The Reckoning

Nope, it’s you, you are the stupid fascist. :dance:


I think perpetualburn is rather on your side, bro… But yeah, he does belong in that list in that those are all the people in this thread who aren’t cretins!

It’s all fun or games until the United States economically collapses and the dollar dies, after that when we have 75% nationwide unemployment is when the real fun begins. Be patient you little rascal, will you? :sunglasses:

Some of us have been at this longer. :wink:

Stock market will crash within 3 months.

I’m not the one threatening to kill people, or defend those doing it.

You need to admit this and let it sink in, Nazi. You are one of the biggest hypocrites and liars on this forum. Take a good, long look in the mirror, fascist.

Two years or less, never make specific certain timelines, I’m amazed how long they’ve been propping things up since 2007. Astonishing and mind boggling really…

The fascists are the rabid dogs like you, not those who (want to) put them down.

Communist tears taste delicious Batman. :sunglasses:

3 months, gas prices are already boosting by one-dollar, and people are still unemployed through Covid

The stimulus checks will only stave off the losses until Summer, then the massive losses will occur

People are already broke and more becoming broke with each day

Shut up Nazi.

They have a few more tricks up their sleeve and don’t forget about their ‘Hail Mary’ known as Covid19 either [that’s an important part of the puzzle], six to twelve more months at a minimum. :sunglasses:

Yeah, poor old Yeller… To be fair, though, I deem you a bit higher than Urwrong and the like. At least you (still) have a sense of humour!

In a world this absurd, how can one not laugh? :sunglasses: :laughing:

The MSM will lie for them through Summer but that’s when the big losses will occur.

The invisible enemy [virus] or the economy is the lynch pin, they’ll use either one and quite possibly a combination of both simultaneously. :sunglasses:

You see, that’s how they’re going to lockdown the entire nation or world permanently. :laughing: They have plans and need to reach their overall 2030 target. [Deadline] They have nine more years or less to implement their international plans, time is running out, hence why 2020 was their mad rush.

They’re fucked because the economy is set to implode. When it does, they stand to lose the House, Senate, and next Presidency.

In 4 years, Republicans could very well win the entire thing back, and then exact their toll onto these Commucrats.

The economy is the only thing everything together right now, and it’s going to collapse soon.

No, no, and no. They plan on destroying the United States and the dollar, it’s all a part of their plan, it’s quite intentional. This nation is the only thing standing in the way of world governance and an economic reset for the far east. Sure, their plan is going to backfire tremendously especially when you understand the domestic resistance here, but it still falls into one of their main objectives.

There will never be a republican presidency for the foreseeable future, their goal is to transform the United States into a democratic single political party state forever. The republican political party is dead and never coming back, what’s left of it they will now control. [It has already been compromised.] Sorry, I know it’s the kind of answer you don’t want to hear.

Well, I was more on urwrong’s side… But apparently, he refuses READ what people actually say, preferring to engage in hyperbole (which what WWIII does as well )… They both share a similar flair for being melodramatic.

Do you consider both Trump and Hillary to be effeminate masters?

Could a tyrant be useful in accelerating the barbarian’s craving for the wilderness?

If the Holocene doesn’t have time to wait for this transformation, then what will “have to do” as the saying goes?

I’m reminded of this famous passage from Twilight of the Idols… Of course, Caesar can’t be considered an effeminate master.

You are neither beyond good and evil nor a Batman ( :laughing: ), but just ridiculous, insane and as dreamy as the few of your kind.

Note to the sane: For him philosophy is only strategy, but he only shows again and again that he is the worst strategist and has to learn a lot, but can’t (you can see that quite clearly).

He is always looking for allies, so that they support him and he can screw them afterwards. This has nothing at all to do with politics, e.g. right or left, but only with his extreme delusion that forces him to want to be like a Superman (or Batman :laughing: ), a Godwannabe. It really doesn’t get any more ridiculous than this.

He will never grow up. Poor guy.

And Zeroeth will be the first to welcome the completed 2030 target. He hates humans. He is an insane cretin, megalomaniac and persecution maniac.

I’ll keep all replies in the Reckoning thread now… I was thinking the “WW_III_ANGRY” thread was going to become the main thread for all things WWIII.

If we’re going by the democrat’s extremely low threshold for what qualifies as a threat, then it is really more of a threat (If Trump had used similar language the left would be even more hysterical than they are now)… Of course a threat coming from the President is greater if it’s actually a threat…But what’s it say about a population when nearly anything can be read into as a threat, can be sensed as a threat… The point is moot because neither were actually threats.

WWIII’s second threat was an actual threat in the way most normal people understand what constitutes a threat… despite being a real threat, it was nevertheless “full of sound and fury,/ Signifying nothing.” …To which urwrong responded hysterically as if he was in mortal danger, finding in the commotion his vindication at long last! lol

Anyways, IF all that were true (that he was implicitly inciting people to violence) then his real failure was not inciting truly dangerous people ( i.e. not laughing stocks like Proud Boys). In actuality, his real failure was handing the reigns back to the corporo-fascism (if that can be considered a failure… i.e. does corporo-fascism help accelerate things better than angry mob fascism ?). Also, you can just as easily make the argument that democrats have been implicitly inciting their base to violence and covering up for it. All this “violence” has been nothing more than street theater.

What seems to be happening is both sides trying to rage-bait the other into doing something stupid (while never actually doing anything truly paradigm shifting)…Meanwhile the last man gains a more permanent foothold in the earth, and the herd-animalization continues unabated despite all this hysterical clamor around “fascism” and “communism” and “tyrants.”

At this point, the word “insurrection” begins to lose its meaning. It’s hard to call something an “insurrection” when the police literally let you in like you’re on a high school field trip…and then proceed to shoot the shit with you as you wander aimlessly around…Spinning the event as some paradigm shifting “terrorist” attack does further the agenda of Hillary’s corporo-fascism though.

I also feel like all this talk of “terrorism” is giving terror a bad name… I mean, he is a beloved son of Ares.

I assume you mean the crazed woman? Anyways, urwong has proved to be quite fanatical… But I still find WWIII repulsive.

The mental hula hoops are amusing at least.

Yep, it’s “all my fault”. You got me. I’m the one threatening others with violence. I’m the desperate one.

Here’s the thing. These far-left Terrorists, and they are, are so desperate for Scapegoats, because they are the Victimizers.

They can no longer hold onto their precious “Victim Status”. The Left are not the Victims. They are the perpetrators, the criminals, the thugs, the rioters, the looters, the domestic terrorists, the traitors to this country.

They need threats of violence, because they have no Philosophy, no reasonable recourse. They have nothing left ideologically. They have lost the war of ideas.

Furthermore, those who support them, like perpetualburn, are hypocrites.

Imagine throwing your lot in with these types. Perpetualburn defends death threats and threats of violence, but what does he do, like a typical leftist?

Not his fault, it’s my fault.

Yep, got it, predictable.