because
they impact you personally even if you can’t see it…
just like the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan impacted
you personally even if you didn’t see it…

so in the race to the bottom as to the worst president in
America history… 45 just made a leap to the bottom
that is hard to match… but I suspect more stupidity
and failure will come soon because 45 is a failure of
monumental proportions and that his failure will soon
be our failure… I am please even Ucci has abandoned
45 as a failure… I just thought it would take a few years
for 45 to reach this level of disaster and it took less then
6 months… failure of epic proportions…


Isn’t it a fact that lots of Americans believe that climate change is :

not happening


not caused by humans


not a bad thing to be happening.

For the record, more than half of Americans think that way. … cientists/

Americans have been resisting taking action for a real long time.

There was considerable support for the accord from big American companies, and it was still not enough for Trump.

A collapse mitigation strategy?

Collapse mitigation … not … collapse avoidance.

aka … Therese May’s election call in the UK. … .html?_r=0

Open your minds real wide now…


What if…
What if all this Paris ‘climate talk’ is just to further ruin the Western countries because many people hate it and want to see it destroyed.
They are justified in doing so, of course, no status worries :wink:

What if I told you everything up was down…

Maybe try standing on your head.
Or maybe try standing on your feet for a change.

Depends on what you think you are doing right now.

I gotta organise my own climate change conference.

  1. We gotta get manufacturing back from China into the West because environmental standards are much higher here, and so that’s how we do a better job of reducing climate change.
  2. We gotta reverse immigration into the West because those people have high birthrates and will demand a better lifestyle and better lifestyle for lots of new people equals more pollution and more CO2 and thus more climate change.
  3. What else, hmmmm. Well I will come up with more sensible policies.

It’s pretty cool because this way I get what I want and we can all be happy because we are saving the planet.

The list of falsehoods and conspiracy theories Trump has purveyed is staggering. Trump’s reality is a delusion that is sustained by the rampant propaganda of bizarre right wing websites. Not only is Trump a victim of blatant propaganda, conspiracy theories and lies by believing in them, he is a purveyor of it.

The delusions of the right wing and misunderstanding of reality is due to a lack of critical thinking and confirmation bias that runs rampant in an increasingly complex world. It’s easy for people to misrepresent things when you don’t understand them. They characterize and frame a straw-man representation, to argue against something ridiculous. This happens constantly, because thinking is very hard in a complex world. Even Science is beyond simple truths that water freezes at 32 degrees, its beyond what the average person can even fathom let along begin to understand.

So understand it they won’t, because science and knowledge of the world reduces the fictions of religion at a steady pace. Science doesn’t care what you believe. The media doesn’t care what you believe. It doesn’t matter if you want to think real news is fake. As far as the delusions of the right wing, the rise of propagandistic social media and fake news has enraptured and enthralled Trump supporters, because they want to believe it. This causes them to have a conflict with reality. “Alternative facts” they claim, conspiracy theories to rationalize their perception of reality based on whatever is shared on social media.

So justifiably “true” news becomes “fake news”. Ignorance becomes strength, when enough people believe it. People think it’s true because enough people think it’s true. They are in too deep and these delusions that millions of illegals voted, that Obama tapped Trump tower, that Hillary sold Uranium to the Russians must persist for them, or their entire world view will become shattered. These false claims by Trump seem to come right out of the Nazi playbook. “If you repeat a lie over and over people will start but to believe it” —Goebbels. another tactic is accusing the other side of which you yourself are guilty- as such we see Trump propagating the agenda that the media is fake. It’s him that’s fake, it always was, and we see his ridiculous notions proven false every day.

Psychology tells us the brain won’t allow people under the spell of propaganda to understand. The decay of these illusions will be gradual. Until then, there will be serious damage to the United States of America and its institutions of knowledge and justice.