The Reckoning

Peter, I’m not engaging but I’m ready. I don’t see it as a matter of “stooping” to their level. In reality, we have to defend ourselves and our way of life. If Jews “stooped” to the level of Nazi’s en masse perhaps they would’ve been better of in Nazi Germany.

Good stuff, Peter… And this is what I meant in the other thread when I spoke of ‘those who are increasingly less blind’: for example, many people believe some of the QAnonsense, or the less extreme bits, but only a few believe all of it, or the more extreme bits; and only the latter are prompted by their beliefs to resort to violence.

I really hope your side tries to, I really genuinely and sincerely mean that from the bottom of my cold dark black heart. :sunglasses: :laughing:

I don’t fight fair either and those that become my enemies won’t see me coming either, I’m a sneaky devil. :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t be found on a random battlefield, I’m the kind of guy that sneaks up on people when they’re taking a piss or sleeping, I use the darkness of night to my full advantage. :evilfun:


Yes, and I do advise you to prepare for the worst, as no doubt you’ve been doing already. As for the Jews, here’s from a transcription of one of Harry Neumann’s lectures:

“When [Leo] Strauss met Jabotinsky, whom Strauss said he always admired his whole life, he met him when he was just 20 years old [in 1919 or 1920], a young Zionist. And Jabotinsky asks him, well what are you people doing? And Strauss says, well, we’re studying Hebrew, and we’re reading the Bible, and commentaries on the Bible, and we keep abreast of local developments and all that. And Jabotinsky says, WHAT ABOUT RIFLE PRACTICE?!! [Neumann snickers].”

And when your side uses violence we will hand your asses to you badly, yesterday I was at work and some guy was bragging about having twelve thousand rounds saying he wanted to buy ten thousand more, and then two other guys were bragging about shooting down an air drone that went over their property line laughing about it. You fags don’t understand the gravity of the current situation at all.

Still yet, even another was talking about silencer muzzlers on their sniper rifle, but yeah, you’re totally going to kill us all. :sunglasses: :laughing:

K: and had IQ45 won the election, I would agree with Rifle practice…but let me point out,
that the American Civil war didn’t solve a dam thing because if it did, we still wouldn’t
fighting it in 2021… and WW2, just lead to the 40 year long “cold war” and WW1 was
simply a prelude to WW2…and the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 is a direct route to
WW1… and the road from one war to another to another can be easily followed…

very act of violence leads to the next act of violence…which leads to the next which
leads to the next which leads to the next… at what point do we end the insanity
of violence and begin the engagement with peace?

I find it kinda sad that we practice war and violence far more then
we engage with and practice peace…it is a sad commentary on where
we are today…


Remind me again, how many militias do democrats have other than a few larping tankie communists or anarchists with their grandfather’s shotgun. Sure, you got the hood rat bruthas [that can’t even shoot straight] and then you have the Mexican cartels who really have no allegiance to anybody other than themselves. United States military? Yeah, go ahead and try that in finding out how well that will work for you. Same thing with F.B.I, ATF, C.I.A. , and Homeland Security.

Do you know how many police officers, state highway patrol officers, and sheriffs are politically conservatives? :sunglasses: :laughing:


Good luck… You’ll only have to contend with thousands upon thousands of right-leaning veterans and active duty military who have spent the last 20 years sharpening their war fighting skills in actual war zones… That’s why war isn’t even on the table for democrats (it’s not profitable or logistical)… The “worst case scenario” isn’t gonna be guerilla warfare on U.S. soil…The “worst” is something much worse…And you’ll need more than a rifle and furrowed brow.

The structure on ILP is just like the structure in reality out there.

There is the one group that is made up of many and is too stupid to notice anything at all, let alone that it is being abused and by whom; then there is the other group, made up of somewhat fewer but still many, that notices exactly what is happening and is therefore made the bogeyman; and then there is the third group, made up of very, very few, that wants to let the other two groups fight its battle by setting these two groups against each other.

And that’s how it always goes in history.

Increase the stupidity! Demonize the intelligence! Divide and rule!

Well, my problem here of course is that I am no less “fractured and fragmented” as a moral and political nihilist.

I have thought myself into believing that my own [mostly] liberal value judgments “here and now” are basically just political prejudices derived subjectively from the manner in which I construe such “personal convictions” as attached to an existential “sense of identity” embodied in the points I raised on this thread: … 1&t=194382

So, I no longer have that fierce commitment that for years I once embraced given one or another radical left wing allegiance to “the struggle”.

In fact, my point is that for many here, their ideological – at times authoritarian – commitment revolves as much around how good it feels to be able to divide the world up between those who are “one of us” and those who are “one of them”. The fact that they are on one side rather than the other is [for me] no less an existential fabrication.

