The Reckoning

I’ll truly never understand the neo-liberal or Marxist American like Biggie and others, they truly don’t see anything wrong with the current United States, so much so that they’re completey oblivious to all the underlying problems. According to them everything is just fine and dandy concerning our current nation.

My greatest pleasure will be when the collapse happens that I’ve discussed for decades about is that they’ll enter a permanent phase of their lifespans where they’ll be like deer in the headlights.

“Nothing is going to happen Joker, you’re so full of shit.” Ah, until something really does that is. :sunglasses: :laughing: :evilfun:

We need jokers. Joker is only one of many who live on conspiracy, like the Nigerian pirates who con the US Navy into believing they are insurmountable. All conspiracies are con jobs, they’d even hold the Lord Mighty accountable for creation. Sure, they have to stick together like packs of wild dogs to feed on each others’ misery

But they are really amusing, that much has to be admitted.

Again, if this is not just another indication that he is playing a “zero brains” cartoon character here – Joker – then it indicates instead just how dense he is. This facile and completely wrong description of me is something I would expect from Wendy or urwrongx.

Just as I take delight in pointing out that he has been predicting this now for decades! Doesn’t he grasp how foolish this makes him?!!

In fact, I can’t wait for the next “correction” on Wall Street. The Dow will drop a thousand points to bring it more in sync with the real economy.

Joker will go absolutely apeshit!!

“This is it you neo-liberal scumbags, just as I predicted!!!”

Then when the Dow reaches 40,000, he’ll be back to insist, “it’s still coming!!!”

Then one day he’ll die [with the Dow at 100,000] and he’ll have that carved on his tombstone.

A world that exists solely on the acquisition of power to control or intimidate others has otherwise no conspirators conspiring together?

I can never understand the mental sentiments of the simple minded, you all really believe that we live in an entirely just world, unfortunately for you I don’t live with such mental delusions as I know far better. :sunglasses:

Biggie, only a poultry lump sum of a negative thousand points? Is that what you call an economic correction? :laughing:

Try DOW 15,000 or less, yes, that day is coming eventually. When that happens only then will the ‘real’ state of the United States economy be realized. :sunglasses: It will be a glorious day too, it will be like millions of people crying in anguish within unison all at once, I will bask in the absolute terror, tears, and lamentations of everybody when this occurs too especially those that deserve it. Those salty tears will taste so sweet. :stuck_out_tongue:

The snooty wealthy and upper classes that have looked down or tormented the poor for decades finally receiving their just deserts as they’re pushed onto the streets along with everybody else in this cold world I know all too well. I’ll be waiting for them in those streets too because I like kicking people when they’re down especially when they deserve it, what fun I’ll have tormenting them. They’ll wish for death once I’m done with them. :evilfun:

It’s going to be such a lovely national party on that day, soldiers will be there, police will be there, millions of homeless people will be there, domestic terrorists will be there, organized crime will be there, individual gun owners going on a rampaging postal sprees will be there, politicians pissing themselves will be there, and then there will be thousands of lunatic psychopaths such as myself in the background someplace. I’m also looking forward to all the homeless single mothers, young thots, and former middle class women as well but that is a story for another day. Tootle-loo! :sunglasses: I’m a simple humble kind of guy just looking forward to the future of one great bad day or event yet to come. :laughing: :sunglasses:

I have a dream, where everybody in the United States is eating each other, it’s a simple very basic dream really… :laughing:

[Then finally I’ll be in my happy place where we can turn my constant frowning upside down. I’ll finally know joy and peace of mind once again.sighs]

I agree, except add “perceived level of crisis”. The way Republicans have been talking for years is essentially lamenting about the end of the world to them.

Trump in his inauguration stating the “carnage ends now”. Every sane person was like wtf is this guy talking about. Then commences to proceed with levels of carnage we’ve never seen, with 400,000 Americans dead in this “hoax” of a pandemic and the largest riots the country ever saw and a violent fascist insurrection on our capitol that nearly rivals 9/11 on the impact of this nation’s psyche.

Meanwhile you gloss over and ignore the Burn-Loot-Murder movement that has killed, maimed, destroyed the lives of countless many Americans.

Fuck you.

Right, like back in March when it was down to around 18,000, you weren’t crowing about it diving down below 10,000.

And, with you, everything is “eventually”. Well, eventually the Sun will expand into a red giant and swallow the Earth whole.

And this particular juvenile delinquent/Kidstuff outburst merely confirms what I suggested before: that you come off here far less as a revolutionary and far more as just another sociopath.

You do know there’s a difference between them, right?

Ah, but then you go on being just preposterous enough here…

… to leave us guessing as to whether or not this might just be you “entertaining” yourself as an entirely made up cartoon character…a Zero_Brains “Joker”…actually mocking those like urwrongx and Wendy who really do embrace this fulminating fanatic buffoonery seriously!

