the real result of ending ROE...

I hold that ending ROE is a MAJOR step backwards and
diminishes America in ways conservatives can’t even imagine…

the end of ROE codifies the fact that America is now, at best,
a third rate country… for ending ROE, is a statement
that we are going backwards as a nation… we are seeking refuge
in the past instead of going forward as a nation…
and the past is to returning women to being property and
return to slavery in America and only those with property
can vote…that is the America that the radical right wing wants…

and the real problem is that this doesn’t even address America’s
problems… we have massive problems like climate change, covid,
overpopulation, income inequality…and how does ending ROE deal
with these pressing problems? It doesn’t… how does returning America
back to the 1830’s answer the modern questions of existence that
threaten us?

Even on religious grounds, ending ROE doesn’t solve any problems…
so what if ROE is ended on religious grounds if the conservative has no
belief in god?

Despite their lip service, the religious right has no more belief
in god than I do…the radical religious right has no more faith in
god than I do…the radical religious right wing is anti-life,
anti-human being, anti-civilization…
they hold on to their nihilism like a religious faith…
(and it is nihilism if their “beliefs” are not positive or forward
looking) and by taking away rights, as the radical right wing
wants to do, taking away ROE is just the first step,
soon free speech will be gone as will be habus corpus
and other rights given by the constitution…
because the only value the radical right wing favor is
the “religious” values and that has been so warped
and degraded that they are values of the instinct, the
radical religious right clearly value, above all other values,
hatred, violence, greed, anger, lust… do they value love?
No, they make it quite clear the radical right wing has no
use for religious values like love, peace, toleration, charity,
compassion, altruism…

which leads me to once again, ask, what future do you see coming
if we were to return to the 1830’s as you demand?

Where is America going to be in 5 or 10 or 20 years following
the path of the radical religious right wing?
what future do you see following this alleged religious turn?

it is not enough to say, end ROE but to ask, what is next?


America is turning into the country of a school shooter who kills all the students and shoots themselves in the head afterwards.

Greed or death.

The more I hear this argument, the more I think schools should be banned.

Forget how these kids are arming themselves. What kind of experience are they having in these places that their deepest desire becomes to kill as many people in it as possible and themselves right after?

Did the gun tell them to do it?

Or are these children victims of an institution?

Is C4 responsible for Muslim terrorism? Or are radical Muslim mosques and institutions?

At the very least, it should arouse suspicion that the constitution of these schools is not even vaguely questioned once by the people most beating their chests about the horrors that go on in them.

K: I was going to answer this but this post makes so little sense,
''BANNING SCHOOLS" for example… that makes no sense to the point,
I can’t even answer this and what about the last paragraph… it makes no sense…


How about modifying them so that they are no longer the living hell that it was for the children that committed these shootings?

What are the responsible adults present there that are allowing these circumstances to emerge?

What exactly are they doing with these children who are forced to submit to their authority for most of their day?

What level of abuse does a child have to undergo to even consider a course of action like this?

K: your last three post make no sense of any kind origami…
at least try to make sense…


It would make sense if you actually cared about these children, instead of pretending to for one of your famous “long term goals.”

It sure made sense to the shooters.

School is a metaphor for the world stage.

If the elites don’t get more and more for themselves at another’s expense… they’ll blow up the whole world.

School is a very real place where children are going insane and committing mass murder-suicide.

I know that. Our world ‘leaders’ are going in that direction. It only takes one ‘school shooting’ to blow up the whole world now… just one.

Yeah but you just joyfully stepped over the issue of mass murder suicide committed by and on children to make some wider political point.

In other words, you don’t really care about these kids. You are pretending to for some lunatic leftist agenda.

Dude. If you think I’m leftist or rightist, you don’t know me well. If you think I have a political party, or lack of political party, you don’t know me well.

The left was doing good for the world, so the elites, big money, needed to make the left look more evil.

That’s been going on as a slow plan for decades now.

Right, well, whatever you are, you are invoking attrocities with clear causes in order to advance an unrelated agenda, and in the course making clear that the attrocities could not mean less to you.

No. It’s not unrelated. People shoot up schools because they’re not getting what they want.

That’s the way the world is going to go. People not getting what they want.

Greed or death.

Problem: children going insane in schools and committing mass murder suicide

Attitude: shit happens

Agenda: greed is bad

Greed is never bad. Greed at the expense of others is evil.

Yes, we get it, that is your agenda. Do you have to use these tragedies that you clearly do not care about to advance it?