The Reckoning

It is a domestic terrorist organization which promotes and creates racism, responsible for Burning Looting Murdering across the country

Why are you begging someone who is against violence to threaten you like your libtarded brethern threatened Joker? Your retardation has no limits?

PK “clearly and loudly condemning violence” (except when his Commie pals do it, obviously)

These far-left Domestic Terrorists are pathetic. Get off this philosophy forum. Go somewhere death threats are tolerated, in the gutter, where you belong.

no you’re thinking of the proud boys

also what do they have to be proud of? that never made sense to me.

i call them gravy seals, or meal team 6. a bunch of portly men playing dress up as soldiers.

The Riots after the black lives matter protests were not condoned by anyone. To claim the Republicans are now pardoned and able to do whatever they want including incite a coup to overthrow the government because of that is just grasping at straws.

My post doesn’t have any left wing leanings whatsoever. I’m not some radicalized lefty, which is essentially everyone who doesn’t support you, everyone who is not you, by your crazed radicalized standards. I voted against Obama in his last election. I’m pretty center of the road. Americans en masse had enough of the fascist party of Republicans and I’m one of them. Welcome to the Reckoning, where the Republican party has crossed the line and is now a terrorist group. People are coming around to that fact, its hard to admit, its unbelievable by standards of 7 years ago, but here we are.

Fascism never wins, they’re always the minority, and the Republican party is dead in our short lifetimes, no matter what it takes.

It just did on Jan 6, 2020 in the US.

It is interesting to see someone named “WW_III_ANGRY” instigating civil war while at the same time pointing fingers at the other side for instigating civil war.

But that is how it works - always blame the other guy for your own guilt - “stoke division” - “blame-shift” - “Escape Goat” - “Satanism” - same old thing - over and over again and again (I think they named it “Hell”).

I suspect the Ugly Swamp in America is about to get much much more ugly.

Yes, I instigated the civil war, no blame to the coup that happened. I’m the one who’s under impeachment. I’m on trial currently in various places for the insurrection. I’m the one who did it all. Your gas lighting is noted, on par for a lunatic fascist.

Every suspicion you’ve had has been incorrect so far, but fuck even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Yet another blatant LIE, after I just posted video proof that BLM riots were distinctly condoned and promoted by various MSM voices and politicians.

At least your Lies have a short lifespan, after you are silenced and banned from here for issuing death threats.

You and your buddies on this forum are part of the same Far-Left Domestic Terror ideology. All you have are threats of violence, but, you’re a coward like the rest of your Antifa crowd.

So far Kropotkin, smears, dorkydood, zeroeth_nature have defended you saying you want to “put bullets in the head” of Joker and anybody else who exposes your blatant lies and decrepit, degenerate, meth-addicted mind.

This thread is very good proof, obvious, of how the Far Left terrorists are operating, what you think, etc.

WWIII, a coward, wants to put bullets into people’s heads. Smears defends him of course, along with PK, dorkydood, zeroeth_nature, anybody else?

“Philosophy” forum? What a joke. When you need to appeal to force and violence, to compensate for your ideologies, yeah, that’s where you’re at.

You’re fucked. And the OP here is nothing more than a coward, calling for and instigating violence, when he has been doing this from the very start of these civil conflicts.

The far-Left started all this, burned the country for over a year now, tore down the statues, and they want to pretend they are the poor innocent victims. Fuck you.

They feel strong because they get protection from two sides: from the globalists, the real rulers on this globe, and the majority produced by the globalists, which can change again. And when it will change again, they will look for protection again and find it again among the rulers and the majority.

This is ridiculous, but the truth. Nothing new under the sun.


Simmer down!

Shutup dork, you’re part of the problem.

Either you’re a Liar or a sucker. They aren’t referring to the rioting. You’re a sucker, propagandized by fascist propaganda.

to be fair he could be both

I’m not the one who needs a gun for my voice to be heard around here.

That seems to be the only recognizable truth remaining. :neutral_face:

you two are like a maga version of those 2 little girls from the shining

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

I could have said they were just cowards, but the fact that I just felt sorry for them has not allowed it until now. But indeed they are cowards in the sense of spoiled children. They are so weak and so spoiled that they are not able to be responsible for themselves, to think for themselves, to know what they are talking about, to fight, to live without computer games, cellphone and so on.

They are already living in another world that gives the impression of being virtual, although the “matrix” is yet to come.

In this way, each generation is easier to influence than any generation before it.