the skunk's spray

Has not the skunk’s spray enabled a species to survive and prosper for many thousands of years?
Yet the vet descents the pet skunks, and sometimes de-claws the cats, as well.
Can you hate a skunk simply on the basis that they can spray?
Would you kill skunks like a pest because they have a survival method that you find inconvenient?

My brother Andrew has been shooting skunkys on the farm.

This bothers me.

Taken to an extreme, lobotomy was at one time considered a great idea.
When the human mind becomes inconvenient.

Humans : “Nature’s cruelest animal.”

I wish I was never circumcised.

So your brother, who is shooting skunks, deserves to be lobotomised for doing so? An inconvenient mind, seems to be a mind that is in disagreement with you, but what if he’s thinking ahead, and doesn’t want your farm to be overrun with skunks in the long run… like we do here, but with moles or rabbits.

Question is… does the punishment fit the crime? In this case, I think not.

You won’t believe this, but among some belonging to the set they. consider haghte cuturiere, there is great demand for the atomized perfum of the skunk.

That was funny.
But I don’t know how you got that from my post.

I mention skunks, cats, humans, etc.
Doctors remove certain parts of their body,
because they are inconvenient.

Natural selection here is not shown respect.
Something may be entirely natural,
and then people kill it or cut it off, etc.

The skunk’s spray is an example.
It applies to everything in its field of context.

Since nature created mankind, perhaps nature is more cruel than mankind.
But sometimes nature creates something beautiful or peaceful.
It basically contradicts itself.

Yes, and often it is said that if one does not have a solution, one should not criticize.
But in nature we have decomposers, worms and fungi and vultures. And they serve a needed ecological purpose.
One does not have to be the complete animal that serves every purpose.
And look what we found out about wolves and how they help ecosystems… … te-change/

And so why does so much of modern society pathologize the limbic system, can barely walk the streets cause it’s so hard to get past the long lines of people trying to get psychotropics.

I learned something new today.
I looked at your list.
I assume skunks also help the eco system.

Me too. I like skunks. And really you have to go past their warning before they spray. And it won’t kill you. It’s just unpleasant. Imagine if that was the only kind of weapon people used when they felt threatened. Much nicer world.

Get your dogs and cats spayed or neutered!

It’s good for their health and good for the stray population.

Quite easily.

Alternative solutions… and all that. Have you looked into any?

Sure… nature looks after it’s own/it’s-self, but when it’s closer to (humanity’s) home, the infringement on such acute ecosystems/abodes is greatly magnified.

What are the other outcomes for these skunks? Starvation? A slow, painful death from disease? A vicious battle to the death with a predator?

When I think about and compare the suffering of these skunks to the suffering that has been experienced worldwide throughout human history, by animal and man alike, I can’t say it puts me in a place where I would lose sleep over it.

I started out with the position that sickness and death are unnatural.
This is a JW argument. Based on how nobody or very few like the idea of suffering, sickness and death.
It is foreign to their psyche, their sense of what should naturally be.

Death is so common in the earth’s ecosystem that it is an integrated part of it.
So this is an argument against a benevolent sane godhead.
But that isn’t the point.
A benevolent sane human is also important.

Do you think his reaction and outlook to it is relevant here?

Is he laughing maniacally before shooting these skunks, or saying a small prayer of regret with a solemn face sagging under the weight of having to extinguish another consciousness?

He doesn’t feel guilty about it at all.
I’d never do such a thing.
But I can’t hate him for it, or i will be manifesting another immoral force.

This is a big fat fluffy.

Haha, I get it! They are adorable, and my gut reaction is the same as yours. I personally don’t find it ethical to extinguish sentient creatures out of pleasure or sport, only necessity.

Of course, the line I draw for that is completely arbitrary, but that’s another story.

This GIF shows in part why i find skunks so funny.

This thread stinks and I find myself strangely repelled by it. How curious.

I recently learned that skunks wont worry if you leave the house.
Dogs miss their master, but skunks are independent.
They seem to be emotionally strong,
but they will still get screwy if abused.
I hope that the skunks do well in the future.

I do believe skunks share with us the same two part brain, and one of them associating odor with defensiveness proves they are not essentially aggressive.