The seat

So the ancient texts and ancient gods say Femininity is the seat of creativity. But modern science says testosterone and lust drives creativity.

What is the seat of creativity?

Creative men have lower levels of testosterone. Creative women have higher.
Than normal for their sex, that is.

How do you figure?
Some one like say, Picasso seems to have had pretty high testosterone. Creativity isn’t possible without wildly throwing around libidinal energy.

What I can believe is that creative people are more right brained meaning less murderous and more seeking.

Ah I found some kind of source … -0004.html
but the title is downright bullcrap. It just shows that the species changed at one point, not that there is now within the species a correlation between low testosterone comparatively to contemporary specimen averages and creativity.

Technically the stars.

In any case its not in us, but what we live in. We live in the seat of creativity. We can either be just creation or be part of the process of creation that recreates itself.

Picasso was pretty much crap, not really the gold standard for scientific comparisons.

I differ to beg about the murder thing, most of the best and artistic games in the industry have had violence in it. Mario is a game about murder, so is Gears of War, both have very artistic atmospheres. I have heard right brained people are more emotional and therefore more homicidal.

To be more specific by creativity, I mean original, immersive or captivating art, not merely building or engineering. But building and engineering is an interesting concept too, its generally male dominated but it seems like if someone had high testosterone they would be more suited to blue collar work and an inability to focus on architectural or complex engineering endeavors.

Aside from not being able to give birth, I think men are the more creative, and destructive sex for that matter, women are more the preservative/sustentative sex.
Creative people are risk takers.
They dare to be different, stand out, stray from the beaten path.
experiment, observe and interpret, as opposed to relying on second hand info.
Men are risk takers, they prefer to learn things hands on, women are risk averse, they prefer to do things by the book.
That’s why more women attend church and school, whereas more men entrepreneur.

Well, honestly I am waiting for more research. But I thought it was interesting and kind of disturbing. The research below does not all fit perfectly together, but I was not using deduction, but rather working with what they seem to be finding out. … ccounter=1

Though it’s good to be exposed to testosterone in the womb for creativity… … inds-26249


Creativity is risk taking.


Actually what this research says is that when testosterone levels dropped species-wide, there came a greater level of cooperation.

Meaning that creative people had more of an impact, because their ideas where shared. Its not indicated at any level that specimen-specific low testosterone correlates to high creativity.

Fake science!

That was just what that piece was focused on. The others focus on saliva tests of creative vs. non-creative people and findings that people who are more androgenous, testosterone-wise, are more likely to be creative. That is, woman with more than average, men with less.

I don’t think this is even possible. Creation is risk taking, thats just a fact.
I have very high testosterone and Im always creating.

I think these scientists are in the dark about what creation is. Probably they mean people who cut out ribbons and tie them to balloons, not philosophers or great artists or great scientists.

I definitely agree that a man who is creative like whats talked about here must have ultra low testosterone levels.


But lets not agree that these guys with no testosterone have any ground to know what creativity is.

You know, in many classes it is recommended to be creative with mathematics, or arithmetic, find creative ways of seeing if 2 plus 2 is maybe 6, or 473289, because you have a creative reason. Thats real in our education system. And thats low or no testosterone, clearly.

Bu the catch is, it doesn’t create anything. It just turns the mind of the children to useless putty.

All I know is that Lauren Faust is one of the best artists, if not the best, of our times.

I stated earlier I was talking mostly about art. When you say “I create a lot” it sounds like building. Testosterone boosts mental energy to a certain extent. I would say testosterone causes boredom and the inability to settle.

As for your artistic merits, if your avatar was drawn by you then you are a good artist, if not, then its just your word then, until you show us something you’ve made.

I had to look up Lauren Faust, okay but thats a girl. I do think girls with more testosterone could be more creative than those with less. That half of the theory is still possibly plausible. Besides girls have different skills for psychology and sensitivity so they can make different art which men can’t make. For me storytelling is often well done by women. Men are often too cynical to build a whole world without also shitting in it. The dramatic arc in a womans soul can be the best thing in the world. But I wouldn’t just say “oh she has hight testosterone”. I can sooner say it is up to literally every single piece of that artist. The whole makeup. Not just one chemical.

Yeah that fits. Building is the main line of the path. theres arts involved like in the building of a cathedral but getting the structure right gives the thrills.

The picture is not mine, but I appreciate it. If what I make matters you’ll see it. If you won’t see it it will turn out I am not as good as I think. Im a firm capitalist.

All of it, including being nothing; shedding the flesh and becoming ‘selfless’. Femininity can be masculine when viewed from another angle, can be viewed as homosexuality in a male while masculinity can be viewed as lesbianics in females; like hooked on phonics; and the seat of creativity is just what we do with all the pain of not knowing and everything else as its passed around. Creativity and the ‘seat’… what of when there aren’t any seats or not enough seats? who gets creative then?

Well said man.

I’m a very creative person - have no idea what my testosterone levels are - and yes, there is a certain kind of risk taking involved, but it feels unlike that when I take risks in sports or in nature.
I experience it as much more open and relaxed than physical or any aggressive type testosterone moments.
Sure, there is a strong assertiveness, sometimes in the process.
You have to be willing to really be yourself.
But I would not sum up creation as risk-taking. Not in any traditional sense of the word. In creativity, I find, you cannot be restless and impatient, at least not as a rule. An occasional frustrated shitfight, that’f fine and to be expected, creating something great is very hard work. But I experience more as letting stuff come in that is not habit and I think high testosterone states run on imprinting and habit.
I do want to see more research before I buy the theory.