The Slavery That Does Not Exist Yet Does Anyway.

With this thread I wanted to try to do something differently namely to show and illustrate how slavery along with a permanent underclass exists all over the world western nations included even when officially or publicly slavery has supposedly been abolished. This thread will be an ongoing one of mine of course over a period of time.

The goals of this thread is to shed light on modern slavery and the permanent underclass while showing that all of civilization across the planet can be best characterised as neo feudalism no matter what kind of underpinning government is associated with them.

This is too broad. A person in the state of nature who is forced to hunt for his food, and otherwise subject to no constraints is under “threat of starvation”. And any individual living in any social group in which each member is depended upon and expected to contribute to group well-being is under threat of “social stigma and status diminution”.

Are you just lamenting the human condition, that we must feed ourselves and rely on others in order to survive? Oh, the injustice!

Working 9 to 5 at a job you hate for enough money to eat and pay for a place to live certainly sucks compared to laying around jerking off and playing video games all day.

But does it suck compared to any actual, viable, life-sustaining alternative?

There is no slavery in nature moreover a person living amongst primitive nature is in full control of their lives versus the so called civilized in contrast. They hunt or gather their own food, manufacture their own tools, produce their own necessities and make their own shelter. Compare and contrast that to the co dependency monopoly of civilization.

Yes, especially if that social group is tyrannical, repressive, oppressive, and enslaving. [Which is a representation of all civilization across the entire planet.]

Technically in modern civilization nobody feeds themselves as nobody hunts, gathers, or grows their own food for the most part.

There is nothing terrible about group co dependency except when there is too much of it to the point that individuals come to have no will or independence of their own. When that happens is when co dependency becomes enslaving.

Yes, notice how you outlined a scenario that is against a person’s will in your example above.

I don’t understand your question. Can you be more specific?

I think joker just wants someone to take care of him.

I think you’re annoying where you never listen to anything that others have to say.

You’ll notice in this thread I don’t very much give credence to condemning such slavery or offering any solutions to it.

No, my focus and aim of this thread is merely to provide evidence that it exists. The other things attached to the subject does not concern me.

Most people who are the kinds of “slaves” that you’re talking about are so usually as a result of their own choices.

Typical upper class drivel.

Back in the day they would enslave people because they were deemed inferior human beings, today we enslave people because they brought it on themselves due to inferior choices. Same bullshit response.
Of course that presumes that the choices spoken about in society and civilization are theirs or even real to begin with.

It makes no sense other than for Royalty.
While everyone else needs paper and coin money to survive, there are royal families sitting on underground treasures.

Ask yourself why you are a serf and serving in their army.

I won’t do any of it, so I sit around the house doing nothing but having the desire to leave this country and live someplace quite a bit nicer and much richer.

Yes, we call that wealth inheritance. Most people go through the motions because all of human civilization is bred in captivity, some much more worse than others of course.

i sort of agree with you. Like you say, it is the same response: They might as well be enslaved because they are inferior / they didn’t make the right choices. But slavery is a malleable term that lends itself to hyperbole, of which you are probably a bit guilty. In any case you’re right, there is a sense in which doing menial tasks for lousy pay all day long is slavish and dehumanizing, and the fact that rich people get even richer as a result of people doing menial tasks for lousy pay all day long demonstrates that certain types of slavery are alive and well.

Modern slavery in the west especially isn’t the same kind of slavery of the past. I wouldn’t make that assertion.

I would say that today’s slavery is more evolved and profound by comparison to yesterday’s slavery.

Like anything else it has adapted, evolved, and changed overtime with our environment.

I created this thread because what I find interesting especially in the west is the denial such slavery even exists at all hence the title of this thread. The typical narrative governments of the west even though unfounded and without evidence is that everybody possesses freedom equally. I mean, how nonsensical and nonconforming to reality is that?

We all know that is total bullshit but the public goes along with that narrative nonetheless in affirming it as truth.

It’s all rather unbelievable. It is that public and societal deniability that I find the most interesting.

Living in a goldfish bowl from the day you are born till the day you die is also a form of slavery. Of course those who
do this get used to it but at least I can go where I want without the world following me everywhere. But there again
if I had been born into it my perspective might be some what different. So then making value judgements about the
experiences of others when one has no personal point of reference for them is a tad superfluous. My own solution to
slavery is to work within the limitations that I have imposed upon me and not to worry too much about anything else

That sounds great but I’m not from some upper class. Neither are most people. And most people at least recognize that to an extent, one’s station in life is determined by his own choices.

The mere fact that we can only survive within a very narrow band of temperatures and have to eat food, drink water, and sleep every day makes it virtually guarenteed that most of us will spend a good portion of our day doing things against our will.

Given that you really cannot lay around doing nothing or goofing off all day (without relying on other people feeding, watering, and sheltering you against their will), is being a ‘wage slave’ really so bad compared to alternatives that result in people having what they need?

There’s a difference and you know that. Things of nature are out of our control existentially versus what we do to each other is in our control a majority of the time.

You’re just making up excuses as to why working for others in co dependency is a good thing, why wage slavery is necessary, and as to why a command economy is perfectly justified. A plantation owner trying explain why having a plantation is perfectly reasonable and necessary.

Mr. daytrader that goes on vacation almost every month isn’t a part of idle leisure upper class? :laughing:

You submit choices where there are none since the game was rigged a long time ago.