The Reckoning

:laughing: You can always try. :sunglasses:

Protip: I’m not in the cities, out here I rule the roost. I would make cookie dough out of your urbanite ass. :sunglasses:

Them are fighting words WWWIII, although, I must say I’m pleased that I cause you to have restless nights on my part.

Its not you specifically, its all of the trash that needs to be taken out like you.

Tomato, tomata. :sunglasses:

Look at my avatar. Could that map show a solution of the Ex-USA for you? China in the northwest, Silicon directly below, Mexico in the west and southwest, Blackland in the south, Puerto Rico in the southeast, BlackRock-Land in the east and northeast - all with access to the sea. And Whiteland small enough in the center of the north (at the border with Canada) - without access to the sea. Would that be a solution for you? Or is your only solution the Concentration Camp?

Fuck you liar, little pussy bitch.


Try it you little Commie fucking coward.

Empty words coming from breathing shit like you.

The only “reckoning” is when you end up like your little Commie buddy, follow in his footsteps bitch, he looks like you are you two related?

It’s so clear that the trash is indeed people like Urwrongx1000 and not WW_III_ANGRY… :icon-rolleyes:


What ist that? Kindergarten?

Putting a rabid dog down doesn’t lower one to the dog’s level. Note though that I specifically said ‘people like Urwrongx1000’ rather than ‘people like Zero_Sum’: far less of a contrast than with WW_III_ANGRY, but still a different shade. As for you, well…

The bad guys are the liars and cowards, like the OP and whomever defends that garbage.

Again, it’s not a surprise the far-left terrorists need to rely on Burning-Looting-Murdering, and death threats on public forums.

All this proves is that your side is on the Wrong side of history. Justice is not on your side. Righteousness is not on your side.

ok… and how exactly does the previous posts which threaten violence
do anything, anything at all to solve the vast problems we face in this country…

has violence, violence of any kind ever solve a problem? nope, the vast American civil war
which cost thousands of lives is still being fought in this country right now…
violence isn’t a solution, it is part of the problem… where we think that violence
of some kind will make a difference and it won’t… peace, now peace is a solution
that solves problems… did the various wars between France and England or between
France and Germany ever solve any type of problem? no, because if it did, they wouldn’t
had to fight their wars over and over and over again…

but peace… look at what peace has done for Europe…and look at what peace has done
for countries like Japan… it was the envy of the world for decades and is still a
power player in the world… and look at the destruction did to Japan after WW2…
the entire country had to be rebuilt…

the answer is not violence and not even the threat of violence is the answer…
I am old and at no point in my life have I used violence to solve a problem…

I once was in a fistfight when I was in my thirties to defend a neighbor who was
being harassed at a bus stop… maybe 25 or 30 years ago and did it solve the problem?
nope…(it just shifted the problem from her to me… I am 5’8 and at that time, was
about 170-180… and he was 6’4 240 and I fought him to a stand off)…
but it certainly didn’t solve the problem of him being an asshole…
no one fight can ever solve the issue…

we fought an entire war, a war that about Antifa vs Nazi’s and we, Antifa
won, but that war is still being fought by the neo-nazi’s and white supremist
of today…WW1 lead to WW2 which lead to the cold war of the 50’s, 60’s,
70’s and 80’s between the west and the Soviet Union…and every dinky war
over the last 30 years has been some war that has been a battle that was fought
again and again and again…unless the violence was so horrific that the country
never wanted to engage in war again… once again, we have Japan and German
and Vietnam… being proof of that…the only lesson learns from violence is
that violence is a really stupid thing to do…

and blessed are the peacemakers like MLK and Gandhi and Tolstoy…
people who made it their business to engage in peace and not in war or
violence…we even have some Jewish kid who proclaimed in the virtues
of peace… something about loving thy neighbors…

the truth is that the questions of existence can only be resolved by peace…
we cannot find out “what we are to do” in war and we cannot answer the question
of “what do we hope for?” in violence… we cannot answer the question
“what values should we hold” if we are facing violence…
and “what can we know” in the midst of warfare…

violence cannot answer the questions of existence and violence cannot
offer us any lasting peace and violence cannot be the answer because violence
can only be redeemed by violence and more violence and more violence…
the only thing violence brings about is more violence…

the solution to finding peace is through… peace


It’s always the radical left, PK, your shill comrades, who begin the violence, death threats, murder, etc.

WWIII, the retard, just proved this.

PK you need to accept that you are the ones drawing first blood. Now you must accept the valid and justified retaliation.

WWIII, a far left terrorist, wants to put bullets into heads. And he represents you perfect, PK. You and him are one in the same.

I agree that the bad are the liars and the cowards—especially those who lie to themselves—, but I can plainly see this characterises you and your kind more than anyone!

WW_III_ANGRY did not make a death threat, he just said he would love to put a bullet in Zero_Sum’s head. Nothing he’s said suggests he’d actually do so under rule of law…

As for myself, I’m beyond good and evil, but not beyond good and bad. And how much worse you smell than WW_III_ANGRY!

To him that has turned out well, who does my heart good, carved from wood that is hard, gentle, and fragrant—in whom even the nose takes pleasure—this book is dedicated.” (Nietzsche, The Will to Power, section 1003, translation Kaufmann.)

Listen retard, YOU are one of the evil ones.

You are scum, along with the other Commiecrats who beget this violence.

Defending death threats, you should be removed as well as him. Garbage.

WWIII, PK, Zeroeth, all part of the same Commie scum. Far left terrorists.

All you have are threats of violence. You are finished. You have nothing left to say, rationally, reasonably, philosophically. You don’t belong here.

K: me thinks the lady doth protest too much…

I have clearly and loudly condemned violence… but you seem to want and ask
for violence…I suppose it would be asking for to much to wonder why you are
so engaged into such violent talk about the left… have you, ever, for even a moment,
given some thought as to why… why do you hate some people so much as to
encourage violence against them?

your reaction is so over the top as to almost be a parody…

and I am pretty sure if we ever met in person, you would so apologetic
and would look like a wounded animal in asking for my forgiveness…

for I have noticed, the ones who make the loudest noise, are the ones
who are the biggest cowards… I must ask, did you follow your
conscience and was part of the crowd in DC for the 6th? No, of course not,
because you are a gutless coward who is afraid of their own shadow…
actually acting upon your beliefs would mean you got out of your mom’s
basement… and I doubt that ever happens…so go ahead… make some
cowardly threat against me… so go ahead… hit me with your best shot…

like all conservatives… gutless cowards…


black lives matter is a civil rights movement

From the perspective of “good and evil”, I’m evil, yes, but I don’t think PK and WWIII are. And by the same token, I’m not left or even a democrat, let alone a communist. But small minds like Urwrong must demonise whoever is not of one mind with them—hence instant labels like “far-left terrorist”, “Communist”, etc.

But hey, I’d much rather be misrepresented as a lefty than as (alt-)right! :mrgreen:

Look how many rats come out of the woodwork, backing WWIII and his deaththreats.

Of course you don’t see anything wrong with it, Commies, but you are 100% on the wrong side of history.

You have no Justice in you. Your filth is built on lies.