Or is Wendy part of the act too?

Every new economic crisis they shoot their wad, meaning they have less and less backup defenses or instruments to deal with the next one. One of these days they’ll have no instruments or defenses to deal with an economic crisis and if you haven’t already noticed by now they’re becoming more frequent inside the United States.

Well, in a nation’s decadence or decline it could be said that all of its inhabitants develop sociopathy to some degree, but you shouldn’t judge or care being a nihilist, right? :sunglasses:

Sometimes I’m a revolutionary, other days I’m an aspiring psychopath with an axe to grind, it all really depends on my current mood.

Oh, so now it’s “one of these days”. In other words, “eventually it will be one of these days”.

Though, hey, “the most probable fate of the planet is absorption by the Sun in about 7.5 billion years, after the star has entered the red giant phase and expanded beyond the planet’s current orbit.” So, admittedly, you do have lots and lots of time left to still be right.

You keep forgetting this part: that one person’s decadent decline is another person’s righteous ascendency. And that, in my view, this is rooted subjectively in political prejudices rooted in dasein. The part you refuse to explore with me for fear that your own Sturm und Drang here will be exposed for the existential contraption that it is.

Like that explains…what exactly? A fucking [b]mood[/b]?!!!

Oh, and you forgot this part:

Yo, Wendy!

Goddamnit, come clean!!

What? I was being honest there, my perceptions change like the wind depending on my mood, I’m very moody you know.

It’s funny, you know nothing about the extremely fragile nature of the current economy, all it takes is one perfect storm to hit the right places and the whole house of cards come crashing down, yet you compare it to the sun’s future supernova. :laughing:

Really though, it’s nothing more than your lack of economic knowledge or information on display, something you’re very uneducated on.

K: so your philosophical, social, political status depends upon your moods?

that doesn’t sound very… principled, does it?

in fact, I would argue that it fits in perfectly with you and other conservatives
holding to conservative/romantic beliefs… that don’t have a logical, rational
place but is due to your emotional content that day…you are guided by
the Romantic beliefs of the 19 century and you still haven’t even entered into
the 21 century… but how could you? you still worship the Romantic holding
of feelings and emotions that plague conservatism to this day…
god forbid you have a logical, rational thought…
because all that counts is how deeply you feel about something, not
that that feeling or emotions could be wrong… but how strongly you hold it…


K: and once again, we see the conservative entire dialogue being, “FUCK YOU”…
not much thought put into that one… but hay, its emotions that count, not
any type of rational thought…right?

so, let us discuss the BLM movement… just exactly how many people died at
the hand of protesters? exactly how many and… and cite your sources…
you know, instead of lying like you always do…how many people were maimed?
and again cite your sources… and how many lives were destroyed? and who exactly
were they? name names…let us try a new game… tell the truth for a change…

whereas I can name the 5 people who were killed during the IQ45 coup attempt…


I’m not a republican, libertarian, or neoconservative, it’s just that I’m more sympathetic with them because I hate democrats, neoliberals, and Marxists. [Technically I hate all of those groups, it’s just that’s I hate democrats, neoliberals, and Marxists a little bit more compared to the others.]

K: it is quite clear that you hold conservative positions…how you spin that to yourself,
isn’t my problem…you are a conservative… so I suggest you come out of the closet
and admit it to yourself… coming out is always the best path forward…


Predominantly I’m a conservative with the only exception on economy and because I can’t agree with republicans on numerous economic issues is why I don’t associate with them. On economics republicans are retards, but then again, so are democrats as well.

What separates me from everybody are my economic views, I neither like republicans or democrats on that large very singular issue.

I’m also a critic of democracy and political voting in general, another thing that separates me from mainstream conservatives.

Predominantly I’m a conservative with the only exception on economy and because I can’t agree with republicans on numerous economic issues is why I don’t associate with them. On economics republicans are retards, but then again, so are democrats as well.

What separates me from everybody are my economic views, I neither like republicans or democrats on that large very singular issue.

I’m also a critic of democracy and political voting in general, another thing that separates me from mainstream conservatives.:

K: and this differs from conservatives who tried to overthrow the democratically elected president?
if you oppose democracy, you right in line with current conservative thought…


:laughing: No, we’re definitely not the same, I’m more extreme than they are and my solutions or methods of changing things doesn’t require the belief in legality and the constitution at all. Their views are too soft for me. :laughing: :sunglasses:

Not orchestrated by anyone in office and not incited by anyone office unlike your whore piece of shit republican congresspeople and senators and president, some of which who were trying to tell these cocksuckers where Pelosi was, and others who openly call for executing of democrats. I would love to put a bullet in your head so I can sleep better at night.