the role of the female is to serve. also, xplanation ofetish

A fetish is an adaptation to the environment. For instance, in a world full of masculine non-serving women, people desire a fetish to be told what to do by a woman. In a world full of dominant bisexual blacks, people get a fetish of wanting be a sizewhore. A fetish eventually turns into a full-blown sexuality that they can’t get off without. I’d say half of transsexuals are fetishes half aren’t. As for me, the first time I started masturbating I couldn’t get off without thinking of myself as a lesbian. How I define fetish is a deviance from the person’s first sexuality, since my first sexuality was being a lesbian, if I started to like cock liking cock would be by my own definition a fetish, and being transsexual was not a fetish, since it was my original first sexuality. Therefore, if somene is born being sexually attracted to feet and can only get off to feet, they don’t have a foot fetish, they have a foot sexuality, because needing feet to get off is part of their genetic nature. A fetish, by definition, is a memetic invasion of a foreign entity which eventually becomes the host organism. How it operates is it invades and hijacks the soft animal brain, then it takes years to take over the hippocampus. It’s like a dude who gets raped, after he gets raped he masterbates to it constantly and cant get off without thinking about it, but says to society how much he hates rape and is an advocate against rape. It is because his animal mind is already converted to enjoy it, but his rational hippocampus will take years before it is reprogrammed.

There are certain pros and cons to the flexibility of the brain. The con of it is, male homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end and the equivalent of self-suicide, so male bisexuality would be preferred as to total homosexual conversion. Of course, females provide a role in this equation, because females are becoming more and more intolerably masculine and cold.

The warm feminine nurturing nature is dissapearing from society and instead entering men. Society is threatened by it’s greatest foe, total male homosexuality. This creates a dichotomy where all the nice and kind hearted guys “go their own seperate ways” and fail to breed, whereas all the assholes and exploiters who hate females and will exploit anything to get laid, succeed and breed. Heterosexual love is dying and almost non-existent, and now even heterosexual lust, is beginning to fade. The role of the female has always been to support and nurture the male and other females. The role of the female has been to serve and to be a butler and maid. The other role she has been given is to entertain and be the life of the party. But in this day and age women are spitting on their cosmic given roles. Instead of telling jokes they strive to be serious. Instead of playing games they focus on work. Instead of serving others and cooking good meals they serve themselves. This is messing with their sexuality and I will explain why.

Noone actually likes sucking cock. Women suck cock because they feel a duty to serve someone, make her mate happy and not be selfish. Women are not sexually attracted to men the same way men are attracted to women. Women are largely aroused at the thought of themselves, hot women wear makeup because they like the idea of a man lusting after them and loving them, not because they are aroused at the actual man. All women are narcissists because it is a function of their basic sexuality. If you disagree with this you disagree with the facts ,logic and reason, you are a dishonest person and not worthy of science. If you don’t believe women are narcissists you have your head up your bottom because everytime I go on facebook, all women do is post 30 sexualized selfies of themselves everyday. Without narcissism women would be malfunctioning asexuals, women need to have the idea of being beautiful and need to feel the males sexual attraction to them in order to be turned on. 50% of women are malfunctioning asexuals that can’t get an orgasm. This happens for 1 of 3 reasons always. Either it is because they are ugly and can’t get aroused because they can’t believe the thought of someone lusting after them. Or it is because they have been brainwashed by Xian cuckery or a femininst nun to hate sex. Or it is because the man they are with is too feeble and too much of a goodietwo shoes who can’t dominate them like they want to be ravished. If you disagree then you are brainwashed beyond belief and trapped in the realm of falsities. I have read studies and surveys that say 50% of women cannot achieve orgasm. I have read studies and surveys that say the majority of women prefer lesbian porn as their first porn. I have read studies and surveys that say the majority of women are bisexual and slightly more attracted to the female form. If you disagree with my theories then you are not of science and science is not of you. In this modern age where women hate the idea of serving others, it interferes with their very sexuality because women do sex to serve others and the idea of pleasing others pleases them. So if we have a modern age where it is taught that it is wrong to serve others (feminism) or, we have an age where it is right to serve others, but wrong to lust after sex (Xianity) then we have sexually dysfunctional brainwashed females everywhere where 50% of the population can’t orgasm and half of the males turn gay because they give up.

You need to get laid a lot or masturbate a lot, you are way too hung up on sex.

I choose option 1.

But in terms of social philosophy, the root of social behavoirs psychologies and manifestations are rooted in the 3 core essentials - sex, food, and shelter.

If you leave out one of the three trinities then of course your social philosophy psychologies and equations will be incomplete. One of the reasons American society is insane is because they refuse to take a deeper scientific examination of sex, they always put it under the table.

Sex is not, gender is and gender becomes less with higher education as does food, Shelter remains the same.

So you would be called what satyr calls “nihilist”, an intellectual who believes sex and gender does not have relevance to academic philosophy, no?

Well that’s a new definition of nihilist. But that is not what I said.
When there is higher education in a group setting, PHDs, Masters degrees, gender becomes less involved. The intellect comes to the front. Lower education to no modern education, gender is present.

When humanity wars more equal in knowledge, gender and food were as you said. Evolving knowledge and education changes it drastically at certain levels.

You didn’t catch the insult Trixie!

This is like a billionaire telling people who are broke that they only deserve moldy food.

The entitlement of women is astounding

A truth cannot be an insult.

I didn’t view it that way, way I view it is a billionaire telling me I need to be a billionaire. Like I can just snap my fingers instantly and become a billionaire like Tai Lopez.

Way I see it, college is becoming watered down due to safe spaces and gender. Women need to man up.

My thesis isn’t that women are physically incapable of doing a man’s job. My thesis is that the amount of women who can do a man’s job is a rarity. If I ran a business I’d hire a female scientist or female engineer, my thing is that female engineers are just a rarity. In fact I’d have a preference for female scientists and engineers and hire them on purpose, I’d always make excuses for them to check the carburator so i can watch as they bend over and mysteriously always get my panties caught in the hood and they’d have to dig them out… “whoops”. They can check my oil anytime.

And that is why you need to get laid even if you must pay for it. You would ruin a business for sex. That should be beneath any intellect you have.

Seems like great advice if it were legal

If you’re gonna recommend breaking a law, why not recommend rape? At least he gets to keep his money

Prostitution is not illegal everywhere. I always thought it should be legal. It is between consenting adults, Regulated it could lower STDs and bring in taxes. There is a probability that it could reduce crimes like rape, not sure about that anymore we are becoming twisted in certain ways.