The things I do that not even I can logically explain. #2

While working on Coral Castle in the previous “The things I do that not even I can logically explain” thread, I discovered an interesting pattern. The keyhole.

What is the keyhole in terms of numbers? A Sphere (360) + A Cone (66):

What does the keyhole resemble in terms of alien technology?

Yes, precisely; the keyhole in which represents a gateway to secrets is somehow interconnected with the design of the UFO depictions.

Now the question is: Where can we find a keyhole that is not on common doors, but somewhere out of ordinary, illogical which speaks a language beyond our comprehension?

Ah, the Vatican of Rome. Are you beginning to understand the meaning behind “All roads lead to Rome”?
(All roads do lead to Rome, but only on Earth. The roads keep going beyond Earth, if you can connect the dots that is.)

Why 360 and 66 in terms of degrees for what appears to be alien technology you might ask.

Well, we will need a theory that is as profound as the previous information that involves the circle and Rome all at the same time. Can we do that?

Indeed, it is all word play and symbolism at the end of the day. Like the “Rosicrucians”; The Cross and The Rose, for an example. Solomon is Sol + Moon, (Saturn + Moon matrix).

360 + 66 = 426.

What is 426? It is an important number. The number 426 when subtracted by 1/3 of a Circle (Fan Shaped) will give you 306, which is 153 + 153.
(Oddly enough 426 x 360 = 153360. This demonstrates mathematically that I was right, and that 426 is important, hence 360 reappears with a 153, the Fish.)

Yes, that ‘153360’ is mathematically connected to the ‘1536’ I wrote about in the previous thread.

What is 153? It’s the Fish:

Here is the significance of “153” in Hebrew:

The word “Embryo” is a symbol of life, hence the ‘Fish’ represents the “Birth of Christ”:

Here’s the significance of “153” with a non-Hebrew example of why this number is significant and connects to my numerical consensus precisely:

It is indeed the very mathematical code between the Sun & Moon.
(My previous post was posted at 1:11, and if you did not know, S+U+N + M+O+O+N = 111.)

Furthermore, it’s precisely the square root of 3 and coincidentally 3 is 1+1+1:

Now I have Rome, the Circle, the UFO / Keyhole, the number 153 being demonstrated as not being fictional variables made up to fulfill fictional connections. This is very real.

Why is the “3” so significant to these following otherworldly connections?

Now I will explain why Vatican is connected to all of this and why all roads lead to Rome:

The Vatican is interconnected with Orion’s belt and its secrets.

The structure of Vatican city is a giant key that reflects the signs in the Heavens regarding ancient secrets.

And here, you can see how it all connects from below to above:

And here you can see what it all looks like from the Pope’s perspective as it mirrors the Heavens:

It all makes sense when you piece it together:

Notice how likened pictures are Fan Shaped? This is why 1/3 of a Circle is so important when you learn how to use it in association with the square root of 3.

Indeed everything I had said here comes to a full circle with yet another picture:

Now keep in mind.
There is 1/3, representing the fan-shape expansion of creation.
There is 2/3, representing the death of creation (explained in the previous thread).
There is 3/3, representing the rebirth of creation.


Are you serious mate?

Yes. When you do not laugh at the first thing you see and focus on concentrating on everything I put together as a whole, you too will understand that I am uncovering a secret that hasn’t been able to breathe since the day of our ancestors before they “disappeared without a trace”.

Look at the speaker symbol on that video you posted. It proves my work even further that the very concept of my work was embedded into even basic functions of sound and instruments that regard sound, hence sound travels like ripples of a pond. If you closely observe our Solar System, the planets show evidence that they too expanded outwards from a ripple effect:

Even if you do not want to accept that we are not alone, you cannot argue that alien technology and claimed secrets of the Vatican illustrate the “ripple” effect.