the Seventh Seal

I had the pleasure of seeing “The Seventh Seal” from Ingmar Bergman last night.

Have you seen it? I loved it.

I particularly enjoyed the character Joseph played by Nils Poppe. His performance was so endearing… remember the scene where the smith and the brute Raval bully Joseph. When he realizes he is likely to be hurt, perhaps killed, Joseph says with wide frightened eyes: “you won’t hurt me, will you?” I cannot replay this in my mind’s eye without being moved!

Or the scene prior to that, where he and his wife perform a show before a crowd and are interrupted by a procession of moaning, screaming flagellants. See Joseph’s terrified gaze!

He is a kind, gentle creature, who makes his living in a cruel, hostile world.

Well, it’s a fine film, and one I recommend and one I’ll need to see again… and who knows? perhaps again and again! In the meantime I’ve got my hands on the screenplay.

If you’ve seen the film (or have not) chime in with your thoughts please, I’m interested to hear anything you’ve got to say. Or if you enjoy Bergman’s other films let me know which ones.


I love the movie. I use a combination of the knight and the bishop…
…Darn, now you know!

Ever see Hans Holbein’s woodcuts on The Dance of Death?

I have not. Recommend it?

Hey, Pardicat

It was an interesting film, interesting in the good sense. It had everything going for it in the idea compartment. However, it was filmed on a shoestring budget and one could see that, not to mention that some scenes may seem naive to the modern viewer. I couldn’t help thinking that a modern approach would have given more weight to the deep, spiritual moments. In the field of symbolic takes Tarkovsky reigns king. I can’t help but think that you would enjoy him greatly as well.