On the other hand, these conflicts revolve around very real issues with very real consequences. So, one way or the other, if you choose to interact with others socially, politically and economically, there’s just no getting around the need to take those “leaps of faith” to one set of behaviors rather than another.

It’s just that for the objectivists here there is no faith involved. Instead, it’s more in the neighborhood of “think like me or you’re scum” certainty

Both the old and the new fascists do that, and the new fascists are cretins like you. Allow me to explain. First off, here’s something I wrote early August 2016:

‘Trump represents the side which supposedly hears the individual, the common man, the little man. But his victory, in turn, will represent the official statement of fact that Western democracy has degenerated into an ochlocracy, a mob rule. Again, the fact that it’s a neck-and-neck race tells us quite clearly that that is imminent. Hillary represents the voice of “democracy in practice”, which the Dutch Nietzschean Menno ter Braak defended against impending Nazism in 1930s Holland: failing and thereby succeeding democracy, democracy with its necessarily arising and arisen elites! For democracy is, in its conception, supposed to be the universal aristocracy, in which everyone is an aristocrat–that is, obliged by his freedom to treat everyone in a noble manner. But what is noble about the man in the street who votes for Trump, or Wilders in the Netherlands (see my “Nietzsche Contra Wilders” essay), Brexit in the UK, etc. etc.? […] Trump represents the logical consequence of the call for the ideal democracy: fascism as tyranny in the literal sense, empowered by an angry mob. Hillary represents the logical consequence of the conservation of imperfect democracy: fascism in the popular sense of the word as bureaucracy and elitism; “corporo-fascism”.’ (

Note that Wilders, whose party shows clear signs of the early stages of fascism, has often said things like “We are the antifascists!”…

The history of the modern West is essentially fascist, all the way back to early Christianity (which was a fascist uprising against the “fascist” Romans), but also including things like the French Revolution (against the “fascist” Old Regime). The Roman Republic was essentially an imperfect actualisation of Plato’s Republic, the ultimate antifascist regime.—


The manuscript of Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil actually contains a very interesting second half of aphorism 257, which says:

“The ‘humanisation’ of such barbarians […] is essentially a process of weakening and mildening, and takes place precisely at the expense of those drives to which they owed their victory and their possessions; and while they acquire the ‘more humane’ virtues in this way, […] a reverse process takes place equally gradually on the part of the oppressed and enslaved. To the extent that these are kept milder, more humane, and consequently thrive more richly physically, the barbarian develops in them, the strengthened human being, the semi-animal with the cravings of the wilderness:—the barbarian who one day senses he is strong enough to resist his humanised, that is to say effeminate, masters. The game commences anew: the beginnings of a higher culture are once again in place.”

As recently as a year and half ago, this reconciled me with the rise of the alt-right. However, I now see that the Holocene simply doesn’t have the time to wait for the new barbarians to become “humane” enough to face the fact of man-made climate change (MMCC—2200?), and act accordingly.

iambiguous, I’m totally fine with your moral and political nihilism, as long as you keep putting it on display! :clap: For that by itself already has a political effect, being a showing-forth of the Abyss! And I love how it irritates the cesspool people of ILP. :mrgreen:

You speak to these freaks as if they are reasonable people. They have no reason, they are only full of hate. They warrant no respect.

YOU are the fucking nazi, idiot.

You’re just too fucking stupid to realize it.

YOU are the fascist.

Let the record reflect that smears, Zeroeth Nature, dorkydood, lambiguous, Kropotkin, perpetual burn, all support and defend these Far-Left terrorists and traitors.

Perpetual Burn isn’t a leftist. :wink: I’m an actual fascist by the way, I make no apologies for it either. :sunglasses:

Right back at you buttercup. :sunglasses:

Maybe, maybe not, but I have him quoted defending WWIII’s recent lunacy.

Check this out:

Fuck perpetual burn, he lost any legitimacy in my eyes.

This is a perfect example of how not to defend a lunatic.

Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, perpetual_burn is part of this posse in my eyes.

He was speaking about technicalities Urwrong, that’s it. Believe me when I say it, he’s not on their side. :sunglasses:

To me, this is simply proof of what I’ve said from the start. I knew these types were terrorist, treasonous, traitors, but they simply can’t hide it anymore.

They are driving toward a fascistic takeover of the US. I don’t want to hear anything about “who started it” though, when they clearly did, do, and they are honest about it now.

That’s the one positive in this madness. At least they are telling truth openly and honestly. These are the “Nazis” that they pretend they are fighting.

It wasn’t the Right who started with death threats, threats of violence, etc. It was BLM. It was Antifa. It was goons like WWIII and this posse on this forum.

These are the cancer and the rot in Western society. But now the cancer has made it to the surface, and it shows on the skin.